Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today, I'm thankful for blankets.  I'm thankful for my own warm, snuggly blankets on my bed because it's gotten cold over the last few days.  I'm also thankful for all of the crocheted blankies I've made and given to friends, family and those in need.  But tonight, I'm thankful for some new blankets.

You see, until tonight, Boo's been using an old comforter of mine that I don't even remember when I got it.  I think I might have had it since a few years after we moved to PA, and that's 26 years ago now.  (EEP!!)  But, Target had this really awesome set on sale that just happens to match the fabric Boo picked out for his curtains last year when we moved in.

So, despite having a very tired, no nap boy when we went to Target this afternoon, Boo decided he liked the new comforter and sheets.  He wasn't so sure when I told him this would replace his big red and blue blankie.  But he said he really, really liked it and wanted it.  I figured if we got home and he had a meltdown about replacing his blankie, I could always take it back unopened.  Well, I needn't have worried.  When we brought it up he just about burst with excitement at replacing his old blankie.  Especially once I opened the package.  Mind, there had been a corner opened so you could feel the fabric, but it just didn't hit me until I had it all the way opened.  The new comforter feels almost exactly like his sleeping bag and if there is any blanket he loves more than his beloved red and blue one it is his sleeping bag.  Now he has the best of both worlds!  Oh, and even more cool, some of the designs glow in the dark!  (And another cool thing is that the other side is stripped, so when he gets "too old" for the space side (that can happen??) he has some nice stripes to use instead.

So, yes, tonight I am thankful for blankies.  Both new and old (I still use a blankie that's as old as my brother in the summer time).  Both hand made and store bought.  Most especially now that the weather is getting colder, the warm and snuggly kind.

I bid you peace and warm snuggly blankies.

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