Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was having a hard time trying to decide what to post about today.  OK, trying to decide implies that I had several things to choose from.  By this afternoon, I had nothing.  That's not to say there isn't anything today to be thankful for.  I am thankful that the rain ended mostly overnight.  I'm thankful for all the things I've already given thanks for, especially my morning swim.  I'm thankful that I had today and one more day at work and then I've got vacation for the week.  But none of them felt "big" enough, or I had already posted about them and I'm trying hard not to repeat myself (unlike in real life).

So, as I was coming home and thinking about dinner I decided to post about comfort food.  Yes, it's small and somewhat silly.  But, tonight it has gotten cold (the high of 45 was this morning before my 5:30 swim...) and grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup really just fit the bill.  And the amazing part, is not only is it a very comforting and warm and snuggly dinner, it is actually quite healthy!  I mean, it's got whole grains (I only use whole wheat bread these days...), dairy and veggies!  I was going to take a picture of our dinner, but I forgot until I sat down at the computer.  Oops.  (I stole this picture off another blog I found searching on Google... and unfortunately, I didn't bother to read the blog or copy it's URL.)

So, yes on nights like this I'm thankful for comfort food.

But, before sitting down to write this, I swung by Facebook and saw this post from my friend Barb (who's oldest son has Duchenne Muscular Dystropy:

My friend who just lost her 14 y/o son to Duchenne just posted this. It is good advice to all parents!!! I hope you take a second and read...then GO LOVE.
Indulge me for a minute...just sent this to some friends with a 6 year old that has I read what I wrote, I realized I wanted everyone I know with kids to read it:
All I can tell you is love, love, love your son & make sure he knows you do-every day, even when you're tired & frustrated. That has helped Brady's dad & me so much during this time. We know, without a doubt, that Brady knew how much we loved him & how proud we were of him...
Also, let him, and your other kids, get away with a few things that you may not have agreed with before you knew about Duchenne & LAUGH about it. Squeeze in as much as you can with him...within your means. I promise, you will not regret it.
Brady asked several times if he would die because of Duchenne. We always told him no one EVER knows when their last day on Earth is...regardless of Duchenne. Make the most of every day ♥
Thank you Brady S and Patty S....your life outlook will positively affect people for years and years to come

And then comfort food seemed like such a small thing to be thankful for.  And while, I'm still very thankful for my very delicious and comforting meal, I'm even more thankful for my son and our routines and little habits.  I'm thankful for the hugs and kisses.  I'm thankful for the bedtime routine, both the "official" one of (maybe) a bath, jammies, hug Daddy good night "and kisses!" says Boo, a story, a little snuggle and talking about today and tomorrow, a promise to come back in a few minutes to turn out the light and the eventual "good night, I love you"s.  And I'm thankful for the "unofficial" one of the try to get more juice or milk.  The discussion that he doesn't like water.  The "Trey has to go potty" stall.  The sneaking out and asking a million question.  "Where's Mouse?"  "But I didn't get desert!"  "But I want some milk"  "I miss you" and all the other wonderful little interruptions.

So, not only am I thankful for comfort food, but comfort of routine and my son and bedtimes.  I really couldn't imagine the hole that would be in my heart if I lost either one of my boys.  This post isn't really saying what all is in my heart, but I can't just seem to find the words.

I'm tired.  My brain is dribbling out my ears and I just can't find the words.

So, on this messy end, I'll bid you peace and many, many hugs for your loved ones.

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