Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Faire Weekend

Ok, disclaimer. This photo is actually from the last time I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival in August of 2004. I don't have any of the handful of pictures I took this weekend downloaded from the camera yet.
This weekend was very different from the one in the picture. First off, we were in a different state (duh!). Second off, we didn't make it to the joust. Third off, it was grey and rained a little off and on all day.
Other than that.... This is where we were on Sunday. Use your imaginations here.
There were seven of us who trekked out to the Faire on a wet Sunday. It was a good time, despite the weather. Because of the weather it was not as crowded as a nice weekend could have been. We got a late start, so we didn't see as many shows as I would have liked. We missed the mid-day joust and staying for final joust means fighting with traffic for an hour just getting out of the parking lot! My niece had a good time, even if she was a little whinny at points. (I don't blame her much, it was alternately hot and sticky or cool and damp and grey in general.) We wandered around and did some people watching and window shopping. And in a few cases, made a purchase or two (I'm a sucker for blown glass). We sampled wine and mead and beer and enjoyed music and performers. We really could not have asked for much better of a day with friends. We all headed home just prior to the final joust because of the afore mentioned traffic as well as the fact that it looked like the skies were about to open up again for real.
This week seems to be going well. I have a crochet project and a sewing project to do for children of friends, one not here yet and the other who turns one soon. As much as I enjoy doing my crochet for Project Linus, it's a little more special (or maybe differently special) to do something for friends and family. I plan on working on these projects a little bit each day and they might actually get done in time! (Don't tell anyone!)
Peace to all my friends in Norrath and beyond.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Anniversery

One year ago today I married my wonderful Troll, Gakumm. Ok, so he only plays a troll. I got this picture of him using 'cutemode' on the game. I realized that I didn't have any good ones in normal mode. I also don't have any pictures of the real Gakumm on this computer yet. But let us just say, the hight difference between a Troll and a Ratonga is only a slight exageration to real life.
I just wanted to tell the world exactly how much I trully love this man who has stolen my heart and makes my life complete.
Peace to all and my you have love in your life!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I can see clearly now that the clouds are gone....

It's been a week now and I think the clouds have finally lifted on my mood. Last week was just mildly grumpy. It culminated on Monday when I could barely drag my butt into work. Things have been getting better since then. Slowly but surely, they're getting there.

I'm not sure why or what all contributed to this latest funk. I think it was a combination of a lot of things all working together to compound the issue. Wednesday's travel issues started the grumpy mood. I'm worried about my sister and her daughter. I was feeling very unsatisfied with work and my job. Due to stress I wasn't sleeping, hence more worrying about the job, my sister and life in general. This meant less sleep and more stress (vicious circle, huh?).

Yesterday I had a meeting with my boss. He realized that we needed to find me a new project or two that would challenge me and help the business. (Not to mention keep me from going even further insane.) Well, I've got two new projects that will take all of my skill, knowledge and various other talents. I get to start organizing and compiling and even writing processes for doing things on both the hardware and software side. In some ways, even though I know less, the hardware one just might be easier. Because I know less I have more 'stupid' questions to ask which is usually a good way of doing this. It's to prevent or answer the 'stupid' questions that we're doing this after all. I'm a little overwhelmed by it, but excited about work again. I'm actually getting things done.

The picture with this post is a fairly old one. Again, going through the old pics on my work computer. The date on the file is May, 2001. But I just felt it was right. The little flowers are so full of life and happy. Hopefully I'll have a new picture to post after we go to the Faire on Sunday. As of now, none of us are planning on going in garb. Maybe I'll get a good shot with Gak's camera at the joust or something.

Well, peace to all and have fun. I probably won't post again until Monday. I'm taking tomorrow off and Sunday Gak and I will have been married for a whole year! I love him soooo much and am so very glad he's in my life. (Yes, we're celebrating by taking a group of people to the Faire... not very couple oriented or even all that romantic with lots of people, but this should be a celebration and the more people sharing the good times the better!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday thoughts

I was trying to clean up my computer a little bit. I was going through my old photos I've got stored on this computer. I took this one at Monterey Bay back in February of 2005. It was a nice day. For some reason, even though it is sunnier than I feel right now, it does sum up my mood. I'm not sure what that mood is, but it sums it up. Maybe it's the clouds showing up and the calm looking water. Maybe because it's sunny but grey. Today is better than yesterday, but still not quite right. Peace to all.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I finally figured out how to get the pictures on my camera phone onto my computer. I have to send them to myself as a message. Oh well. I'm sure that's gonna cost me in the long run. I guess this means I really should just start carrying Gak's digital. I really want a Nikon D-50, but I just bought a computer so that toy has to wait at least another 6 months. By then something better will be out and hopefully the price will drop below the $650 mark. This is where I was Thursday evening, missing Gak horribly and being impressed by the sheer size of it. What seems the most amazing is the river is at 'floor' level and the falls drop away below you. It's almost like a giant just took a shovel of dirt out and bingo, falls are created. I stayed on the US side, even though I had my passport in my pocket and could have walked across if I wanted. I was feeling cranky enough with the world that I really didn't feel like dealing with customs, even if it was just to walk into and out of Canada. It's odd that you walk West into Canada from the falls though. You always think that Canada is North, or up. Not so here!
Well, enough procrastinating at work. I didn't go talk with my boss, but I am reading an interesting book (for work!). I finally have a book (after 6 years) that tells me all about the hardware side and development of the hardware side of my job. Where was this thing 6 years ago?? (Oh, yeah, George in charge of HW knew about it, but my boss didn't bother to let us know about it....)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

more random

While traveling Wednesday I thought 'well, at least I'll have something to write about tonight.' It didn't happen. I got to the hotel tired and out of sorts and the last thing I felt like doing was actually booting up the computer and 'dealing' with writing.
I figured Thursday evening I'd write. Nope. Went over to the Falls and didn't feel like writing when I got back.
Friday while sitting in the airport I wrote a nice long post about everything and what's been on my mind. It's still sitting in my bag.
Yesterday I spent most of the day in Norrath or taking a nap. A good Saturday, but not very informative.
The main thing I wanted to say this week is that I still don't like airports and this new ban thing isn't making life any easier, but not much harder. Just more stupid.
My biggest adventure really was the fact that I left my schedule at the office. *Sigh*
The other big thing I wanted to say is that I'm bored with work. I like the teaching part of my job. I enjoy it and working with people. Everything else has become very unchallenging and downright boring. This is a problem. This is why I'm not getting anything done at the office. This is why I'm out of sorts and cranky at night when I realize I wasted the day at work. Hopefully I'll be able to talk about this with my boss this week, since I'm here and we'll be able to do something. The more bored with whatever task I'm set, the less likely it is that it will get done. Just look at my college career. I did fairly well on my exams. Papers that just felt like busy work, forget it. I've got several that I still haven't even looked at and I've been done with those classes for at least 8 years. (*gasp* Has it really been that long??? I guess it has...)
Oh well... I've got to hop in the shower and stuff. Gak and I have friends coming over in a bit to continue the Werewolf game we started 2 weeks ago. Catch ya later and peace to all!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


OK. This is a pretty random posts. First off, I finally have a half decent shot of me on a cloud up in the Barren Sky. Was fooling around to see how the screen shots would look with this new setup. So see, this is me, at least until I change armor. I miss my nice green armor from the level 45 - 50 days.

Yesterday was a Monday. Got several things done for my trip this week, and then nothing. I couldn't even figure out what to post here.

This weekend was interesting. Friday was good overall, but a bit stressful. My sister called me up Thursday to see if Gak and I wanted to go with her, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jerry to take her mom out for dinner for her birthday. (OK, so she's not my sister, but as close as I'm ever going to get to having one.) Another friend was supposed to come as well as my sister's daughter. My sister has been going through a very messy time with her husband. Make that soon to be ex-husband. Normally I don't think divorce is a good thing, but there has been too much hurt and too many changes in this marriage for things to get better. So, needless to say things are tense and that's why my sister and niece have been spending time at my place. Well, he flips out (that is becoming a common occurrence, once he called my place about every 5 minutes demanding to talk to her and know where she was and who was here) and almost wrecks the evening before it can start. Well, we're resilient people and our other friend, since he's the root of the 'problem' says he'll just not go so even if her husband shows up, no problems. We don't like the solution, but it's the only one viable in this situation. Dinner goes off without a hitch. Musikfest is going on right across from where we ate so we go wander there for a bit. My niece sees the various rides and has to go on them. Well, we convince her to wait a few and then my sister tells us to wander on a bit and they'll catch up since she has my cell number. This means I get to herd Uncle Jerry. Yes, herd is the right word here. He's a very trying individual some days, but I love him anyhow. We end up not wandering far because while we're standing around he starts talking to the Vespa dealer that's got a tent right there. Uncle Jerry would kill himself on one of those. Never mind that he just had a qintuple bypass recently and is steal healing from that. Anyhow, we end up meeting back up and heading over to the band we want to see. We catch the last few minutes and then head home as it is now very late. My sister and niece are staying with Gak and I, maybe for the weekend.

It turns out they just stay that night. Saturday evening I get a call saying that my sister is going to meet at the diner with the man to discuss the rules and divorce. With the way he's been acting lately, I'm glad they're in a public place. I worry. He used to be the nicest person who I could have a wonderful conversation with. Now, I don't even know him. Last time I was over at their house, he didn't even acknowledge me when I said hi. He flips out and snaps at the smallest thing. This has roots from several years ago, and he's always had a slight paranoid streak, but nothing unusual. Now I don't even recognize him. Anyhow, apparently the meeting went OK because no emergency phone calls, no police sirens (I live near the police station), no sister camped out in the back bedroom.

She stops by on Sunday to pick up her stuff. (While I'm in the shower after my adventures in the woods. Lets just say I had fun, but no time.) She tells Gak that everything went OK. He apologized (again) for Friday and that his reaction scared himself (yeah... right... I've heard this one before). He also said he'd sign anything she gave him (again... yeah... right... I'll believe this when it happens...).

Other than that it was a normal weekend. I ran in the woods Sunday. I had to leave early because my parents were coming up for supper and were going to get to my place around 3. They brought Gak's anniversary presents to me. He got me this really cool poster (I'm actually using the same image on my cell phone) and a stuffie from Megatokyo (see links). This is my favorite web comic out there and really enjoy it. Go, read it. No, wait. Go next week, they're having server issues and they might not be resolved until then. The stuffie is of Boo, the temp service conscience. He's a hamster. Anyone who knows Baulder's Gate knows who I'm talking about. Yep, the same Boo, with strap on wings. And he squeaks! He lives beside my monitor at home now.

Well, I'm done ranting and being random. I hope you're weekend was good, with maybe not so much drama. Sorry this turned into an epic post, but I just needed to get that out.

Peace to all and travel safe. I'll be in upstate New York from tomorrow afternoon through Friday, so maybe no more posts.

Friday, August 11, 2006


As my blog's title states, I'm a traveling ratling. More often than not, that means I'm on a plane. I do get to drive to a few locations, but not many. As my faithful readers (do I have any readers other than my husband??) know, I'm on the road many, many weeks out of the year, probably at least 15 or 20 a year.
I don't normally comment on world events or politics or things like that. I'm not really that involved with them, so I don't have much to say. The events of yesterday do impact me though, so I think I'll comment this time.
I fly through one of the country's smaller airports, it has 12 gates (I've been in ones much smaller). In the past 5 years, the only two noticeable changes in security is the fact that I have to take my checked baggage over to the TSA people now instead of the agents putting it on the belt behind them and that I have to take off my shoes. No real changes in anything. And this goes even for the big airports I fly through too.
I read the NY Times article this morning and then went to their readers' blog thing. It made me sick how many comments were political in nature, both right- and left-wing.
Sure, it's inconvenient not to be able to pack my own drinks. What I find stupid is that you can't take something that's been through security and you purchased near the gate. I also find it stupid that if I want to shower on my trips (even the 1 or 2 night ones) I have to check my luggage. When I'm gone overnight or two nights, my stuff fits into a bag that is smaller than some other women's purses! How silly to have to check it. I will though. I'll hate it if I have to start checking the ipod or game boy. I don't read well on flights and get nauseous. I refuse to check my prescriptions (allergy) or my wallet. My company 'strongly discourages' you from checking your laptop. If where I'm going has a computer I can use and I burn my presentations to disk (or flash drive) that'll work, if not, the computer gets carried, or checked if I have to.
One of the posters over at NYT mentioned something about all this screening of passengers is all well and good, but how do we know that the airline people or the people working in the stores won't 'do bad things'? We don't. Pure and simple. We have to trust, and trust seems to be in short supply these days.
I have a lot of trust. I trust the people on the roads I drive every day not to 'do bad things' and run me over. I trust the people at the grocery store to not 'do bad things' and provide fresh and safe food for me to buy. I trust my coworkers to not 'do bad things' and not come in and shoot everyone dead. I have found over the years that it is so much easier to trust people then it is to not. Most people are good people. I have a lot less stress this way. I try very hard not to worry about what I can't change. I try and change only what I have control over, and I don't have very much control over much.
I will continue to fly. I will continue to trust. Most importantly I'll continue to love; love my husband, my family and my friends and as many people as I humanly can. Peace and love to all.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Howling (?) Good Weekend

This weekend was full of adventures of various kinds.
There were the mundane ones like remembering everything that was on the grocery list that was still on the kitchen counter or trying to get the laundry done before our friends came over.
There were the adventures in Norrath that Gak and I had with some of our friends. I grouped quite a bit on Saturday with my friend Syn and several other guild members. I even managed to get a level in. I almost got one in Sunday as well! (Shhh don't tell anyone... they might expect that more often. :P )
There were the afore alluded to adventures with family. My sister is having a rough time right now for various reasons. She and her daughter needed to get out of the house Saturday. Ok, no problem. Sleepover at Aunt Addey's and Uncle Gak's! Sunday the little bear woke up around 9 and was content to watch the Danger Mouse DVDs she started the evening before and munch a bowl of cereal. We let Momma sleep until about 10:30. I don't know all the details and probably wouldn't post them anyhow. Needless to say, this is the first good sleep my sister has had in a while and I wasn't about to disturb it. I'm just glad that I can be there for her when she needs me.
Then there was Sunday. I'd been looking forward to Sunday afternoon for several weeks. Gak invited two of our gammer friends over (originally my sister and her daughter were going to be there too) for a game. We were going to do a Vampire game of Gak's creation. It went through several metamorphosis and ended up a Werewolf game. (Much to my happiness!)
It started out with character creation. We were creating us. Yep, we were playing us. This was going to be fun. Then we start out on our adventure. And what an adventure it turns in to! The player interactions were great. I managed not to use too much player knowledge. It was easy for the other two not to because they'd never played this system before. I think the most fun was watching Scott just melt down as his mind broke. He really had a hard time dealing with things there for a bit and Stew wasn't helping things any. I admit, my 'character' mind broke a few times, but I had such a blast. I'm not sure when we're getting together again for this adventure, but I'll keep ya posted.
Well, I've got a few things to finish up before I head out for the evening. Peace to all and howl at the moon from time to time. It's fun!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

South Dakota

My trip to South Dakota was a good one... Once I got there that is.
I've added two new airports to my 'don't fly through' list: Minneapolis/St. Paul and Boston Logan.
On my way out to South Dakota I flew through Detroit, to Minneapolis to Aberdeen, SD. Detroit isn't one of my favorites, but it really isn't that bad. I have a long enough layover to get where I'm going, but not so long that I'm bored. We board the plane and get out to the runway. Wait, there's bad weather in Minnesota, so we're asking to be routed around. OK. No problem. Wait, problem... the clearance takes 25 minutes to get and I've got a 30 minute layover in Minnesota before my next flight. Crap. Needless to say, after running as best I could through the Twin Cities' airport, I miss my flight. And there was no one around to get help from. Finally I find someone and then get booked on the 9pm flight. I was supposed to be on the 5pm flight. Oh well. I've got time to go find supper now. That was the hard part of getting to South Dakota.
I love the directions on how to get to the site from the airport: Turn right as you leave the airport and then make another right once you get to Groton (about 18 miles away) on 37. You should see the plant to your left soon after turning. I had an enjoyable day working with a few people from the site and things went well. I went out again on Thursday morning for about 2 hours to do some more work, since I didn't have to be at the airport until about 10:15 for my 11:00 flight. (There is only one 'gate' and they don't let you through security until about 10 minutes before boarding.)
Minneapolis was fun again, but I made my flight this time. This time I went through Boston instead of Detroit. I got to the gate for my Boston flight right in the middle of boarding. Not bad. Get routed around bad weather again so sit on the runway for a while. No big deal, I've got a human layover this time before my final leg.
Boston. Boston is just stupid and sucks. I was flying on North West since that is the only line that flies into and out of Aberdeen. The last leg of my flight is operated by Continental instead of NW, but no big deal. Wrong. Big deal at Boston. You have to leave the NW terminal (yes, back beyond security) follow the hard to find and almost non-existent signs to the other terminal and wait in line in security again. How stupid is that? I mean, all other airports I've been to with more than one terminal have managed to create buses or trams or something that go between these terminals and across the tarmac without making people go through security again. And once I got to the right gate, nothing was posted so I wasn't sure. To top it off, I was starving because I'd had a granola bar and some raisins all day. It's now just about 5pm. I grab a snack, since Gak and I are going to dinner when I get home. Luckily the last flight wasn't that long or delayed. We did get to land through a thunderstorm though. Kinda cool.
Well, yesterday was an adventure of another kind, one that I'm not quite ready to share. Partially because it's family and partially because I don't have all the details.
Peace to all in Norrath and Beyond. I should be home all this week.