Tuesday, August 15, 2006


OK. This is a pretty random posts. First off, I finally have a half decent shot of me on a cloud up in the Barren Sky. Was fooling around to see how the screen shots would look with this new setup. So see, this is me, at least until I change armor. I miss my nice green armor from the level 45 - 50 days.

Yesterday was a Monday. Got several things done for my trip this week, and then nothing. I couldn't even figure out what to post here.

This weekend was interesting. Friday was good overall, but a bit stressful. My sister called me up Thursday to see if Gak and I wanted to go with her, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jerry to take her mom out for dinner for her birthday. (OK, so she's not my sister, but as close as I'm ever going to get to having one.) Another friend was supposed to come as well as my sister's daughter. My sister has been going through a very messy time with her husband. Make that soon to be ex-husband. Normally I don't think divorce is a good thing, but there has been too much hurt and too many changes in this marriage for things to get better. So, needless to say things are tense and that's why my sister and niece have been spending time at my place. Well, he flips out (that is becoming a common occurrence, once he called my place about every 5 minutes demanding to talk to her and know where she was and who was here) and almost wrecks the evening before it can start. Well, we're resilient people and our other friend, since he's the root of the 'problem' says he'll just not go so even if her husband shows up, no problems. We don't like the solution, but it's the only one viable in this situation. Dinner goes off without a hitch. Musikfest is going on right across from where we ate so we go wander there for a bit. My niece sees the various rides and has to go on them. Well, we convince her to wait a few and then my sister tells us to wander on a bit and they'll catch up since she has my cell number. This means I get to herd Uncle Jerry. Yes, herd is the right word here. He's a very trying individual some days, but I love him anyhow. We end up not wandering far because while we're standing around he starts talking to the Vespa dealer that's got a tent right there. Uncle Jerry would kill himself on one of those. Never mind that he just had a qintuple bypass recently and is steal healing from that. Anyhow, we end up meeting back up and heading over to the band we want to see. We catch the last few minutes and then head home as it is now very late. My sister and niece are staying with Gak and I, maybe for the weekend.

It turns out they just stay that night. Saturday evening I get a call saying that my sister is going to meet at the diner with the man to discuss the rules and divorce. With the way he's been acting lately, I'm glad they're in a public place. I worry. He used to be the nicest person who I could have a wonderful conversation with. Now, I don't even know him. Last time I was over at their house, he didn't even acknowledge me when I said hi. He flips out and snaps at the smallest thing. This has roots from several years ago, and he's always had a slight paranoid streak, but nothing unusual. Now I don't even recognize him. Anyhow, apparently the meeting went OK because no emergency phone calls, no police sirens (I live near the police station), no sister camped out in the back bedroom.

She stops by on Sunday to pick up her stuff. (While I'm in the shower after my adventures in the woods. Lets just say I had fun, but no time.) She tells Gak that everything went OK. He apologized (again) for Friday and that his reaction scared himself (yeah... right... I've heard this one before). He also said he'd sign anything she gave him (again... yeah... right... I'll believe this when it happens...).

Other than that it was a normal weekend. I ran in the woods Sunday. I had to leave early because my parents were coming up for supper and were going to get to my place around 3. They brought Gak's anniversary presents to me. He got me this really cool poster (I'm actually using the same image on my cell phone) and a stuffie from Megatokyo (see links). This is my favorite web comic out there and really enjoy it. Go, read it. No, wait. Go next week, they're having server issues and they might not be resolved until then. The stuffie is of Boo, the temp service conscience. He's a hamster. Anyone who knows Baulder's Gate knows who I'm talking about. Yep, the same Boo, with strap on wings. And he squeaks! He lives beside my monitor at home now.

Well, I'm done ranting and being random. I hope you're weekend was good, with maybe not so much drama. Sorry this turned into an epic post, but I just needed to get that out.

Peace to all and travel safe. I'll be in upstate New York from tomorrow afternoon through Friday, so maybe no more posts.

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