Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Snow!

Yep.  We got more snow yesterday.  I do have a couple of pictures from outside our living room window, but they're still on the camera.  According to the National Weather Service we got just about 21".  I think that's the biggest snow I've seen around here in several years.
Anyhow, Tuesday morning when I got into work I came in to an email from the business manager saying that we could leave around 4 if we needed to and that if we could work from home and we thought it would be a safety issue to come into the office, take your computer home and do so.  So, gladly I did.  I was planning on doing that anyhow.  Gak didn't go into work as his boss didn't even open the store yesterday.  Today is still up in the air.
This morning I'm going to continue to work from home for a bit and then call the doctor.  Boo's had a very soupy cough since Sunday or so and it's not getting any better.  I normally don't take him in for these things, but he was very unhappy about it yesterday.  He's been sleeping through the night the last night or two though, but he wakes up sounding horrible.  Anyhow, with all the bugs going around, I'd rather be safe than sorry at this point.  One of the little guys in his class went to the ER with RSV the other evening.  So, just to rule out anything we'll take him in.
So, I'd better go hop in the shower and get to work.
Peace to all and may those blanketed with snow be able to dig out before spring.

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