Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturdays are Fun Days (and Snow Again...)

Well, we survived another snow storm, making 3 in 3 weeks.  I really don't mind snow, I actually like the way snow makes everything look and it's fun to play in too.  I just wish it had been spread out through the entire winter, not just the last 6 weeks of it.  I mean, we've had 4 major snow storms this winter, one in December and 3 in February.  What happened to January?  What about the beginning of December?  Oh well.
This one, in some ways was a non event.  I say that because just about everything we got, is gone now.  That's not to say it wasn't inconvenient and a pain.  Thursday it started snowing sometime between 3 and 6 am.  (I know this because it wasn't snowing when Gak got up at 3 to pee, but it was snowing by the time I got up at 6.  It wasn't too bad and it wasn't sticking to the roads.  Gak talks to his boss and his boss says if you want to open, by all means!  So, we get Boo dressed and all head out the door.  I thought I might be home by noon, but it still wasn't sticking to the roads or the cars.  I did knock off a little early to pick up Boo, just because I didn't want to be the one responsible for keeping the ladies late.  We came home and played for a bit before picking up Gak about 45 minutes early because they were only getting the one pickup that day.  By the time we picked him up, it had started to stick on the roads a bit.  I was also feeling lazy and didn't want to cook.  So, after stopping at the bank, we go to the diner for dinner.  It was only 6:00, but the place was deserted!  The snow was beginning to stick very well by now.  So, we had dinner and came home.
Friday I looked out the window at 5am and saw about 6-8" of white on the roads and it coming down sideways and decided to work from home.  Well, it turns out I could have made it in and made it back.  The snow pretty much knocked off by mid afternoon.  Gak did have to go in to work and worked until close.  When we'd called the day care in the morning, there weren't any other kids there, so we decided I was just going to take personal time in the afternoon.  Well, other kids did show up, but I still took the time.  (I wasn't being overly useful anyhow.... and I really just wanted to play with my boy anyhow.)  It was a nice afternoon playing with my boy, and watching the US total Finland in hockey.  Actually, most of the action was in the 1st period.
But, today was a really fun day too.  You see, Abi is in town for a couple of days.  Her schedule is kinda tight with doctors appointments for her mom and all kinds of family things, so this morning/early afternoon was the only time our schedules matched.  Unfortunately, Gak had to work.  But, Boo and I headed down to my mom's to meet up with Abi.  You see, her house is mid way between where her parents live now and where I live.  Her dad didn't want her driving all the way up here.  Unfortunately, Mom was at the shop.  But, we had a nice visit any how.  We hung out for a good 3 hours just catching up and playing with the boy.  Boo really warmed up to her quite quickly.  He is a good judge of character after all.  (Although, some days I'm not so sure what that means about Joan... she's the only one he ever really screams for when picked up.... sorry Joan!)  After leaving Amma's house, Boo promptly crashes.  I was going to stop at Microcenter and pick up a new fan for my computer, since that's what seems to be not quite right, but when I got there he was sound asleep.  So, I just kept going.
After Gak got done work we ended up going to Red Robin to eat.  Gak had eaten early and Abi and I were so busy chatting, we didn't bother to eat.  (Boo had some peanut butter crackers and some crasins, but that was about it...)  It was very yummy and I ate too much.  But, considering it was 2 meals in 1, I don't feel so bad.
Anyhow, that was my fun day.  Tomorrow is chore day.  I've got to do the laundry and the grocery shopping (and go to Target and get diapers...) and hopefully Gak will get a chance to clean the bathroom and make a swipe at the floors.  Yay...
Oh, and I'm not 100% sure which fan is making the noise in my computer.  I keep tossing up between the big honking fan that's part of the CPU/case heat sink system or the fan that's part of the power supply.  I can't get to either very easily (as in, they're hidden and I can't figure out how to get the assemblies apart...) and even though they're not right next to each other, I can't pin down where the vibration is coming from.  Of course, the two things that aren't in my computer's book is how to replace either the cooling system or the power supply. *sigh*  The slightly newer ones at work it looks real easy to get to the heat sink/fan for the case and CPU, but this is just a hair older and a different model.  There aren't any obvious blue tabs/latches to try.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure something out... either that or I'll bake the new hard drive, which I really don't want to do.

Anyhow, I'm off to go adventure in Norrath a bit before I crash.  Peace to all and may your weekends be fun.

P.S. Of course I forgot my camera and there are no pictures....

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