Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow! Another post already! This one I've been working on since Sunday.

The title says it all. Actually, I was hoping to add a few more things to the "done" list, but I'm actually quite impressed.

On a non-craft note, Gak and I got Addey up to level 80 Tuesday night instead of having the bed moved. We'd tried to do this on Sunday, but just couldn't quite get there with some of the groups we ended up in. I'm not sure weather to be happy or sad about that event. I mean, sure, it's neat to "finish"... but... I liked the challenge of getting there. Don't worry, there is still tons of stuff to keep me occupied. I'm just done accumulating levels for the moment, not having fun.

On to the craft side. Saturday was quite productive for me really. I finished up the sweater I'd been working on for Boo. I know, he's a late spring baby, but I have the time (and the stash) now, so I made this sweater in the 12 month size. The pattern wasn't too bad, again if you have a clue of how things should look. It's a beginner pattern, if they'd clean up a few cloudy instructions in a few places. It was a freebie download from Lion Brand. I will tell you this... as nice as the microspun feels and looks, I may or may not use it again. It is so soft it just kinda falls apart.

The real tragedy was Sunday. I was trying to finish up the project that mom and I started. I was almost done too, only one more seam. Then disaster struck.

This is the pin that cause the problem.

I mean, how many times do you run over pins while sewing and nothing happens? Oh well... I'll get it fixed after I get back from Minnesota.

Well, Ed just got here to take me to the airport, guess I'd better finish this up and get moving.

Peace to all and have a good week.


Chelsea said...

Despite the effects on your machine, the bent-up pin looks almost like a (tiny) piece of art.

Addey said...

Actually... I was looking at it again and the geek in me realized that if I turned it sideways, it would be the square root symbol... *grin*