Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy Busy!

Just a quickie today.
This is another busy baby week. Yesterday was a regularly scheduled prenatal appointment. All went well and because Gak closed yesterday, he was able to go. It was nice that he was able to go. I really do want him to be as involved as possible with this. I know he wants to be involved, but schedules stink. This morning we had another ultrasound. Boo is still a boy. He's measuring at about the 46th% for growth for 28 weeks. This means he's right on target for 28 weeks, or a little big for 26. Either way, I'm not sure it matters. It means that at the doctor's 40 weeks, he'll be at about the "right" size. (Of course, I just looked at the ticker and it says only 80 days! EEEK!!)
Tomorrow I have my 3-hour glucose test. I'm not overly worried about it, except for the fact the doctor this morning said Boo's belly is measuring a hair bigger than the rest of him, which could be an indication of glucose issues. The fluid levels look great though, which is also another indicator. So, as with everything, mixed readings. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you I "failed" the 1-hour test. The cutoff is 130, and well... my reading was 130. Normally my doctor would just do the 1-hour test again, but since I'm heavy to begin with... better safe than sorry. Oh well, it'll give me an excuse to crochet or play on the DS for about 3 hours.
Tomorrow night is also our 2nd baby class. Should be interesting.
Thursday through Saturday I'll be in Minnesota. This is my last flight for a while. It is both good and sad at the same time.
Well, some people are getting ready to head out to lunch and I'm going to join them. I've got a funny/sad story from Sunday to post, but I need some pictures.
Peace to all and may you be pleasantly busy.

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