Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Terrible Twos or Just Exhausted?

Well, it's March.  It's looking like weather-wise it just might come in like a lamb.  I just hope that doesn't mean that April is going to come in like a lion....
It also looks like our son is going to head towards his second birthday like a lion.  I miss my little lamb.  Over the past week or two we've started going through the real tantrums.  I swear, I have no idea what will set this boy off.  He's still very good when we go out (at least 90% of the time...).  But, when we're home watch out!  It's almost like watching someone be a rapid cycling bipolar.  One moment he's happy giggle boy and the next moment, he'll half trip over something or just randomly melt down into screaming unhappy boy.  Of course, he forgets his words at this point and doesn't actually tell you what's wrong.  (Or, just as mind bogglingly he'll ask for milk, you take his cup to go get said milk, and tell him, and he'll melt down... huh? )  Last night I was trying to straighten up the living room a bit (a never ending task... with a toddler) and I dared to fold his sleeping bag in half and neaten it up.  He'd been happily playing at the other end of the room, stops, runs over, picks up the corner of the bag and starts screaming at the top of his lungs like I'd just killed his best friend.  So I ask him what's wrong?  I put it back.  Nothing works.  So, I figure removing him from the situation is the only thing that's going to work... so I plop him in his crib for a few moments.  (I can also tell that he didn't get a full nap at day care and is rapidly approaching mind-numbingly tired...)  He quiets down in about 2 minutes (while I put the corner back the way I want it, making sure the dragon is on top of the bag...).  When I go in to get him, he starts screaming at me again.  I guess I should have just let him lie and fall asleep... even though I didn't want him to nap at 5:45!  So, yeah, it was a rough evening.  At least he usually (about 75-80% of the time) only gets this way when he's tired.  And he's usually pretty beat by the end of the day.  I think it is both that he doesn't get a full nap at day care (thank's little Miss. C... screamer that you are...) as well as the fact that he's going through such a physical and developmental growth spurt right now.  There's just so much for his body to do and grow and catch up with that he's just plumb tired!
Anyhow, I'm off to work.  Tonight is my first water aerobics class and I'm really looking forward to it.  I do have another rant, but it'll have to wait.

Peace to all and may your kiddos be happy ones!


Flauta Mom said...

Want me to send you my copy of Happiest Toddler in the Block? It is a very useful book, plus it helps put things in the little one's eyes, which helps a lot.

Let me know


Addey said...

I keep thinking I should check that one out of the library or something. Happiest baby was good, if only confirming why what worked worked. (Of course, Boo was a very easy baby compared to most...)