Saturday, March 22, 2008

What Goes Around, Comes Around?

Well, it's been an interesting few days.
I spent most of yesterday fighting off a cold. Actually, I'm still fighting it, but feeling better, I just can't breathe right yet. (In reality, I started fighting this stupid thing Wednesday, but yesterday I was able to just wallow in it and not do much... No, I haven't taken anything for it, what I'm allowed to take doesn't do much for me on a good day...)
Gak had to work, of course. He was not looking forward to going in. Thursday, right after he clocked out, Tallon decided to rip him a new one, again, and this time in writing. The biggest complaint that Tallon had was that he delegated too much to the GAs (I thought that's what they were there for?) and that he didn't double check that they alphabetized the walls right... oh, yeah, and that he didn't dust behind the registers. Ok, so maybe he "gave" too much work to the GAs on occasion. But come on, most of the laundry list of "offenses" weren't anything worth writing up, alone or as a group. (Gak and I are both of the opinion that this was Tallon's way of getting back at Gak because Gak found an error in the books that was Tallon's fault and pointed it out to Tallon.)
Well, Gak left a bit early for work yesterday so he could get the mail. He ended up having lunch with Mike. Mike was complaining that none of the applicants he's received to replace the girl who replaced Gak back in September. (She suddenly moved out of state a few weeks back...) Gak was complaining about his job. Mike agrees with Gak and I that the store manager is full of bull. Mike actually offered Gak his old job back with a guaranteed (and with Mike it is) 30 hours a week and only a little less money an hour. Gak couldn't turn it down. He'd been promised 40 hours a week with GameStop, but hasn't seen it in months now. Also, with Mike he'll have a set schedule and we'll always get Saturday afternoon and Sunday together. Those make any small loss in pay worth it in my book. Sure, it would be nice to have the same, or more, money coming in, but right now a stable schedule is looking very nice.
This means we actually know how much day care we need to look for. With this schedule, we'll need 4 days a week. If we could actually afford a second car, we would only need 4 half-days, since Gak doesn't need to be in until 1:30 (I think...). But, now we know what we're looking for and can talk to a couple of places and get some prices. (I'm really not looking forward to that. I'm still trying to figure out where that money is going to come from. Probably the Yarn and Warhammer budgets. Oh well, I've got a bit of stash to work though...)
Gak gave his two weeks notice yesterday to Tallon. Today Tallon actually apologized. It doesn't mean anything, Gak's still going to work for Mike. Mike may be a hard-ass at times, but almost always about things that he needs to be, not just random. (I blame a lot of the issues with Tallon on the fact that he's young and just doesn't have the experience to know what's what and still takes everything personally when flaws are pointed out...)
So, it looks like both Gak and I are starting "new" jobs soon. I'm already trying to figure out exactly what my new job is and how everything fits together. Gak's got it much easier. He'll fit in almost right away, just a few things to remember. (He's been filling in from time to time since "leaving" in September...) I hope this truly is the best move for the family that we think it is. Even if it only keeps Gak from being cranky and pissy when he gets home from work, it may just be worth it.
Well, I've got to run to the grocery store before I pick up Gak from work. (I will not miss these late closing nights... the UPS store closes at 6:30.)
Peace to all and may there be good things in your life.

P.S. Happy Spring! (a little late...)

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