Saturday, March 08, 2008


My mom has been a godsend. Again. Or maybe it is still.
I told you she wants to pay for Boo's nursery furniture. Well... I think my mom was just handed the deal of the century.
One of her customers was in earlier this week to get a small repair job done. She brought her little boy with her, he's 2 or so. Well, of course Mom and her got to talking about the fact that Mom is going to be a Gramma soon. When the customer came back, she offered to sell Mom her son's crib for.... get this... $75! What's amazing is the fact that this is normally a $450-500 crib new! (And that's for just the crib, add another $50-100 or more for a mattress!) This is high quality furniture, that even with Mom's mini-windfall paying for things I wasn't even going to think about looking at. And she's offered a lot of other nursery and baby stuff as well. Mom's going to talk to her today to see what all she has and what she wants. I guess now, we'll definitely be able to afford a really nice rocker or glider instead of one that "will do".
I just can't believe the luck Mom has some days... and that I'm lucky enough to be her daughter. The thought of how lucky Gak and I are just chokes me up. I know a good part of it is from the hormones, but I just can't believe how wonderfully things are working out. I feel like there really is a light at the end of this tunnel of uncertainty. I'd share a picture of the crib, but the email Mom sent me with it is on the other computer, and I'm not booting it up just to fetch a silly picture. You'll get to see it when I post a picture of the nursery when we get it all set up.
I'm really getting excited now.
Tuesday we're moving our bed into the other room, so our current room can officially become the nursery. It will take a little getting used to sleeping in the other room, but that's OK. That reminds me... I've got to get a new curtain rod for the new room so we can hang the curtains. Maybe if I time it right, I can get Gak and Andy to take care of it Tuesday evening...
Well, I'm off to take a short nap. It is gray and raining and just plain ick today. Warm, but ick. Although, it sounds like my neighbor boy is up and running about, so I may not get that much sleep. Oh well. They're moving soon. I think I'm actually going to miss Aidan running back and forth. That is until we start having all kinds of baby chaos around here.
Peace to all and may you all have wonderful finds in your life!

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