Monday, August 21, 2006


I finally figured out how to get the pictures on my camera phone onto my computer. I have to send them to myself as a message. Oh well. I'm sure that's gonna cost me in the long run. I guess this means I really should just start carrying Gak's digital. I really want a Nikon D-50, but I just bought a computer so that toy has to wait at least another 6 months. By then something better will be out and hopefully the price will drop below the $650 mark. This is where I was Thursday evening, missing Gak horribly and being impressed by the sheer size of it. What seems the most amazing is the river is at 'floor' level and the falls drop away below you. It's almost like a giant just took a shovel of dirt out and bingo, falls are created. I stayed on the US side, even though I had my passport in my pocket and could have walked across if I wanted. I was feeling cranky enough with the world that I really didn't feel like dealing with customs, even if it was just to walk into and out of Canada. It's odd that you walk West into Canada from the falls though. You always think that Canada is North, or up. Not so here!
Well, enough procrastinating at work. I didn't go talk with my boss, but I am reading an interesting book (for work!). I finally have a book (after 6 years) that tells me all about the hardware side and development of the hardware side of my job. Where was this thing 6 years ago?? (Oh, yeah, George in charge of HW knew about it, but my boss didn't bother to let us know about it....)

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