Monday, March 31, 2008

I Understand!

(Yes, I know, 2 posts in one day... but I just had to....)
I finally understand how to put the crib together!!!
The pictures the lady we bought the crib off of sent me aren't the most helpful at first glance. They do show the right order of operations, but not which hardware goes where too well. I finally figured out where all the pieces go and how they should be put together!

The only problem is... I can't do it by myself. I need another pair of hands to hold things.

Oh well, at least I know it can be done and that it is possible. Now to recruit someone to be my extra set of hands. If I'm in the right mood, Gak can help. If not... well.... it's best not to even think about how snippy I'd end up getting with him. It's not his fault, honest. It's all mine. I inherited Dad's temper for working with people on certian things. (But Mom's skill at handy work... not that Dad's not skilled, it's just that Mom will actually get to it and get it done with a minimum of fuss and frustration...) If you want to see something really scarry, you should have seen the night Dad tried (sucesfully eventually!) to tutor me in electronics the night before a physics exam in high school. Mom was smart and hid. Jon wasn't home. It did work... I got a 98% on the exam I think.

Anyhow, just needed to exclaim that I finally figured it out.
Peace to all and may you have many "lightbulb" moments!

Bits and Bobs

Sory about the 4-day absence. I just didn't have time on Friday and the weekend just disappeared.
Friday was Gak's last day at Game Stop. Saturday he started back at the UPS store. This meant he was home by 3:30. It was a great change. Friday night and most of Saturday I was in an unsettled, grumpy, tired, just not good mood. I tried not to take it out on Gak, but I failed. Miserably actually. I wish I could be better at not doing that. I'm sure he's tired of me apologizing for my bad behavior, and I really, truly do know better. I just can't seem to do what needs to be done. I could blame the hormones, and to a point that's true... but it's not the whole story. Oh well. I just have to work harder in the future. He deserves better than a cranky wife.
Sunday we had people over. Well, we thought we were going to have several people over at around 2. Well, Stuart showed up around 2:30 or 3 and Scott showed up around 4-ish. I felt bad because I was so tired, I just kinda hid in the bedroom most of the afternoon. It was OK though. Gak was walking Stu through Vampire creation. I wasn't sure I'd draw one up, but I did. We got to get about 10 minutes of play time in. We'll try and pick it up again in two weeks.
I was hoping to have enough people over to get the furniture put together, but that didn't happen either. The crib looks easy enough to put together, I just can't do it by myself and this is something Gak and I just shouldn't do together. We can do lots of things together, but putting together furniture and cooking are two things that we shouldn't attempt. Mostly thanks to my temper and Gak's "style", for lack of a better word, of doing things. It can, and does, get ugly fast. Therefore, we tend to avoid the situation if at all possible. I know the wardrobe will be easy enough to put together, it's from IKEA.
In other news, I still feel like I'm floundering at work. I can't seem to prioritize anything or get anything meaningful accomplished. I just feel like I'm chasing my tail in circles and I'm getting dizzy. And cute as a dizzy ratling may be, it's not very fun.
I had another doctor's appointment this morning. It went well. I actually lost 3 lbs, but there's no need to worry. Everything else is going well. I guess I'm having more better than worse days when it comes to eating.
Gak's knee on the other hand is getting worse. (I think the weather today had a bit to do with it though...) Since he didn't have to be in until 1-ish, he went with me to the appointment. (I'm glad he did. I know how much he loves to hear the heartbeat. I really do want him involved, this is his baby too!) While waiting for the doctor, his knee popped or went out about every third step he took. He said, yet again, that he was going to call the doctor when we got home. Well, I've heard that story before, so I took matters into my own hands. I called for him. He's got an appointment in the morning. I'm not sure what our family doc can do for him, but she can at least suggest a specialist if needs be or something to try in the mean time. We really don't need his knee to go out while he's walking around with Boo.
I have an asthma appointment on Thursday myself. It's been good so far, but I think we're heading into allergy season again. I'm over the cold, but I'm still way more congested than usual. It's all clear, thick viscous ick.
We also have an appointment at one of the daycare places we're looking at tomorrow morning as well. I'd like to get a couple of options from a couple of different places, so we can make a real decision. I've got to talk with my boss(es) and see if I can't work something out. With Gak's normal schedule, if I play my cards right and am able to take a slightly longer lunch, we could possibly only do 4 half-days of daycare. Gak will be able to watch Boo all morning, and then I'd be able to run home and drop them off where they need to be by the time Gak needs to go to work. We wouldn't even need a second car. The only times this could cause a problem is when Gak would have to work open to close when Mike's on vacation. This will be at least 3 weeks out of the year. I do have some volunteers to watch him, but I'd like to use them on an emergency or occasional basis. I'm sure this wouldn't cause problems and if I play my cards right, I may even be able to work half-days from home those days. Who knows. (Can you tell I'm really trying to figure out how to reduce the amount of time we have to have Boo in daycare? I know it's not a bad thing, but... they're not family and they're not me... I'm selfish and want my boy to myself!) I do know that by the time he's 2 or 3 we'll possibly end up with him in a full-day preschool situation. I saw how much good it did Zoe. She was so much more ready for school by the time she went to Kindergarten. I don't just mean the reading and writing thing, but in the social aspects. She was used to listening to other adults and knew how to play well with other kids who weren't family. That knowledge in and of itself is priceless. The being able to read and write well is a bonus. (Although, I hope Boo takes after me, I was reading quite well by the time I started Kindergarten, and within the first few months is when I started reading Nancy Drew books... handwriting on the other hand... is not the strong suit of either Gak or myself...)
Anyhow, I've got to wrap this up because I've got another meeting soon and I really need to try and figure out what's going on with a few of these requests before then.
Peace to all and may the pieces fall into place and the bad moods not last too long.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok. I've got something that's been bugging me for almost a day now.
I need to give a little background that I haven't shared, because it was work related and not really much of my business. Other than the fact that it affected one of my friends here at the office. It's the reason that Al was "forced" into retiring a year or so earlier than he planned. There was a woman working in the department after I moved to training. Well, apparently she took Al's personality personally and was claiming harassment. Anyone who actually knows Al, knows he's harmless. He loves life and is a happy-go-lucky kind of person.
Anyhow, this person recently left the company, and I'm back in my old cube because she's no longer here. Someone at lunch yesterday asked me if I knew anything about the why's and how's of her leaving. I have no clue. I was sitting upstairs at the time and unless someone actually tells me, I have no idea what goes on in other parts of the building. I made the comment to the two ladies who were sitting in the lunchroom that I didn't know what happened to the other person and that my first response upon knowing she'd left was wanting Al back.
Well, the one who didn't ask me if I knew what had happened started going off about how inappropriate he is and how obnoxious he is.
I just stood there and shook my head for a moment and then extricated myself from the room. Like I said, Al has been known to say some things that aren't exactly "sensitive" and could would say things just to get a reaction out of certain people in the building, but only in fun. He never meant any harm by it, was never that "scary old guy". Occasionally he fell into that category of harmless "dirty old man", but never anything harmful. My reaction to her was; but he's a very good worker. And it's true. He's never treated the customers anything other than well. If he's made a mistake, he'll fix it. He gets his job done, and usually done right. He's friendly and willing to help just about anyone. So what if he occasionally makes an obnoxious statement? If you knew him, you knew he didn't really believe a lot of it. A lot of it came from being in the Army or a cop for many, many years. (And besides, he is an equal opportunity offender, he'll pick on just about any group out there...)
Her reaction still bothers me. What in the world ever happened to tolerance? What ever happened to being able to enjoy people for who they are? I guess I should have expected that kind of reaction from her, she's a bit of a sour person to begin with and a lawyer type to boot. As you've seen, I try and stay out of politics and social commentary. I just had to get this off my chest though. I mean, I don't want to get rid of people just because they're cranky all the time, or they don't agree with my political/religious/social views. I try and see their side and only feel the need to "do something" about it if they're a potential danger to myself, themselves or others. If that makes me a tree-hugging, hippy, peace loving liberal, than so be it. (I've been called worse.) I try and keep a fairly moderate and somewhat realistic view on the world, but I really am an optimist at heart.
Anyhow, I'd best get back to work. I just needed to get that gripe off my chest. I still wish that Al was back. He brought a lot of life to this office and did a lot of work.
Peace to all and may we accept people for who they are, as they are and remember that life is too serious to take seriously.

p.s. Sorry if this rambled a bit, but that's how it sat in my brain...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday! (and pictures...)

First off, I want to totally embarrass my Mom by telling her Happy 60th Birthday! in front of the entire world. (Aren't I an evil daughter?) I can't believe my mom is that old. She doesn't look or act that old.
This is the newest picture I have of her. It was from our wedding almost 3 years ago now. (That in and of itself is a weird thought...) It's not a great picture of her, but it's the best of the recent ones. (No, I have no idea what that look on her face is for, I'm not sure if she was about to cry or laugh... or both...)

I also have a few other images to share today as well. (I'm bound and determined to have one post this month that doesn't deal almost exclusively with work or Boo...)

This is a bit of a sad picture. It's just a little snapshot of my last two plane tickets as a non-momma. I took this sitting and waiting for my flight in Minnesota. This was my last trip for work for a long time. Like I have said before, I'll miss it, but I am so looking forward to the new adventures my life will bring.

While we were waiting for the plane, Angel decided to steal my Chai and get some "work" done on my phone. It was just too cute to resist taking her picture. Of course, I did pay for letting her have that much sugar and tea first thing in the morning as she didn't sit still either flight. It was OK though. She's fun to travel with. Too bad this was her first and last trip for a while. She would have enjoyed some of it and Sam would have enjoyed sending someone else in his place.

I do have to mention Boo at least once in this post. I got a call from Gak yesterday when he was at the UPS store picking up a shift for Mike. He'd gotten our mail and my brother sent his nephew a package. It was addressed to Boo (care of Mom and Dad). That was a laugh by itself. In true Jon fashion though, the only thing that was in the package was a stuffed penicillin. Yes, that's right. My brother bought penicillin for his nephew. He told me he'd been looking for a stuffed toy for Boo, but didn't want anything cutsie and figured Gak and I would appreciate it. We do. I think it's great. (But then again, my degree is in biology, so I'm a bit of a geek to begin with...) I'd seen these Giant Microbes before, but could never decide which one to get. Now Boo has his very own!

Well, I'm going to wrap it up here. I just wanted to finally share some pictures and announce to the world how happy I am to celebrate my mom's birthday. I love her very much and am so very glad we're as close as we are.

Peace to all and may you have fun things in your life!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cash and Vegetables

I'm tired this morning. I didn't sleep well. It was an odd series of thoughts that were keeping me awake for most of the wee hours of the night.
One set of thoughts isn't that weird. Money was the root of the problem. I've done some recent budget analysis. I mean, I haven't gotten down to the nickles and dimes of it, but used the actual bill amounts (rounded to the next highest $10 for a little "cushion") for the known quantities, and the approximate averages for things like the utilities, gas for the car and groceries. We're surviving. We've even got our heads above water at the moment. If something like the air conditioner last summer happens again, we're toast. There are two things in the budget that are taking up way more of a percentage then they should be: eating out and credit card debt. The one, Gak and I can fix. The other, we'll just have to slog through for now.
We made some bad decisions in the past and were put in some tough spots that ended up costing us a lot more money than they should or could have. We've cleaned up our act, but we're going to be paying for our mistakes for many years yet. The good news is that my college loan should be paid off in the next 18 months, which will free up a little bit each month. The other good news is that we've got about 24 months left on the car payments, which will free up a sizable amount eventually.
I wish there were other places we could cut corners. We've got the cheapest cell plan available for how we use them, and looking at the other Verizon options for the land-line, we've got the best deal there too. We could get rid of the satellite TV, but with where we live, we can't even pick up the local stations without it, and I refuse to not be able to at least watch the local news or PBS. (Old downtown building, not antenna on the TV.) We could get rid of the Internet, but that's one expense neither of us are willing to give up. We only have 1 car, and with how tall Gak is, we can't downsize it reasonably. Our gas bill has been cut in half (or better) this winter with the new windows that were put in last February, and we're pretty good about not running things we don't need to be. Gak and I have already talked about our "hobby budgets" for yarn and Warhammer figures. Nothing new at this point for either of us.
The other thing that kept me awake most of the night were vegetables. Or should I say, the lack of vegetables in my diet. I know I need to eat them. Not just for me, but for Boo. I've been trying for 32 years to overcome this. It's not that they don't look really good and yummy. It's that I can't stand the taste of them. The smells of most of them cooked even slightly makes me nauseous. This was a problem before I became pregnant. I mean, I can't even stand the smell of frozen corn warmed up with a little butter and salt. Corn isn't supposed to have a major odder... I mean, I put too many shredded carrots on my salad and it tastes like dirt. Carrots aren't supposed to taste like dirt. Celery shouldn't have a lot of flavor, but the only way I can eat it is to drown it in so much blue cheese dressing that any benefit is more than lost.
Another issue is texture. I can't stand mushy. Although, I do like mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. If I'm careful, I can sneak a few cooked carrots mashed into my potatoes, or corn if I just swallow each bite whole. I can't get an entire serving into me this way, but I can get something. I love crunchy things, so you'd think raw veggies wouldn't be an issue. Well, like my example above with celery, I have to drown things in enough dressing that any benefit is lost, and again, I can't get an entire serving in me.
I've tried hiding veggies in things. I added some chopped frozen spinach (about as well drained as anyone can get it) to a chicken and alfredo dish. I couldn't stand it. All I could taste or smell was the spinach, and again, I didn't even put a full serving in. It looked beautiful. I really wish I'd liked it. I wanted to like it.
What's the flavor that gives me so much issue? I'm not sure I can explain. Taste is such an individual thing. First there's the smell, it's almost a taste that you get in the back of the mouth. Then there's the actual flavor. Sometimes it's dirt-like, sometimes it's bitter or even almost a sulphur taste. I really wish I knew how to get around this. So many more dishes would be available to eat. It would be so much more healthy. It would get Boo off to an even better start. The guilt and the questions of why kept running through my head keeping me awake.

But, yesterday was a good day over all. Gak actually had off. We lazed around most of the morning, and then got cleaned up and went to IKEA. Mom joined us, once I was able to get her good directions. It was a fun day. We went looking for a rocking chair and a wardrobe. We found the wardrobe. We found some lamps and some other really cool things that will make the room really look great including some lamps and a rug. Hopefully we'll get the wardrobe and the crib together soon. The lamps will have to wait until the walls get painted. I promise to share pictures as soon as I can.
We also got to have dinner at Mom and Dad's. It was nice to have dinner together. On the way home we stopped and caught up with Kat and Scott for a little bit.
Well, I'd best get my butt in gear and try to figure out the agenda for the rest of the week and get some kind of service work done before I get yelled at.
Peace to all and may you have restful nights and good days.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What Goes Around, Comes Around?

Well, it's been an interesting few days.
I spent most of yesterday fighting off a cold. Actually, I'm still fighting it, but feeling better, I just can't breathe right yet. (In reality, I started fighting this stupid thing Wednesday, but yesterday I was able to just wallow in it and not do much... No, I haven't taken anything for it, what I'm allowed to take doesn't do much for me on a good day...)
Gak had to work, of course. He was not looking forward to going in. Thursday, right after he clocked out, Tallon decided to rip him a new one, again, and this time in writing. The biggest complaint that Tallon had was that he delegated too much to the GAs (I thought that's what they were there for?) and that he didn't double check that they alphabetized the walls right... oh, yeah, and that he didn't dust behind the registers. Ok, so maybe he "gave" too much work to the GAs on occasion. But come on, most of the laundry list of "offenses" weren't anything worth writing up, alone or as a group. (Gak and I are both of the opinion that this was Tallon's way of getting back at Gak because Gak found an error in the books that was Tallon's fault and pointed it out to Tallon.)
Well, Gak left a bit early for work yesterday so he could get the mail. He ended up having lunch with Mike. Mike was complaining that none of the applicants he's received to replace the girl who replaced Gak back in September. (She suddenly moved out of state a few weeks back...) Gak was complaining about his job. Mike agrees with Gak and I that the store manager is full of bull. Mike actually offered Gak his old job back with a guaranteed (and with Mike it is) 30 hours a week and only a little less money an hour. Gak couldn't turn it down. He'd been promised 40 hours a week with GameStop, but hasn't seen it in months now. Also, with Mike he'll have a set schedule and we'll always get Saturday afternoon and Sunday together. Those make any small loss in pay worth it in my book. Sure, it would be nice to have the same, or more, money coming in, but right now a stable schedule is looking very nice.
This means we actually know how much day care we need to look for. With this schedule, we'll need 4 days a week. If we could actually afford a second car, we would only need 4 half-days, since Gak doesn't need to be in until 1:30 (I think...). But, now we know what we're looking for and can talk to a couple of places and get some prices. (I'm really not looking forward to that. I'm still trying to figure out where that money is going to come from. Probably the Yarn and Warhammer budgets. Oh well, I've got a bit of stash to work though...)
Gak gave his two weeks notice yesterday to Tallon. Today Tallon actually apologized. It doesn't mean anything, Gak's still going to work for Mike. Mike may be a hard-ass at times, but almost always about things that he needs to be, not just random. (I blame a lot of the issues with Tallon on the fact that he's young and just doesn't have the experience to know what's what and still takes everything personally when flaws are pointed out...)
So, it looks like both Gak and I are starting "new" jobs soon. I'm already trying to figure out exactly what my new job is and how everything fits together. Gak's got it much easier. He'll fit in almost right away, just a few things to remember. (He's been filling in from time to time since "leaving" in September...) I hope this truly is the best move for the family that we think it is. Even if it only keeps Gak from being cranky and pissy when he gets home from work, it may just be worth it.
Well, I've got to run to the grocery store before I pick up Gak from work. (I will not miss these late closing nights... the UPS store closes at 6:30.)
Peace to all and may there be good things in your life.

P.S. Happy Spring! (a little late...)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Odds and Ends

Just a bit of this and that this afternoon.
Baby class is interesting. I'm not sure how useful it will really be, especially with my breathing issues. Some of these are tough for me and the way my lungs don't work. It's not so much the pattern or the rhythm, it's the getting enough air and feeling like there's a small elephant on my chest. Hopefully I'll get this all figured out in the next 10 weeks (eek!). Of course, we still have no idea if we'll end up with a C-section or not, or if Boo will be here May 30th or later. Unless there's a medical emergency, I don't really want him early, as I think may 30th is early to begin with. I'm guessing the next 10 weeks will be a lot of "wait and see". Oh well.
In other baby news, I passed my 3-hour glucose test. I called for my results yesterday. According to the nurse, all my readings were "normal", whatever that means. I didn't get the numbers or if they were close to the cutoff, but I don't really care. Just so long as everything came back OK, I'm happy. I'm still trying to pay better attention to what I eat. I've been trying to this whole pregnancy, but I have some better days than others. I'm trying to have more better days than worse days. Hopefully tomorrow morning Gak and I will get the crib together. First we have to get it into the house. We haven't because the last several nights have been late. It shouldn't be too hard, but it will be nice to have it set up. Maybe Sunday if IKEA is open, we'll head down there and look at a few things. We will see. (Gak was supposed to have tomorrow off, but had the opportunity to pick up more hours and still have Sunday off... he went for more hours and I don't blame him.)
Work seems to be slowly sorting itself out. Next week is looking crazy. I've got one guy coming in from KC to do training. I've been asked to invite the new projects leader and new business leader as well. That's a little intimidating. I've got a bajilion things assigned to me for service. I'm trying to coordinate a few training sessions, and it's not going well, due to availability and having to go through someone to know people's availability. I've got someone coming up from VA (actually, he's here for other reasons...) who is going to try and help me do some stuff for the June regional (that I won't be teaching...). I've also got a process audit to do and a training quote I don't want to do as well. Like I said, it's a little crazy right this moment.
Well, with all the craziness, I'd best get back to work.
Peace to all and may work not be crazy and life treat you well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well, I finally have the scans from the ultrasound and finally downloaded them from my email. Here's Boo! His nose looks a little smushed up against the wall, but I'm guessing that's due to perspective and all that fun stuff. That's actually his hand in front of his mouth. Such a cute little guy.
I had a really wierd dream about the ultrasound a night or two before. I don't remember much of it, but I remember that Boo has the same brilliantly blue eyes as his Poppa and Granpa Jim. I hope that he does. I mean, I love my blue/gray eyes, but Gak's are so bright, just like his dad's. I really do miss my father-in-law. He was a great man with a huge heart.

Here's the other neat picture we got. Feet! Yes, it looks like he's going to have huge feet. Have you seen the size of Gak's gunboats? I know I'll be the shortest in the family in very short order, but that's OK.

I still didn't get around to taking a picture of the back of the truck. We still haven't gotten it unloaded either. Last night around 8 Andy came over to move the bed. We have a waterbed. Therefore, Gak and I couldn't just move it ourselves weeks ago and be done with it. It took a lot longer than expected because the pump was being slow for some reason. That's OK even though it was almost midnight when I got to bed. The bed has been moved, the curtains hung and we're ready to start moving stuff into Boo's room. Our landlady said she'd paint the room in mid-April or so. I'm excited about that. It was painted 2 years ago when we moved in, but I'll never turn down free labor or a fresh coat of paint.

Anyhow, I guess I should get to working. Hopefuly today will be productive. If not, there's always tomorrow. Tonight is our 3rd prepared childbirth class. It's been interesting. I'm not 100% sure how useful, but it's been interesting.

Peace to all and may the pieces start to come together.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ups and Downs

I really need to take a picture of the back of my truck when I get home. You should see all the stuff that's in there. And you'll fall over when I tell you Mom and I got it all for only $207. Yes, that's right, $207. No, I didn't forget a zero.
We got way more than I was expecting for way less. We still have plenty of money left in the furniture fund to get a nice closet and rocking chair or glider. Now to just find said items. This would require Gak and I to have time off at the same time. That's not been happening a lot lately. Hopefully we'll be able to. I think he might have Friday off. I know I do.
Anyhow, as much as I'd love to gloat and gush and go on and on about the finds from last night, that's only secondary.
I've been in this "new" job for about 2 days now. I'm lost. I can't focus. I feel like I've got about a million things to do, but can't, or don't know how to, do most of them. And the ones I can do, I can't focus on because I keep getting called away.
I've been assigned 10 service requests. Only 1 can I possibly work on right now. But I can't get into that computer because someone else is. You see, I can't dial out because I don't have a license for the modem server. (That should be fixed tomorrow). 9 out of the 10 need me to be able to dial a modem. The last one I can hook up through a KVM switch, which I'm still trying to figure out, but the one I need is being used by someone else. Of course, I am expected to know a lot of this already (which I don't) and because a few people are out, I can't just monopolize someone for a few hours. Yet again, I so wish Al was still here, he always had time to help me out.
The other problem is the new way that requests are being done. We used to use Lotus Notes. It was a little slow, a little clunky, but you could find everything you need, see all the notes that previous people had made and could make as many notes as you needed. This new system is just plain murder. The only remote advantage it has is that it's connected to all of corporate. I can't find anything, you can't just open up the request and see all previous work and notes laid out nice and neat and I can't get the email attachments to open up for me either.
I finally have it to the point where I can at least access it and get to stuff. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do this again in a week or two when I get my new laptop. (I think this is part of my productivity issue... I just don't feel like tackling it right now when I've got to do all this crapola again in a few days...)
Oh well, I wanted this. I'll figure it all out and get back into the swing of things soon enough. I think what annoys me the most is that over half the things I'm supposed to be working on aren't very well documented and from back in oh... December. (I know... they aren't the oldest requests in there, but still, it's been an entire quarter!) I guess I was spoiled by the fact that I, and the others that used to fill in the requests used to give lots of details. I feel like I have to call each of these customers to get what the real issue is, as what's in the request is pretty vague. I feel kinda embarrassed to call up these people and say "I was assigned this job, but because of the way the system is set up, I have no idea what's already been done on this or what you're actually after". Not very professional in the least. (Not to mention that at least two of them are for customers I don't like or get along with.... oh well.)
Well, I'd best try and figure out some plan of attack. I've got a cranky conference call tomorrow with a PIMA sales guy, training to figure out for someone from ISG coming here next week, what to do about the June seminar and try and understand the calls that have been assigned to me. They shouldn't be hard, if I could just have all the info in one place!
(And to top it off, I've had a minor headache all afternoon.... Here's hoping it goes away soon. And I'm still waiting to hear back confirmation from Kat or Andy about tonight... grrrrr.....)
Peace to all and may you have major windfalls and only minor annoyances.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Sundries

Yesterday was a good day, with an interesting end.
Mom came up yesterday, getting here around 11:30 or so. We were going to go to the Allentown Art Museum in the "tradition" that has developed for her birthday. (It started several years ago now when a neat exhibit at the little gallery at my college was going on over her birthday. We've seen several interesting exhibits this way.) Well, we fiddled around the house for a bit. I showed her how to get her pictures off her camera (hopefully). She volunteered to take the mystery project home to finish the last seam for me today. We did a few other odds and ends and then got going. We stopped for lunch before going to the museum and it took a bit longer than we expected.
We never did make it to the museum. Between Allentown roads, Google Maps directions not being quite right and mom's sense of direction (or lack there of...) we drove around in circles for a few and decided to call it quits. I was fine with this. As much as I would have enjoyed the museum, I'm not sure either one of us were totally into it yesterday.
Instead we went shopping.
There's a neat little outdoor shopping area (where the new movie theater is) that's got some interesting higher end shops and stuff. We went to L.L. Bean. We wandered around a few other stores. We went into one baby store and had to try very hard not to faint looking at the prices. We went next door to that store to A Child's Place. They had lots and lots of cute things. Of course, there are many, many more cute things for girls than boys, but that's OK. We did find two adorable little sun hats that we just had to buy. (They were less than $5 each...) I figure this would be a good thing to pick up since it will be summer when he's born and if his skin is anything like his Poppa's.... I don't need a sunburned baby.
The interesting part was after dinner. Actually, it was almost bed time.
I told you that our upstairs neighbors were moving out. Well, they're gone and our landlady has rented the place to a 20-year-old and her 3-week-old baby. (I haven't met them, but Gak has run into them...)
I ended up having to do laundry last night since I couldn't do it Saturday and Gak couldn't on Friday because he got called into work. I went after dinner and then after the laundry was done, stopped by the grocery store to pick up milk (again) and a few odds and ends to get us through the next few days.
If you haven't been to our place, you don't realize how the building is set up. The building is on a center island where Broad Street goes past it in one way on each side. Well, in order to park next to the "front" door, I have to go up the block, go through the turnaround and back down half the block. Well, on my way up the block, I pass a cop car with his headlights on, but no cop inside. Whatever. It's not all that uncommon to see cops on this block, especially as we're right across the street from the burrough hall and police station. Well, I round the block and there's another cop getting into a car and pulling away. They were right in front of my house! I ended up parking a few spots further down than usual. There happened to be a cop standing there when I got out of the car.
I said "good evening" and start towards my door. He asks If I live there. "Yes."
"Does anyone else live there?"
"My husband and I live on the 2nd floor and there are some new tenants on the 3rd floor." I explain that I haven't met them yet because I'd been out of town. And that no, the doorbells don't always work.
He asks if he can come up, and I gladly say "sure!". (Why would I stop a cop from coming into the building? I knew he wasn't there for Gak or me, and I really don't need to get in the way...)
Well, Gak overhears a little bit of conversation when he goes down to get the laundry out of the truck. They were looking for someone and she said that he'd gone out jogging. (At 9:30pm?)
Anyhow, we end up getting stopped by our landlady on our way out the door this morning. She was asking us to keep an eye out for our new neighbor. She'd warned the tenant about she'll evict her with no compunctions, even with a new baby, for a single rules infraction. Our landlady will gladly give you a chance to get on your feet, but not at the expense of her building or laws being broken. (I agree... I'll help you out, but not if you're going to get me into big trouble.) She was interested to hear about the cop showing up. I didn't even think to call her last night, even though I probably should have. She told us to let her know if anything like this happens again. And I will.
So, there was an interesting twist to the end of yesterday.
I also got to talk to my brother for a bit over the X-box. That was kind of odd. Really cool, but odd. He seems to be doing well, but getting sick of interviewing. He hopes to have a couple of offers by the end of the week. I wish him well.
Well, I've really got to get back to work now, but wanted to share the oddness that was last night.
Peace to all and may your mysteries be solved.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Homeward Bound

"Home... where my heart is beating... home..."
Thanks Simon and Garfunkel. (And Mom and Dad for playing them so much...) That song really hits it on the head for anyone who travels a lot for work. (Of course, there are days when "Leaving on a Jet Plane" works too...)
Well, I'm about to pack up and head home from Minnesota. I have mixed feelings about the trip. The training went well yesterday. The area is pretty (and of course, I didn't actually stop while I was driving around to take pictures of any of the really cool old barns...). The people were nice. So I feel good about the trip in general.
But this is my last trip before Boo is born.
My last trip not as a momma.
My last trip for a long time for work. (I'm sure I'll end up doing some travel for work again, but not soon...)
It's somewhat sad. It's the ending of a chapter.
At least it was an easy trip. I'm sure I'd feel a lot less nostalgia about giving up travel if I'd had a horrible week with horrible people.
But, I am heading home. And home is where I want to be. That's where Gak is. That's where the rest of my friends and family are. I've been spoiled the last several months by staying home so much. I am going to enjoy not traveling every week, even if a tiny part of me will miss it.
Mind you, I won't miss the airports, the delays, dealing with badly planned training sessions. (Usually due to the fact that the person setting up the training has no idea what the people in the training actually do or need.... or they try and do training in the middle of commissioning or construction...)
I will miss seeing lots of this country. There are very few places in this country that aren't pretty in one way or another. I wish I'd taken more photos. I wish I'd taken more time to explore. I wish I'd been able to take Gak with me more often. (I only got to take him with me once in three years!) I wish I hadn't been so tired that I just couldn't enjoy the areas I was in. I will miss seeing the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Coast, the heartland... even the never ending sameness to the green of Florida.
I also wish I'd been able to make it to a few more states. I think the last time I counted, there were only about 8-10 states in the lower 48 that I haven't been to. Most of them were in the Pacific Northwest. I haven't made it to Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming... What's funny is when I map out where I've been and you'll see things like I haven't been to Nebraska, but everywhere around it. There are distinct holes in my map. Oh well. I'm sure I'll fill them in eventually.
I must say, this has been an interesting 3 years. I've seen a lot of places. Gone to a few I'd never thought I'd go to... namely China, Mexico and so much of Canada. I've met lots of people, and finally met people face to face that I'd talked to on the phone for years. (That includes you Joe if you're reading this...)
But... I think I'm ready to move on, or at least move in a different direction. I'm looking forward to moving back into my old position, but still having something to do with training. I'm looking forward to the "new" challenges of being software support. I'm looking forward to being able to talk to the same people more than once or twice. I'm excited, and a bit terrified to turn over the actual training to other people.
But most of all, I'm so very, very excited about becoming a Momma! This has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have a wonderful husband who will make an excellent Poppa (even if he's not always sure about that...) There is a lot of love in our family and it will only grow with the addition of Boo. Sure, there will be tons of struggles, lots of heartache, a really steep learning curve to this whole parenting thing, but I think we'll be OK. I think we're ready to meet these challenges head on. I'm even pretty sure we'll be able to get through it all in one piece!
Well, I guess I should start getting my butt into gear. I've got to stand in the shower and get going. I've got about a 45 minute drive to the airport and to turn in the rental car yet. It is always, always, always a good idea to have lots of extra time at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.
Peace to all and may you have good endings to the chapters of your lives and wonderful new beginnings.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow! Another post already! This one I've been working on since Sunday.

The title says it all. Actually, I was hoping to add a few more things to the "done" list, but I'm actually quite impressed.

On a non-craft note, Gak and I got Addey up to level 80 Tuesday night instead of having the bed moved. We'd tried to do this on Sunday, but just couldn't quite get there with some of the groups we ended up in. I'm not sure weather to be happy or sad about that event. I mean, sure, it's neat to "finish"... but... I liked the challenge of getting there. Don't worry, there is still tons of stuff to keep me occupied. I'm just done accumulating levels for the moment, not having fun.

On to the craft side. Saturday was quite productive for me really. I finished up the sweater I'd been working on for Boo. I know, he's a late spring baby, but I have the time (and the stash) now, so I made this sweater in the 12 month size. The pattern wasn't too bad, again if you have a clue of how things should look. It's a beginner pattern, if they'd clean up a few cloudy instructions in a few places. It was a freebie download from Lion Brand. I will tell you this... as nice as the microspun feels and looks, I may or may not use it again. It is so soft it just kinda falls apart.

The real tragedy was Sunday. I was trying to finish up the project that mom and I started. I was almost done too, only one more seam. Then disaster struck.

This is the pin that cause the problem.

I mean, how many times do you run over pins while sewing and nothing happens? Oh well... I'll get it fixed after I get back from Minnesota.

Well, Ed just got here to take me to the airport, guess I'd better finish this up and get moving.

Peace to all and have a good week.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving Day?

Well, I'm done being a human pin-cushion for now. Four blood draws over the course of three hours. Let me tell you, the orange Glucola is WAY worse than the lemon-lime. *shudder* (I really don't like orange drink to begin with... orange juice is one thing, but orange koolaid or the like, blech!) I managed to keep it down. I did feel a little dizzy and woozy there for a while with that much pure sugar going into my fasting system. By the end of the three hours, I was just HUNGRY. I hadn't eaten anything since dinner last night. Ugh. My first stop on my way to work was the Wawa to pick up a sandwich or something.
A good portion of my day at work was spent moving back down stairs to my old cubicle. It is nice to be back in this cube. It's a good location and not quite so deathly quiet (actually, downright raucous at times) as upstairs. That and I don't have to go down the stairs every time I need to pee. (And trust me, that's a lot these days...)
Part of this is because I requested to move. (Remember that post about what not to say to coworkers....) Part of it is because at least "short term" they've figured out what to do with training. I put short term in quotes because, knowing this place, it really means long term. Anyhow, I'm moving back into the service group. (I've already been assigned work, but my former, current?, boss is breaking me back in slowly...) Training is being absorbed by the service group. I will continue to update manuals, coordinate training and do the local stuff. The rest of the service guys will be helping out with the travel. I actually think this is a good idea, since that way no one person has to get burned out like I did with the travel. Training is also good for the guys as it really, truly, gives them a picture of what the customers need, want and think.
I'm glad there's at least some kind of light, hazy as it may be, at the end of this tunnel called job insecurity...
Anyhow, I've got to get going. Just thought I'd update on the glucose and job situations. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I'll have the latest ultrasound pictures scanned and ready to post. Tomorrow I leave for Minnesota. It'll be cold but hopefully good.
Oh, the bed didn't get moved last night. Zoe was still sick and Kat decided bringing her over and getting me potentially sick with a stomach bug would not be a good idea. We're scheduled for next Tuesday.
Peace to all and may things fall into place like they should.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy Busy!

Just a quickie today.
This is another busy baby week. Yesterday was a regularly scheduled prenatal appointment. All went well and because Gak closed yesterday, he was able to go. It was nice that he was able to go. I really do want him to be as involved as possible with this. I know he wants to be involved, but schedules stink. This morning we had another ultrasound. Boo is still a boy. He's measuring at about the 46th% for growth for 28 weeks. This means he's right on target for 28 weeks, or a little big for 26. Either way, I'm not sure it matters. It means that at the doctor's 40 weeks, he'll be at about the "right" size. (Of course, I just looked at the ticker and it says only 80 days! EEEK!!)
Tomorrow I have my 3-hour glucose test. I'm not overly worried about it, except for the fact the doctor this morning said Boo's belly is measuring a hair bigger than the rest of him, which could be an indication of glucose issues. The fluid levels look great though, which is also another indicator. So, as with everything, mixed readings. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you I "failed" the 1-hour test. The cutoff is 130, and well... my reading was 130. Normally my doctor would just do the 1-hour test again, but since I'm heavy to begin with... better safe than sorry. Oh well, it'll give me an excuse to crochet or play on the DS for about 3 hours.
Tomorrow night is also our 2nd baby class. Should be interesting.
Thursday through Saturday I'll be in Minnesota. This is my last flight for a while. It is both good and sad at the same time.
Well, some people are getting ready to head out to lunch and I'm going to join them. I've got a funny/sad story from Sunday to post, but I need some pictures.
Peace to all and may you be pleasantly busy.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


My mom has been a godsend. Again. Or maybe it is still.
I told you she wants to pay for Boo's nursery furniture. Well... I think my mom was just handed the deal of the century.
One of her customers was in earlier this week to get a small repair job done. She brought her little boy with her, he's 2 or so. Well, of course Mom and her got to talking about the fact that Mom is going to be a Gramma soon. When the customer came back, she offered to sell Mom her son's crib for.... get this... $75! What's amazing is the fact that this is normally a $450-500 crib new! (And that's for just the crib, add another $50-100 or more for a mattress!) This is high quality furniture, that even with Mom's mini-windfall paying for things I wasn't even going to think about looking at. And she's offered a lot of other nursery and baby stuff as well. Mom's going to talk to her today to see what all she has and what she wants. I guess now, we'll definitely be able to afford a really nice rocker or glider instead of one that "will do".
I just can't believe the luck Mom has some days... and that I'm lucky enough to be her daughter. The thought of how lucky Gak and I are just chokes me up. I know a good part of it is from the hormones, but I just can't believe how wonderfully things are working out. I feel like there really is a light at the end of this tunnel of uncertainty. I'd share a picture of the crib, but the email Mom sent me with it is on the other computer, and I'm not booting it up just to fetch a silly picture. You'll get to see it when I post a picture of the nursery when we get it all set up.
I'm really getting excited now.
Tuesday we're moving our bed into the other room, so our current room can officially become the nursery. It will take a little getting used to sleeping in the other room, but that's OK. That reminds me... I've got to get a new curtain rod for the new room so we can hang the curtains. Maybe if I time it right, I can get Gak and Andy to take care of it Tuesday evening...
Well, I'm off to take a short nap. It is gray and raining and just plain ick today. Warm, but ick. Although, it sounds like my neighbor boy is up and running about, so I may not get that much sleep. Oh well. They're moving soon. I think I'm actually going to miss Aidan running back and forth. That is until we start having all kinds of baby chaos around here.
Peace to all and may you all have wonderful finds in your life!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Classes, From Both Sides

All I have to say is, I'm tired.
It has been a looong week. These week long seminars take a lot out of you on a good day. When you're in your 3rd trimester and are tired to begin with... ugh. Luckily I was both able to wrap up this afternoon and they decided not to go to dinner. This means tomorrow I get to go in at my "normal" time and I got to come home and crash until it was time to pick up Gak from work.
Yesterday was our first "prepared childbirth" class. It was interesting. There are 7 other couples. I think one other couple is due later than we are, but not by much. Most are due early May. I also think we're either the oldest or second oldest couple. That's OK too. It was weird, but Gak and I touched more than most of the other couples. I'm not sure if it's that we're just that way with each other or they're just too self-conscious. Whatever, not the main point of this... I'm not 100% sure how useful it will be. It will definitely give some good information. Hopefully the breathing/relaxation techniques will be useful now and in the future. The biggest problem is, I don't breathe right to begin with. We did some "guided imagery" relaxation lying down. It would have worked wonderfully, except for the fact I wasn't breathing quite right and I kept getting hung up on that. We'll see. Like I said, I'm sure we'll get something out of the next 4 weeks. If only to give Gak a bit more of a feeling of being involved. He hasn't been able to make any of the appointments (and I haven't pressured him too either...) and I still have too much belly blubber for him to really feel Boo kicking and squirming about. (That and usually Boo starts acting up right after Gak leaves the room...) The one thing I took away from last night's class is a confirmation of just exactly how much of a team Gak and I really are and how connected we are and how strong our bond is. We're in for one hell of a roller coaster ride soon and I know we're going to survive just fine.
Well, I'm exhausted. I'm going to get ready for bed and crash.
Peace to all and may you have loved ones in your life.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Goodbye Gygax

I got some sad news today. Gary Gygax, creator of D&D, forfather of all modern RPGs, failed his saving throw. Gary has left this world for the next. Anyone who enjoys RPGs of any description, owes him a moment of thought at the least. Without him, there would have been no D&D. Without D&D, there wouldn't be any of the other "pen and paper" games. Without D&D, the MUDs, MUSHs, MOOs and MMORPGs computer gamers have come to know and love (and hate) over the last decade or so wouldn't exist. (I guess it's not all good... I mean, you can trace WoW back to Gygax.... hmm....)
Good luck and God speed Gary Gygax. The gaming world is deminished without your light.

In other news, my class this week is going well. We've got 9 people all told for the first half. It seems to be a good group and things are going well. They're learning a lot from eachother as well as from me.
Tomorrow Gak and I start our "prepared birthing" classes. I have no idea how useful they will be or if they're really worth it. Some people have told me they're a waste, others thing they're a good idea, even if I end up having to have a C. I guess we won't know until it's all been said and done. We will see.
Well, I'm tired and mostly just wanted to say something about Gygax's passing.
Peace to all and may your dice be good to you in this life and the next.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Review

This was a good weekend. Even though Gak had to work most of it.
First I want to publicly say THANK YOU to my swap partner from Crochetville. I actually got this package last week, but I didn't get the photos uploaded until the weekend. I decided to partake in the Kitchen Swap this year. It was quite a bit of fun. My partner made me some amazing things and seems to be happy with what I've sent her. I may just have to sign up for another of these some time there's a theme I'm interested in...
Friday night Gak and I thought about trying to go see Spiderwick Chronicles. We were supposed to go the Friday before, but it snowed an with everything else, it didn't happen. Well, we end up having dinner with Kat, Zoe and Scott at the dinner and by the time we wrap up there, neither one of us were awake enough to go to the movies. That's OK. I really want to see this one, but I'll probably just wait for it to be on DVD at this rate.
Saturday was a semi-lazy day for me. Gak had to be in to work by 2, so the morning was spent fiddling around the house. It took me forever to get the laundry done for some reason, and it wasn't crowded either. I wandered through the grocery store, but not very successfully. I was tired and just wanted to go home at that point. I did make some really yummy mac-n-cheese for dinner though, with plenty of leftovers for lunches. I actually spent most of the evening watching the NCIS marathon on USA. I think that's the most TV I've watched in a long time. I enjoy that show when I catch it.
Yesterday was a lot of fun. Mom came up. We worked on the surprise project for Boo most of the day. Well, we started out looking at patterns, and figuring things out, but then we had to run a few errands. Of course we had to go to JoAnn's and pick up some things I'd forgotten to get. We also had to drop something off with Gak at work. Since I didn't do such a good job going through the grocery store Saturday, we decided to go over to the Q-Mart and pick up something for dinner. Needless to say it took a lot longer at Frederick's than planned. But, we got some really good food for dinner. (Gak's always happy when I bring home beef...) The rest of the afternoon was spent giggling and sewing. The project isn't quite done, I hope to finish it this week and you'll see. But until then, I'm just going to leave you in suspense.
Yes, I can be evil.
This is going to be a looong week at work. It is my regional seminar and I have 9 people all told signed up, 2 for only half a week. Tonight I'm supposed to take them out to dinner. Oh, that reminds me, I've got to stop and pick up afternoon snacks on my way into the office! Anyhow, they don't start until 1 today, which is good because I've got a few things to clean up and get off my plate first. I just hope it goes well. I know there will be some tough questions that I may or may not have the answers to with regards to the new reporting format. Actually, I know that I won't have the answers about the reporting format. Oh well. It could always be worse.
Well, I'd best get a shower and get out the door. Ugh.
Peace to all and may you have good friends, good times and good things to keep you occupied.