Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday! (and pictures...)

First off, I want to totally embarrass my Mom by telling her Happy 60th Birthday! in front of the entire world. (Aren't I an evil daughter?) I can't believe my mom is that old. She doesn't look or act that old.
This is the newest picture I have of her. It was from our wedding almost 3 years ago now. (That in and of itself is a weird thought...) It's not a great picture of her, but it's the best of the recent ones. (No, I have no idea what that look on her face is for, I'm not sure if she was about to cry or laugh... or both...)

I also have a few other images to share today as well. (I'm bound and determined to have one post this month that doesn't deal almost exclusively with work or Boo...)

This is a bit of a sad picture. It's just a little snapshot of my last two plane tickets as a non-momma. I took this sitting and waiting for my flight in Minnesota. This was my last trip for work for a long time. Like I have said before, I'll miss it, but I am so looking forward to the new adventures my life will bring.

While we were waiting for the plane, Angel decided to steal my Chai and get some "work" done on my phone. It was just too cute to resist taking her picture. Of course, I did pay for letting her have that much sugar and tea first thing in the morning as she didn't sit still either flight. It was OK though. She's fun to travel with. Too bad this was her first and last trip for a while. She would have enjoyed some of it and Sam would have enjoyed sending someone else in his place.

I do have to mention Boo at least once in this post. I got a call from Gak yesterday when he was at the UPS store picking up a shift for Mike. He'd gotten our mail and my brother sent his nephew a package. It was addressed to Boo (care of Mom and Dad). That was a laugh by itself. In true Jon fashion though, the only thing that was in the package was a stuffed penicillin. Yes, that's right. My brother bought penicillin for his nephew. He told me he'd been looking for a stuffed toy for Boo, but didn't want anything cutsie and figured Gak and I would appreciate it. We do. I think it's great. (But then again, my degree is in biology, so I'm a bit of a geek to begin with...) I'd seen these Giant Microbes before, but could never decide which one to get. Now Boo has his very own!

Well, I'm going to wrap it up here. I just wanted to finally share some pictures and announce to the world how happy I am to celebrate my mom's birthday. I love her very much and am so very glad we're as close as we are.

Peace to all and may you have fun things in your life!


abilee30 said...

The stuffie is full of AWESOME and win! Jon gets an A+ for toy selection...

Flauta Mom said...

I agree, Jon deserves "2 thumbs up" for the toy. Also, Claudia would like to know where to send her soon-to-be-born cousin a gift, since she doesn't have the new addy. She would send a Zoe, but she hasn't seen one lately ;)

Addey said...

Big Zoe still is around and often wonders where Little Zoe got to. Boo is going to have all kinds of fun toys in his life, I can see it now.... (Of course, with parents like us...)
Oh, Gak has already named the Penicillin... his name is Penny.