Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving Day?

Well, I'm done being a human pin-cushion for now. Four blood draws over the course of three hours. Let me tell you, the orange Glucola is WAY worse than the lemon-lime. *shudder* (I really don't like orange drink to begin with... orange juice is one thing, but orange koolaid or the like, blech!) I managed to keep it down. I did feel a little dizzy and woozy there for a while with that much pure sugar going into my fasting system. By the end of the three hours, I was just HUNGRY. I hadn't eaten anything since dinner last night. Ugh. My first stop on my way to work was the Wawa to pick up a sandwich or something.
A good portion of my day at work was spent moving back down stairs to my old cubicle. It is nice to be back in this cube. It's a good location and not quite so deathly quiet (actually, downright raucous at times) as upstairs. That and I don't have to go down the stairs every time I need to pee. (And trust me, that's a lot these days...)
Part of this is because I requested to move. (Remember that post about what not to say to coworkers....) Part of it is because at least "short term" they've figured out what to do with training. I put short term in quotes because, knowing this place, it really means long term. Anyhow, I'm moving back into the service group. (I've already been assigned work, but my former, current?, boss is breaking me back in slowly...) Training is being absorbed by the service group. I will continue to update manuals, coordinate training and do the local stuff. The rest of the service guys will be helping out with the travel. I actually think this is a good idea, since that way no one person has to get burned out like I did with the travel. Training is also good for the guys as it really, truly, gives them a picture of what the customers need, want and think.
I'm glad there's at least some kind of light, hazy as it may be, at the end of this tunnel called job insecurity...
Anyhow, I've got to get going. Just thought I'd update on the glucose and job situations. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I'll have the latest ultrasound pictures scanned and ready to post. Tomorrow I leave for Minnesota. It'll be cold but hopefully good.
Oh, the bed didn't get moved last night. Zoe was still sick and Kat decided bringing her over and getting me potentially sick with a stomach bug would not be a good idea. We're scheduled for next Tuesday.
Peace to all and may things fall into place like they should.

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