Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturdays are Fun Days (and Snow Again...)

Well, we survived another snow storm, making 3 in 3 weeks.  I really don't mind snow, I actually like the way snow makes everything look and it's fun to play in too.  I just wish it had been spread out through the entire winter, not just the last 6 weeks of it.  I mean, we've had 4 major snow storms this winter, one in December and 3 in February.  What happened to January?  What about the beginning of December?  Oh well.
This one, in some ways was a non event.  I say that because just about everything we got, is gone now.  That's not to say it wasn't inconvenient and a pain.  Thursday it started snowing sometime between 3 and 6 am.  (I know this because it wasn't snowing when Gak got up at 3 to pee, but it was snowing by the time I got up at 6.  It wasn't too bad and it wasn't sticking to the roads.  Gak talks to his boss and his boss says if you want to open, by all means!  So, we get Boo dressed and all head out the door.  I thought I might be home by noon, but it still wasn't sticking to the roads or the cars.  I did knock off a little early to pick up Boo, just because I didn't want to be the one responsible for keeping the ladies late.  We came home and played for a bit before picking up Gak about 45 minutes early because they were only getting the one pickup that day.  By the time we picked him up, it had started to stick on the roads a bit.  I was also feeling lazy and didn't want to cook.  So, after stopping at the bank, we go to the diner for dinner.  It was only 6:00, but the place was deserted!  The snow was beginning to stick very well by now.  So, we had dinner and came home.
Friday I looked out the window at 5am and saw about 6-8" of white on the roads and it coming down sideways and decided to work from home.  Well, it turns out I could have made it in and made it back.  The snow pretty much knocked off by mid afternoon.  Gak did have to go in to work and worked until close.  When we'd called the day care in the morning, there weren't any other kids there, so we decided I was just going to take personal time in the afternoon.  Well, other kids did show up, but I still took the time.  (I wasn't being overly useful anyhow.... and I really just wanted to play with my boy anyhow.)  It was a nice afternoon playing with my boy, and watching the US total Finland in hockey.  Actually, most of the action was in the 1st period.
But, today was a really fun day too.  You see, Abi is in town for a couple of days.  Her schedule is kinda tight with doctors appointments for her mom and all kinds of family things, so this morning/early afternoon was the only time our schedules matched.  Unfortunately, Gak had to work.  But, Boo and I headed down to my mom's to meet up with Abi.  You see, her house is mid way between where her parents live now and where I live.  Her dad didn't want her driving all the way up here.  Unfortunately, Mom was at the shop.  But, we had a nice visit any how.  We hung out for a good 3 hours just catching up and playing with the boy.  Boo really warmed up to her quite quickly.  He is a good judge of character after all.  (Although, some days I'm not so sure what that means about Joan... she's the only one he ever really screams for when picked up.... sorry Joan!)  After leaving Amma's house, Boo promptly crashes.  I was going to stop at Microcenter and pick up a new fan for my computer, since that's what seems to be not quite right, but when I got there he was sound asleep.  So, I just kept going.
After Gak got done work we ended up going to Red Robin to eat.  Gak had eaten early and Abi and I were so busy chatting, we didn't bother to eat.  (Boo had some peanut butter crackers and some crasins, but that was about it...)  It was very yummy and I ate too much.  But, considering it was 2 meals in 1, I don't feel so bad.
Anyhow, that was my fun day.  Tomorrow is chore day.  I've got to do the laundry and the grocery shopping (and go to Target and get diapers...) and hopefully Gak will get a chance to clean the bathroom and make a swipe at the floors.  Yay...
Oh, and I'm not 100% sure which fan is making the noise in my computer.  I keep tossing up between the big honking fan that's part of the CPU/case heat sink system or the fan that's part of the power supply.  I can't get to either very easily (as in, they're hidden and I can't figure out how to get the assemblies apart...) and even though they're not right next to each other, I can't pin down where the vibration is coming from.  Of course, the two things that aren't in my computer's book is how to replace either the cooling system or the power supply. *sigh*  The slightly newer ones at work it looks real easy to get to the heat sink/fan for the case and CPU, but this is just a hair older and a different model.  There aren't any obvious blue tabs/latches to try.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure something out... either that or I'll bake the new hard drive, which I really don't want to do.

Anyhow, I'm off to go adventure in Norrath a bit before I crash.  Peace to all and may your weekends be fun.

P.S. Of course I forgot my camera and there are no pictures....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health and Stuff

Well, this week continues on.  I'm trying not to drip all over the place.  My nose decided first to clog up to no end and then today decided to run constantly.  I look like Rudolph.  Oh well.
In other sundry health news, I'm now officially 3 pounds below my pre-Boo weight.  Which had been my highest weight prior to pregnancy.  This time I am pretty sure I'm going to stay below that mark.  I'm happy about that.  I'm pretty happy with my body and everything, but I know from a health stand point, I should loose at least a little more weight.  It will happen.  (Although, some days I really wonder... my blood sugar has tested fine, even when pregnant, my cholesterol is nice and low and so is my blood pressure.  Sure, I can't breathe right, but I couldn't as a skini-mini pre puberty either...)
Boo is happily sleeping in his crib next to the big boy bed.  He loves to play on the big boy bed and got mad at me tonight because I dared to lay down on his pillow.  (But, it's my pillow case from ages ago now...)  I'm really not going to push this transition.  It'll happen when it happens.  There's no real reason to push it.
As for my sleeping.  I canceled the sleep study that was supposed to happen Sunday.  I'm kinda glad I did, as that's when my sinus issues were really beginning to be problematic.  I've also been sleeping a bit better recently. I've stopped the meletonin.  Not because it wasn't working, but because of a few things I read.  Like the fact that the pills are substantially more (like 10x) more than your body normally produces.  And that in a blind study, the plecibo  worked just as well.  I wouldn't say it was making things perfect, but I did sleep sounder and wake up less often.  So, overall I'm feeling better.  I got the number of two places from my old doctor last week, but I have yet to call.  I really must do that this week.  This isn't "cured" by any stretch of the imagination, it's just in a better phase than average for me.
That is if we don't get snowed in up to our eyeballs again.  I really don't think they have any clue at all about this storm.  We shall see.  I don't want another 10 or more inches of snow.  I really don't want any more snow.  I mean, it's almost March for crying out loud!  I want it to warm up to where it should be and for the sun to come out so I can take Boo to the playground after work some days.
Oh well, each season will turn in it's own time.
Well, I'm off to go adventuring for a bit.
Peace to all and may your sleep and health be good and the weather cooperative.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Computers and Other Sundries

Well, it's been a bit of an end of a week and a weekend.
Apparently Boo was NOT thrilled with the rearranging of his room.  He let us know this loudly and for long periods of time Wednesday night into Thursday morning.  Thankfully he's been sleeping much better, and in his crib, since then.  He likes to play on his bed.  He'll even lay down and put his head on his pillow, but he will NOT settle and go to sleep there and will scream at you loudly, totally upset, and come open the door if you even think about it.  So, I'm not worried.  He'll sleep in his crib for now and get used to the idea of a bed.  Eventually he'll get into his big boy bed and sleep there.  (We did get him a small stool to use to climb into bed, since he's just a little short yet to climb in by himself.)  I just hope it's before June if we actually decide to move.  We're not sure yet.  We've got to talk to the landlady.  We need to see if she's willing to keep the rent frozen another year or not.  If the answer is "no", then we'll have to at least look for another place.  We also need to bug her about replacing/fixing the main light in the kitchen.  It's been out about 3 weeks.  (I tried replacing the florescent lamp, but nope, no dice.  The electrician looked at it a week later (on the 5th) and said that it would just be better to replace the whole fixture.  Then it snowed and I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since and only a vague promise over a week ago now that it would get done "Monday or Tuesday" (of last week) once she gets the fixture.  We're still waiting.  It's a good thing we replaced the lamp over the kitchen sink or else we'd be totally in the dark (and I'd be fussing a LOT louder...).
Anyhow, on Saturday I finally got around to replacing my hard drive.  I've gotten things mostly back in place.  I still need to fiddle with my iTunes, fix a few drivers, install some more software and my printer, but I'm up and running.
And, it turns out it wasn't the hard drive going bad after all.  It was the fan, like I suspected in the beginning.  My brother suggested I wipe this drive clean and try and return it, probably getting hit for a 15% restocking fee.  I decided to just keep the drive.  It is nice to get rid of 3-4 years of ick clogging up the drive.  Oh well... it just means I'll have to get a new fan (which I should have tried first as it is cheaper to begin with...) at some point in the near future and perform some surgery.  The hard drive replacement was quite easy.  I'll give Dell props on their case designs of recent history.  There is plenty of room and things are laid out quite nicely.  The hard drive sits in a little plastic piece that slides and clicks into place.  Nothing to screw in, easy to swap out drives, easy to see and get too.  (That and the case is very simple to open and close, which is a major plus when I think back to the first Micron that I owned, a hand-me-down from Jon... that thing was a bear!)
So, all my nervous fear of doing a hard drive replacement was almost for naught.  Sure, I've had a few issues like not being able to find my drivers CD and having to download my NIC driver off the Dell site on Gak's computer, put it to a flash drive and import it from there... but it's been pretty smooth sailing.  I did loose all of the Dell "goodies" including the great Google side bar that I had, but that's OK.  I'm sure it's on an install disk around here somewhere if I really wanted it.  I'm just happy to have plenty of drive space and great response time again.
The third "sundry" today is the fact that there is now a very nice yarn store open about 1 long block away from the apartment.  Yep, a really nice yarn store within walking distance.  I'm in trouble!  I'm impressed though, I only spent about $20 today, when I could have easily spent about $60.  I will have to tuck away a few bucks here and there as I can for some play money.  They've got a great selection of yarns and more will be coming in for spring. I'm so excited.  Oh, and I'm really, really excited because the store is owned by a crocheter.  Not that I have anything against knitters, but some times they just don't "get" what crocheters want and need.  Sure, we all play with yarn, but there are differences in approach and technique.  I hope that maybe she starts doing an "after hours" stitch session one evening a week, when I can leave the boys at home and snag a little "me" time with my yarn.
Anyhow, speaking of yarn, I've got a baby project to finish up for Gak's cousin Robin, who's due with a baby girl sometime in the next month or so (his mom couldn't remember exactly...)  So, I'm going to sign off and go curl up in my rocking chair with my yarn and hook.

Peace to all and may your sleep be sound, your migrations easy and your yarn plentiful and local.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Dreams?

OK, so it's been almost a week since I last updated.  I just haven't had the time or the energy.  I was also hoping to have pictures to add to this post, but no such luck quite yet.
Anyhow, last week was a snowy and odd week.  Between Tuesday night and Wednesday night we got somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 22 inches of snow.  Pile that on top of the 8 to 10 inches we had gotten on Saturday, and we're getting pretty darn close to 2.5 feet of snow in 4 days or less.  Yes, I know, some people have received that much over night this winter.  It's been a long time since we've seen that much snow that quickly.  In some places the plow piles are taller than Gak!  Oh, and building owners or tenants who don't put salt down or clear ice that is being formed on the really nice warm morning a few days later and the entire roof is melting, should be shot.  Especially if they're on the "dark" side of the building.  And your neighbors have toddlers or small children.  Yes, I'm glaring at you people 2 doors down, the ones who didn't even shovel after the first snow on Saturday.
The snow meant I worked from home Wednesday.  I was actually pretty productive all things considered.  I just couldn't stick my head out of the bedroom door unless I wanted to be tackled by a little boy who wasn't feeling all that great and was very excited that his momma was home.  Boo had developed a cough Friday night or Saturday of the first snow.  It wasn't getting a whole lot better, but it wasn't really getting worse, but we took him to the doctor Thursday morning anyhow.  It's just a cold, especially since he has no fever.  I think this is one of the worst ones he's had.  He's normally a pretty healthy little kid, especially since he's in day care 4 afternoons a week.  He'll have a drippy nose from time to time, but vary rarely does he ever get really "sick".

This weekend was a pretty fun one though.  Saturday was a pretty normal day.  We did laundry.  We played.  Boo napped.  We did the grocery shopping and came home.  Yep, pretty normal day.  Sunday was a big day though.  Sunday we went on a series of adventures.  Our first stop was Ikea.  We went for some boy bedding, a new lamp and some other odds and ends.  Oh, and bed rails.  We managed to escape with only spending about $70.  Our next stop was Micro Center.  They were having a sale on hard drives.  I've been ignoring the bad sounds my drive has been making upon boot up (and thus just leaving it on...) for quite some time now.  I picked up a "green" Western Digital Caviar Green 500 GB drive for about $60.  A 1 TB drive (yes, that's terabite) drive was about $90, but I decided the 500 GB would do.  Especially since the music and photo files I have now are less than 16 GB.  My biggest memory hog comes from the games I play.  (And why am I so terrified to change out the hard drive?  I've already decided that I'm just going to start "fresh" and not copy anything directly from the old drive to the new.  I've got my install CDs... what's the big deal?)
Our third stop of the day was Amma and PopPop's.  This wasn't just a visit for the the boy to get a chance to play with his PopPop.  Nope, we were on a much more serious mission.  Picking up his "new" big boy bed.  Yep, you read that right.  Boo is big enough, and we think ready, to move into a "real" bed.  My old twin bed that I used for about 10 years and my brother used for another 6 or so at most is still in great condition.  So, my parents said we could have it for Boo.  (Actually, quote from Mom "the more furniture you want to take out of the house the better.")  We're also going to get the drawers that go under the bed (couldn't fit them in this trip) and my small white book case as well.  We don't have room for the book case until Boo moves out of the crib 100%.
So, Monday Amma and I did some running around when she came up.  I had off for President's day, but Gak had to work open to close.  We went on a sheet hunt, since the bedding we got was a duvet cover, top sheet and pillow case set (oops no bottom sheet).  (Of course it turns out that I had a twin fitted sheet that was navy blue already.... but that's another story.)  We also did something even more important.  We signed both Boo and I up for swimming classes at the Y.  I will be taking water aerobics on Tuesday evenings and Boo and I will be swimming together on Saturday mornings.  I'm not sure I can tell you how excited I am about this.  The pool in the new building looks fantastic!  I'm really looking forward to getting some pool time (and Momma time) in but even more excited about swimming with my boy.  Hopefully he'll love it and he'll learn that swimming can be lots of fun and that the water isn't that scary.  I just wish I could afford full memberships for the family.  It's like $300 down and $60/month.  Then both of our classes would be much cheaper.  Although, if Boo really loves his class, and I like mine, I may be able to spring for program memberships, which after about 3 classes will pay for itself.  The only down side is I (and Gak) wouldn't be able to use the rest of the facilities any time we wanted.  They have a very nice weight room and even provide child care for full members while you're in class/working out. *sigh* When we win the lottery.  Oh, wait, that would require us to play the lottery.
So, back to my main thought, my baby boy is moving into a big boy bed.  I'm both happy and sad about this. The bed isn't set up yet, but the mattress is in the right place on the floor and made up.  He seems very happy that it's there.  Both Monday night and last night, he's thought about sleeping there, but when I would get up to go close the door, he'd pop up and come running and crying to the door.  So, into the crib he'd go, and cry for about 5 minutes.  I think it more has to do with the fact that he didn't want to go to bed than sleeping in a big boy bed.  I may have to move his bed time back to 8:30 instead of 8.  He's been very energetic at 8 still.  We will see.  We're not taking the crib down until he's fully moved into the bed.  I hope that will be before June though, just in case we decide to move out of this apartment.  I really don't want to have to set up the crib just to take it down again quick.  (It's a bit of a pain....)  Oh, we've also pulled up the foam tile floor from the living room and moved his toy box into his bedroom.  We'll be putting the flooring back down in his room once we get the bed fully set up.  The biggest question right now is, where will we put Lee, that wonderfully huge puppy his Aunt Abi got him for the holidays.
Oh, and more on sleeping.  Mom was talking with her doctor, who was my doctor for about 20 years almost, about my issues with the sleep doctor I saw.  Well, to make a long story short, he really thinks that sleep studies can be very helpful and wonderful, but only if you've got the right doctor.  He knows a couple of good ones and some not so good ones.  Unfortunately, they're down near Mom.  (The only reason I stopped going to Dr. C. is because I live too far away for it to be convenient... but I really like Dr. F.)  He was more than willing to give me the names and numbers of the doctors though.  So, after some deliberation, I'm calling my old doctor for some references and I'm going to cancel the sleep study that was scheduled for Sunday.  I've also taken matters back into my own hands a bit.  I've started taking melatonin before bed.  So far, it seems to be working fairly well.  I'm still waking up in the middle of the night, but only twice or so, and the sleep I am getting is better sleep.  I'm not quite so exhausted by the time 8:00 rolls around and I can actually make it to 10:00 without totally falling on my face at 9.  We'll see.  Some people have said it works great, others have said it worked well for them for about 2 weeks and then nothing.  At any rate, I should probably still see someone about this, especially if the melatonin stops working.  Wish me luck.  I'm still a long way from feeling better, but at least I'm getting better sleep.  Now if only I can get my attention span back.
I'm now running late because I rambled on.  I'm off to work!

Peace to all and may your transitions be good and your sleep sound.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Snow!

Yep.  We got more snow yesterday.  I do have a couple of pictures from outside our living room window, but they're still on the camera.  According to the National Weather Service we got just about 21".  I think that's the biggest snow I've seen around here in several years.
Anyhow, Tuesday morning when I got into work I came in to an email from the business manager saying that we could leave around 4 if we needed to and that if we could work from home and we thought it would be a safety issue to come into the office, take your computer home and do so.  So, gladly I did.  I was planning on doing that anyhow.  Gak didn't go into work as his boss didn't even open the store yesterday.  Today is still up in the air.
This morning I'm going to continue to work from home for a bit and then call the doctor.  Boo's had a very soupy cough since Sunday or so and it's not getting any better.  I normally don't take him in for these things, but he was very unhappy about it yesterday.  He's been sleeping through the night the last night or two though, but he wakes up sounding horrible.  Anyhow, with all the bugs going around, I'd rather be safe than sorry at this point.  One of the little guys in his class went to the ER with RSV the other evening.  So, just to rule out anything we'll take him in.
So, I'd better go hop in the shower and get to work.
Peace to all and may those blanketed with snow be able to dig out before spring.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snowy Weekend!

Well, this was quite a weekend.  We got about 8-10 inches worth of snow on Saturday.  They were calling for 10-14 in my area.  The snow started later than they predicted and ended much earlier than predicted.  This was a respectable snow amount though.

I guess I should start out with Friday though.  Friday was my follow up appointment from my culposcopy.  Just like I thought, it was nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing, but definitely not "something".  Basically the results came back "abnormal" but "inconclusive for HPV", meaning that they can't say that the changes were due to HPV, and therefore nothing to really worry about.  It does, however, mean that I get to have another "annual exam" in June or July.  Joy.  Oh well.

The snow was supposed to start Friday afternoon sometime between 3 and 5, but then that got pushed back to between 5 and 8, but I'll tell you it didn't start until after 9 up here.  By the morning there were a good 5 or 6 inches down already and it was coming down pretty well.  For good or ill, Gak had to go into work.  He drove himself in because Friday I had declared that I wasn't going to do laundry until Sunday.  He and Mike decided that after the mail was delivered that Gak would close the store as no one was going anywhere and the hub wasn't even going anywhere.  So, that means he was home by a little after 11.  We enjoyed our time at home.  The snow stopped between noon and 1-ish some time.  So, in the afternoon we went to Target and Best Buy, mostly to browse.
Today we hung out around the house for a bit, and then we went over to Kat's.  Boo and Zoe and I spent about a half hour playing in the snow.  I was really surprised Boo wanted to stay out that long.  He wasn't so sure from time to time, but then Zoe would do something and distract him and he'd start giggling his little head off.  We even went sledding a couple of times down the big hill.  By the end of the second run, he was done, cold and wet feet and hands.
We had a great evening after Scott came over and we played most of a game of Talisman.
Overall it was a great weekend.
Anyhow, there are many more pictures over on Flickr.  I'm off to bed now!

Peace to all and may your weekends be full of fun.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sleep Frustration

Please allow me to vent here for a few moments of your time.
So, today was my first appointment with the sleep specialist.  I will declare myself highly unimpressed.  I had half decent hopes for this appointment when I got the information packet and it said to plan on being there for an hour.  What a joke!  I was there maybe 20 minutes.
To say I feel the appointment was a waste, is an understatement.  I'm just mad and frustrated as all hell right now.
I haven't slept right in ages, but in the last 6-8 months it's been really bad.  So bad, that it is affecting my performance at work and my relations with Gak and even my patience with Boo.  So, back at the end of December I bring it up to Dr. F again and that it's gotten really bad lately.  So, she tells me she wants me to get a sleep study done and go to Dr. V.  Ok.  So, shortly after the first of the year I call and the earliest appointment I could get (after dealing with rude central scheduling staff) was for today, just about a month after I call.  Well, this is important to me, so I take the appointment and wait.
I get there today and he asks me some questions, some pretty general questions in my opinion.  The same ones I answered on the information packet they sent actually.  He asks me to clarify a few things, but not much.  He doesn't ask me what I've tried, if I've tried anything recently.  He doesn't ask me about my bed time routine, only about caffene and alcohol consumption.  He takes a listen to my heart, looks in my nose and throat and says, yep, you need a sleep study.  It may be your breathing, even though your lungs sound clear, or it could be something with your legs.  (Even though I've told him that I don't wake up suddenly, the only time people tell me I snore is when my allergies are acting up, which they aren't, and that my leg issues happen only when I'm already exhausted and not very often.)  His only word of advice is to "not stay in bed more than 8 hours."  Great, I spend maybe 8 or 9 in bed as it stands.  He doesn't suggest we try something, anything, in the mean time.  I can't get an appointment for the sleep study until the end of the month, and then no discussion about the results for 2 weeks after that!
So, yeah, I'm cranky.  I'm tired.  I'm so far from my normal self as far as sleep and happiness goes, I barely even remember what it's like to feel refreshed after a good night's sleep.  I mean, I haven't been doing anything dangerous like falling asleep, or nearly falling asleep, while driving.  But lets face it, I don't really drive all that far; I'm not taking 2-3 hour long trips these days.  So I don't randomly fall asleep at my desk, but that's only through sheer force of will.  I'm pushing it to stay up to 9 as it is, and 5 or 6 am is not a happy time for me to be getting up either.  Also, when I do get up at 5 or 6, I'm crashing and wanting a nap by 8 or 9, which really kills any hopes of being productive at work.
Anyhow, I hope tomorrows follow up appointment goes better.  I'm sure it will if only for the fact that I like this doctor better and he's pretty honest about stuff.
I'd better get back to attempting to get some work done....

Peace to all and may your doctors both listen and advise well.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhogs and Germs

Today is Groundhog Day.  Most people just blow this off as a silly little excuse of a holiday.  Me, well, it's always been a little more special to me.  Sure, it's a little hokey about the groundhog seeing his shadow and having 6 more weeks of winter or not.  But, it's fun.  And a fun excuse in the middle of winter is always good.  But the real reason this day is special is because it's Gram's birthday.  She loved the fact that she "was a groundhog".  It always made us giggle.  (Actually, according to Mom, she was a squirrel, but that's a whole different story...)
So, yeah.  Today I can't help but think about Gram and miss her.  She would have been 87 today.

On the flip side, both my boys are sick.  Boo was feeling pretty good last night.  He went to bed without a fuss at 8:00 and didn't wake up until after 9.  That alone tells me he's still fighting something off.  He never sleeps more than 12 hours at a shot these days unless he's feeling really bad.  That and Gak says he woke up with a bit of a fever.  It was only 100.1, but that's on the high end for him.  To top it off, Gak's been having problems at both ends of his system.  I convinced him that they should both just take a sick day and stay home.  Of course, Mike wasn't too happy to hear that because he had an appointment with the accountant this afternoon.  Oh well, that's life when you only have one employee.  That and Gak's called out maybe 4 or 5 times at most in the past 5 years.  I'd rather have Mike cranky for a day and a day when Boo and Gak can just hang out at home and chill for a while and feel better tomorrow.

The picture at the top of the page is from yesterday morning.  Such a tired little boy.  And Trey is now very clean and much better looking again.

Peace to all and may your groundhogs be happy and your boys healthy.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Well, here it is Monday night again, and I haven't posted since Wednesday.  I'm not getting off to such a great start with this blog thing again this year.  I promised myself I'd get back to 3 times a week.  Oh well.  I'll get there, I'm sure.
Anyhow, reporting month ended as smoothly as it ever does and I'm just glad it's (mostly) behind me again.  There are a few odds and ends that need to be cleaned up.  Unfortunately, today was not one of my more stellar days at work.  I have a half decent reason though, even though it's not a fun one.
This weekend started out a little funny to begin with.  Friday evening I went to turn the light on in the kitchen and well, it didn't turn on.  And the light over the sink has been out for almost 2 years now.  Great.  Good thing I was hoping to go out to dinner anyhow.  (Hey, I'd been good all week.... I wanted a break...)  So, we go to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  Saturday was a pretty normal Saturday all things considered.  I get the laundry done.  I play with a boy and feed a boy and he naps.  Gak has been wanting home made chili for about 2 weeks now.  I was going to make it last Sunday, but we forgot to get the beer, so I begged off.  So, before picking him up from work, I pick up the meats and other things I need for Jon's chili recipe.  When we got home, I send the boys back out on a florescent tube hunt so I can cook supper.  The chili turned out very good.  The spice had just the right amount of heat and good flavor.  To me, it seemed a little flat, but it might have been the beer choice.  We used Yuengling Black & Tan, and maybe something a bit different would have worked better.  Anyhow, it was very yummy and Gak had seconds, and probably would have had thirds if he was still hungry at all.  (Oh, he tells me it got even better the next day.)
Sunday started out as a good day.  We woke up, decided to go to Spor's for breakfast and then wander over to Target to get a new mouse for Gak's computer.  After coming home for a bit and chasing a boy around some so he'll be tired, Boo and I head down to Amma and PopPop's to visit for the afternoon.
It started off as a good afternoon.  Boo napped most of the way down.  Amma, Boo and I went to Trader Joe's and I managed not to buy too many things that weren't on my list.  We then head up into the loft to check out my old bed.  You see, my back is beginning to hurt from trying to put Boo down into his crib.  He isn't trying to climb out of his crib yet, but as much as I want to keep him a baby forever, I get the feeling he needs a "big boy" bed soon.  To me, toddle beds are just a pure waste of money because he'll out grow it by the time he's 5.  My old Ikea twin sized bed I got shortly after moving to PA is in fine shape and the mattress is still good.  Well, as soon as we got up to the 3rd floor, Boo sees the bed, runs over to it and says "up!".  He curled right up on it and was happy as a clam.  I guess I'm right, he does want a big bed.  Ikea sells side rails for something like $10 each that we can use for a while until he gets used to the fact that there is no crib sides.  (Like his Momma, he's a restless sleeper... but he at least sleeps!)  So, in a few weeks we'll head back down with Poppa to disassemble the bed and bring it home eventually to move him into it.  I wanted to do it soon, so that way he'd be in a big boy bed already if we decide to move when our lease is up in June.  We're not 100% sure on that, part of it depends on our land lady and if she's going to insist on raising the rent again like it says in the lease.  If so, we'll probably have to at least look for a new place.  But, I digress.  We also found a bit of treasure up there that Boo fell in love with.  We found the old stick horse that Mom made for Jon back when we were little.  It's a latch-hook horse's head on a long red wood pole.  Of course, we had to call Uncle Jon to make sure it was OK that Boo have it.  Uncle Jon didn't mind in the least.
I also got a call from Michelle later in the afternoon.  That was a wonderful little surprise.  She's doing quite well up in the great white North.  She's had a few minor adventures, just enough to keep her life busy and interesting.  We hope to go up there in May or August for a long weekend/short week visit.  Just need to get the boys' passports finalized and figure out some dates.
While I was on the phone with Michelle, Boo started getting fussy and doing his "eye rub" thing indicating he's tired.  I let Michelle talk to Mom for a few while I took him upstairs to his playpen to try and get a short nap.  He really didn't seem to mind when I put him down, but by the time I got off the phone with Michelle, he was screaming like no body's business.  So, we rescue him.  About 5 minutes after that when we're downstairs again, he decides to puke a bit on Amma's floor.  He sort of settles down, but not really, so I decide that we really can't stay for dinner and that I need to get him home.  Well, wouldn't you know that as I'm trying to get everything together, he has a stomach emptying event in the middle of the floor again.  So, we clean him up again and get going.  Luckily he passes out right about when we got to 202.  He manages to sleep all the way until just north of Lansdale, or about 20 minutes from home.  Then, you guessed it, ick all over himself and Trey.  I pull over and clean him up the best I could.  He's miserable and messy and stinky, but manages to not be crying.  We make it to within about 6 or 8 miles from home and he urps again.  This time I tell him we're almost home, we're just going to go right through.  Anyhow, once we get home I get him cleaned up and in PJs and in Bed.  Gak tries to get the car clean, but it's dark and our street isn't the safest.  I got Boo to bed with just Kelly Bear, so I thought I'd escape and do a load of laundry while he wasn't missing Trey.  Well, that back fired because right as I was about to leave, he wakes up bringing up some phlegm.  So, he gets his very stinky, very wet dino back.  Luckily he manages to sleep through most of the night, only up once at about 2:30 and then again at 5:30.  Of course, I was up much more of the night.  The reason he got up at 2:30 was because of a massively stinky but.  He was sound asleep, even though I could smell it from our room.  Well, I decide he'll probably wake up soon enough and we'll deal with it then.  Unfortunately, the stink kept me awake.  He did wake up, and Gak was kind enough to change him.  I ended up sleeping on the sofa for a little bit.
So, yeah.  I was useless today at work.  The good news is though that by this evening my little guy was feeling much better and back to his normal self, if still a bit beat.  As much as I hate imposing a sick little boy on Amma, I'm glad it happened last night to today.  That way he could be feeling icky at home and we didn't have to worry about day care or me taking an afternoon off, we could keep our schedules almost normal.  I did come home, pick up the laundry (including Trey) and go back out.  I even washed the carseat cover.  (In a strange way, this was a good thing to happen because it forced me to remove the car seat and put the straps in the higher slots like I've needed to for a while now.)
So, I now have a sleeping boy and I'm not too far behind him.
This week should be a packed one any how.  Thursday and Friday I have doctors' appointments.  Thursday is my first appointment with the sleep doctor and Friday is my follow up to my appointment from the Friday before last.  Hopefully I'll have something positive to say after each one.  Wish me luck!
Anyhow, I'm off to read 3 pages and go thud.
Peace to all and may your weekends be healthy.