Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today, I'm thankful for Imagination.  And the love of play.  And the fact that I have a three-year-old little boy to open my eyes to all the wonders of the world, real and imagined.
I just had to share this picture.  It is of Boo from Monday when he and Amma were playing.  Amma had asked Boo if he wanted to wear his kitty-cat boy tail, and he jumped at the opportunity.  I swear, the only reason he didn't wear it to bed Monday night is because I made him take a bath.  Point in fact, he did wear it to bed last night.  (Can I tell you how cute it was when I peeked in on him after I got home to see him sprawled out on his bed, with his tail poking out beside him?)

My son is so funny and silly.  For months (maybe a year now) he's been saying he's kitty-cat boy most of the time when you ask him who he is.  If you ask him what Boo says, he'll usually respond with "meow!", or for a while he was robot kitty-cat boy and the response would be "bee-boo-bop! Meow-meow!"  And as you can see in this picture, you can see that he loves being kitty-cat boy.

I love the way his imagination shows him all the possibilities of things and "friends" and activities.  It never ceases to amaze me what Trey or Kelly end up doing.  And watching him "parent" them is both fun and eye-opening.  He really does absorb it all, even if he doesn't say it.  Trey sometimes acts out a bit more, and Kelly is usually the one trying to keep Trey out of trouble.  Then again, Trey has gotten in trouble for being on the computer or X-box while no one was home.  And Boo is so proud of Trey when we come home and find Trey sitting on the sofa or in his room being a "good dino-saur".

And it isn't just in his interactions with his stuffed friends that his imagination shows through.  He'll turn just about anything into a cooking utensil and cook for us (soup usually...) and he'll hand you brown Duplo blocks of "chocolate milk", even if you tell him you don't like chocolate milk.  (I don't, I love most things chocolate including hot chocolate and chocolate milkshakes, but chocolate milk just has never done it for me...)  He'll turn the oddest things into trains or cars and make various things "fly".  (Thankfully, this does not mean throwing them across the room, which it all too easily could knowing my boy-o!)

So, I'm thankful that my boy possesses such a vivid imagination and I get to peak in on it on occasion and even join in from time to time.  I doubt anyone will ever be able to put him in a box and for that I'm extra thankful.  I hope his imagination continues to serve him well throughout his whole life and that it never grows dim.

Peace to all and may your imagination get regular feeding and exercise, especially with someone you love.

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