Sunday, November 27, 2011


Today I'm thankful for Muppets.
What originally started these thoughts was the fact that we went and saw Muppets today.  (As an aside, you have got to go see this movie.  More than once even.)
So, on the surface, I'm thankful for the Muppets because we had a very enjoyable time as a family at this movie.  I'm thankful for all the hours of entertainment that the Muppet cast and crew have given me over the years.

(You'll have to excuse the disjointed nature of this post.  I started this around 5:00 and it's now 7:30.... I keep getting interrupted and distracted... thanks boys!)

Anyhow, the first song that Kermit sings has a line about maybe something is broken that can't be fixed.  All I could think about was that we lost Jim Henson way too soon.  And how far ahead of his time he was, and in many ways still is.  He did so very much in entertainment and in children's television.  Just think about how many generations of children have been brought up with his Sesame Street cast of characters.  I still think it's one of the best shows out there, even if I'm not fond of the new format.  It doesn't talk down to kids.  It talks to and with them.  It talks about big things and little things and all kinds of things that are important in their lives.  So, yes, I'm even thankful for Elmo even if he gets on my nerves from time to time and has replaced Kermit in the lives of many children.  (Actually, having seen and read things by and about the man who plays Elmo, I actually like Elmo a good bit more than I did before... I really want to see the documentary about Being Elmo...)

I can understand Kermit taking a back seat these days, even though he's the original face of the Muppets.  He really is Jim Henson's alter ego.  Kermit and Ernie.  They're still two of my favorites.  I thank them for being the dreamers that they are.  The dreamers and the livers in imagination and big hearted friends that they are.  They taught us all how to care, to stick up for who you are and that it may not be easy being green, but if you're green than be the best green you can be.

I'm thankful for all the education I received at the kind hands of the Sesame Street gang, humans and Muppets alike.  I'm thankful that Jim Henson didn't let the way things are and the machine that is television and movie production grind his dreams into dust.  I'm thankful that there are still creative people in the world who love Jim's world and respect is enough to treat it with the care that they have.  Sure, the Muppets have faded to the background of this over stimulated world, but they still hold a large place in the hearts of many of us and many of us choose to give them to our children as well.

So, thank you Jim Henson for following your dream and for believing in the children of the world and daring to be a dreamer and a lover.

Peace to all and may you find the Rainbow Connection.  (Which Boo lovingly refers to as "the froggy song".)

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