Monday, February 01, 2010


Well, here it is Monday night again, and I haven't posted since Wednesday.  I'm not getting off to such a great start with this blog thing again this year.  I promised myself I'd get back to 3 times a week.  Oh well.  I'll get there, I'm sure.
Anyhow, reporting month ended as smoothly as it ever does and I'm just glad it's (mostly) behind me again.  There are a few odds and ends that need to be cleaned up.  Unfortunately, today was not one of my more stellar days at work.  I have a half decent reason though, even though it's not a fun one.
This weekend started out a little funny to begin with.  Friday evening I went to turn the light on in the kitchen and well, it didn't turn on.  And the light over the sink has been out for almost 2 years now.  Great.  Good thing I was hoping to go out to dinner anyhow.  (Hey, I'd been good all week.... I wanted a break...)  So, we go to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  Saturday was a pretty normal Saturday all things considered.  I get the laundry done.  I play with a boy and feed a boy and he naps.  Gak has been wanting home made chili for about 2 weeks now.  I was going to make it last Sunday, but we forgot to get the beer, so I begged off.  So, before picking him up from work, I pick up the meats and other things I need for Jon's chili recipe.  When we got home, I send the boys back out on a florescent tube hunt so I can cook supper.  The chili turned out very good.  The spice had just the right amount of heat and good flavor.  To me, it seemed a little flat, but it might have been the beer choice.  We used Yuengling Black & Tan, and maybe something a bit different would have worked better.  Anyhow, it was very yummy and Gak had seconds, and probably would have had thirds if he was still hungry at all.  (Oh, he tells me it got even better the next day.)
Sunday started out as a good day.  We woke up, decided to go to Spor's for breakfast and then wander over to Target to get a new mouse for Gak's computer.  After coming home for a bit and chasing a boy around some so he'll be tired, Boo and I head down to Amma and PopPop's to visit for the afternoon.
It started off as a good afternoon.  Boo napped most of the way down.  Amma, Boo and I went to Trader Joe's and I managed not to buy too many things that weren't on my list.  We then head up into the loft to check out my old bed.  You see, my back is beginning to hurt from trying to put Boo down into his crib.  He isn't trying to climb out of his crib yet, but as much as I want to keep him a baby forever, I get the feeling he needs a "big boy" bed soon.  To me, toddle beds are just a pure waste of money because he'll out grow it by the time he's 5.  My old Ikea twin sized bed I got shortly after moving to PA is in fine shape and the mattress is still good.  Well, as soon as we got up to the 3rd floor, Boo sees the bed, runs over to it and says "up!".  He curled right up on it and was happy as a clam.  I guess I'm right, he does want a big bed.  Ikea sells side rails for something like $10 each that we can use for a while until he gets used to the fact that there is no crib sides.  (Like his Momma, he's a restless sleeper... but he at least sleeps!)  So, in a few weeks we'll head back down with Poppa to disassemble the bed and bring it home eventually to move him into it.  I wanted to do it soon, so that way he'd be in a big boy bed already if we decide to move when our lease is up in June.  We're not 100% sure on that, part of it depends on our land lady and if she's going to insist on raising the rent again like it says in the lease.  If so, we'll probably have to at least look for a new place.  But, I digress.  We also found a bit of treasure up there that Boo fell in love with.  We found the old stick horse that Mom made for Jon back when we were little.  It's a latch-hook horse's head on a long red wood pole.  Of course, we had to call Uncle Jon to make sure it was OK that Boo have it.  Uncle Jon didn't mind in the least.
I also got a call from Michelle later in the afternoon.  That was a wonderful little surprise.  She's doing quite well up in the great white North.  She's had a few minor adventures, just enough to keep her life busy and interesting.  We hope to go up there in May or August for a long weekend/short week visit.  Just need to get the boys' passports finalized and figure out some dates.
While I was on the phone with Michelle, Boo started getting fussy and doing his "eye rub" thing indicating he's tired.  I let Michelle talk to Mom for a few while I took him upstairs to his playpen to try and get a short nap.  He really didn't seem to mind when I put him down, but by the time I got off the phone with Michelle, he was screaming like no body's business.  So, we rescue him.  About 5 minutes after that when we're downstairs again, he decides to puke a bit on Amma's floor.  He sort of settles down, but not really, so I decide that we really can't stay for dinner and that I need to get him home.  Well, wouldn't you know that as I'm trying to get everything together, he has a stomach emptying event in the middle of the floor again.  So, we clean him up again and get going.  Luckily he passes out right about when we got to 202.  He manages to sleep all the way until just north of Lansdale, or about 20 minutes from home.  Then, you guessed it, ick all over himself and Trey.  I pull over and clean him up the best I could.  He's miserable and messy and stinky, but manages to not be crying.  We make it to within about 6 or 8 miles from home and he urps again.  This time I tell him we're almost home, we're just going to go right through.  Anyhow, once we get home I get him cleaned up and in PJs and in Bed.  Gak tries to get the car clean, but it's dark and our street isn't the safest.  I got Boo to bed with just Kelly Bear, so I thought I'd escape and do a load of laundry while he wasn't missing Trey.  Well, that back fired because right as I was about to leave, he wakes up bringing up some phlegm.  So, he gets his very stinky, very wet dino back.  Luckily he manages to sleep through most of the night, only up once at about 2:30 and then again at 5:30.  Of course, I was up much more of the night.  The reason he got up at 2:30 was because of a massively stinky but.  He was sound asleep, even though I could smell it from our room.  Well, I decide he'll probably wake up soon enough and we'll deal with it then.  Unfortunately, the stink kept me awake.  He did wake up, and Gak was kind enough to change him.  I ended up sleeping on the sofa for a little bit.
So, yeah.  I was useless today at work.  The good news is though that by this evening my little guy was feeling much better and back to his normal self, if still a bit beat.  As much as I hate imposing a sick little boy on Amma, I'm glad it happened last night to today.  That way he could be feeling icky at home and we didn't have to worry about day care or me taking an afternoon off, we could keep our schedules almost normal.  I did come home, pick up the laundry (including Trey) and go back out.  I even washed the carseat cover.  (In a strange way, this was a good thing to happen because it forced me to remove the car seat and put the straps in the higher slots like I've needed to for a while now.)
So, I now have a sleeping boy and I'm not too far behind him.
This week should be a packed one any how.  Thursday and Friday I have doctors' appointments.  Thursday is my first appointment with the sleep doctor and Friday is my follow up to my appointment from the Friday before last.  Hopefully I'll have something positive to say after each one.  Wish me luck!
Anyhow, I'm off to read 3 pages and go thud.
Peace to all and may your weekends be healthy.

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