Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Odds and Ends

Just a bit of this and that this afternoon.
Baby class is interesting. I'm not sure how useful it will really be, especially with my breathing issues. Some of these are tough for me and the way my lungs don't work. It's not so much the pattern or the rhythm, it's the getting enough air and feeling like there's a small elephant on my chest. Hopefully I'll get this all figured out in the next 10 weeks (eek!). Of course, we still have no idea if we'll end up with a C-section or not, or if Boo will be here May 30th or later. Unless there's a medical emergency, I don't really want him early, as I think may 30th is early to begin with. I'm guessing the next 10 weeks will be a lot of "wait and see". Oh well.
In other baby news, I passed my 3-hour glucose test. I called for my results yesterday. According to the nurse, all my readings were "normal", whatever that means. I didn't get the numbers or if they were close to the cutoff, but I don't really care. Just so long as everything came back OK, I'm happy. I'm still trying to pay better attention to what I eat. I've been trying to this whole pregnancy, but I have some better days than others. I'm trying to have more better days than worse days. Hopefully tomorrow morning Gak and I will get the crib together. First we have to get it into the house. We haven't because the last several nights have been late. It shouldn't be too hard, but it will be nice to have it set up. Maybe Sunday if IKEA is open, we'll head down there and look at a few things. We will see. (Gak was supposed to have tomorrow off, but had the opportunity to pick up more hours and still have Sunday off... he went for more hours and I don't blame him.)
Work seems to be slowly sorting itself out. Next week is looking crazy. I've got one guy coming in from KC to do training. I've been asked to invite the new projects leader and new business leader as well. That's a little intimidating. I've got a bajilion things assigned to me for service. I'm trying to coordinate a few training sessions, and it's not going well, due to availability and having to go through someone to know people's availability. I've got someone coming up from VA (actually, he's here for other reasons...) who is going to try and help me do some stuff for the June regional (that I won't be teaching...). I've also got a process audit to do and a training quote I don't want to do as well. Like I said, it's a little crazy right this moment.
Well, with all the craziness, I'd best get back to work.
Peace to all and may work not be crazy and life treat you well.

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