Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snowy Weekend!

Well, this was quite a weekend.  We got about 8-10 inches worth of snow on Saturday.  They were calling for 10-14 in my area.  The snow started later than they predicted and ended much earlier than predicted.  This was a respectable snow amount though.

I guess I should start out with Friday though.  Friday was my follow up appointment from my culposcopy.  Just like I thought, it was nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing, but definitely not "something".  Basically the results came back "abnormal" but "inconclusive for HPV", meaning that they can't say that the changes were due to HPV, and therefore nothing to really worry about.  It does, however, mean that I get to have another "annual exam" in June or July.  Joy.  Oh well.

The snow was supposed to start Friday afternoon sometime between 3 and 5, but then that got pushed back to between 5 and 8, but I'll tell you it didn't start until after 9 up here.  By the morning there were a good 5 or 6 inches down already and it was coming down pretty well.  For good or ill, Gak had to go into work.  He drove himself in because Friday I had declared that I wasn't going to do laundry until Sunday.  He and Mike decided that after the mail was delivered that Gak would close the store as no one was going anywhere and the hub wasn't even going anywhere.  So, that means he was home by a little after 11.  We enjoyed our time at home.  The snow stopped between noon and 1-ish some time.  So, in the afternoon we went to Target and Best Buy, mostly to browse.
Today we hung out around the house for a bit, and then we went over to Kat's.  Boo and Zoe and I spent about a half hour playing in the snow.  I was really surprised Boo wanted to stay out that long.  He wasn't so sure from time to time, but then Zoe would do something and distract him and he'd start giggling his little head off.  We even went sledding a couple of times down the big hill.  By the end of the second run, he was done, cold and wet feet and hands.
We had a great evening after Scott came over and we played most of a game of Talisman.
Overall it was a great weekend.
Anyhow, there are many more pictures over on Flickr.  I'm off to bed now!

Peace to all and may your weekends be full of fun.

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