Friday, March 26, 2010


First things first, Happy Birthday Mom!! (a day late on the blog, but I did call her yesterday, twice even... well, Boo called her the second time...)  She says she's not upset at being this age, but thinks she'll just keep repeating the next two years or so indefinitely.  I can't say as I blame her.

So, yesterday morning I took a few hours personal time and headed over to the laundromat.  It took me about $45 in quarters to wash and dry everything that I had.  I think it translated into about 13 "regular" loads of laundry.  Talk about a lot of cloth!  And that's not even everything that Gak and I own.  After checking the dressers and closets, we decided that everything in there was safe.  We washed everything that was out of the closets and dressers, that is everything that was in the hamper, on the floor or on the bed or on the bookcase in the bedroom.  I did have to wash almost all of last week's laundry again because it hadn't been put away yet (one of my chronic problems...).  We've sequestered our clothes from yesterday and will do them separately next time I do wash, which will have to be some time this weekend so Boo will have some clothes for next week.  In this "in-between" weather we've been having, he's got plenty of shirts, but it's not warm enough for shorts yet and he only has so many pairs of pants...
Anyhow, I also super bleached the bed frame last night.  I figure between the bug spray we used Wednesday night and leaving a very strong bleach solution to evaporate over night, that if there's anything still living, I don't want to know about it.  I figure the bug spray probably wouldn't kill any eggs that were still around as they seem to be notoriously hard to kill, but soaking them in bleach solution should hopefully do the trick.  (At least I've got my fingers and toes crossed... we don't see anything left, but you never know.  I won't be totally over this until about 6 months from now and no new bugs.)
I also picked up a new mattress pad (which is good, because the old one was getting pretty icky and stained from Gak's frequent nighttime nosebleeds.)  I also picked up a new set of sheets.  They're a nice dark green, navy and white.  They should actually fit right now, unlike my current two sets.  I've got one set of king sized waterbed sheets that are too big, but tuck in, a set of "regular" queen sheets that work unless you just flop into bed and then the pop off and now a set of queen sized sheets that have the poles for the corners and will actually fit.

Anyhow, I'm calling today Limbo Day at work.  This is the day that the deal for the acquisition is supposed to close.  Of course, we don't have a meeting with the new management and transition team until Monday afternoon.  So, I guess today I'm still Big Corporate and Monday hopefully someone will tell me how to answer the phone.  This should be exciting!

Peace to all and may your spring cleaning be easy and your laundry loads small.

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