Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday Meetings

OK.  I haven't been neglecting this space on purpose.  I actually have some pretty interesting news, but I couldn't share it until yesterday.  And then I just didn't feel like writing when I got a boy in bed and the oatmeal cookie batter mixed up.  (We're having an Irish pot luck at work tomorrow and I'm finally getting around to making my oatmeal cookies... mmm....)

Anyhow, I'll start with the exciting information first.  On Friday, at about 1:30 we all get a "mandatory business update" meeting request for 2:00.  That, right there doesn't give me many warm and fuzzy feelings.  Mandatory meeting, scheduled at the last moment and on a Friday afternoon?  Hmm....
Mind you, there have been all kinds of rumors floating around and getting some people around here on edge.  Me, I blew most of them off as the same old garbage we'd been hearing for the last several years.  Although, it was a little odd to start hearing more of them again, most of them had died down.
So, I head into the meeting confused and a little worried.  Well, I was right in a way, it was a big meeting.  You see, Big Corporate has decided to sell my business and another part of the business to New Corporate.  Now, New Corporate has a huge presence in the power/fossil fuel industry.  They already have an environmental group.We've actually worked with them as a direct customer at least once before.  They're based out of Ohio.
So, right now it's kind of like when you're buying a house.  The sale is under contract, but it doesn't close until the end of the month (next Friday).  Therefore, there are certain rules and laws in place as to what, exactly, we can ask or information we can get from our soon-to-be owner.  It really kind of stinks because there are a lot of questions it would be nice to have answered.  I mean day to day operating questions, like the most basic... how do I answer the phone on Monday the 29th?  What about our computers/other resources?  Not to mention the "big" ones like the benefits packages and pay and things like that.  In all reality, I'm less worried about those things.  Those things don't directly affect my day to day work life, where not having somewhere to record customer calls or an email address or even a computer to work on does affect my daily life and our customers.  (And without customers, I wouldn't have a job now would I?)

In the long run I think this will be a very good thing.  Overall I've enjoyed working for Big Corporate.  I'm looking forward to working for New Corporate though.  I think this is the kind of shake up and "new blood" and new direction that is so sorely needed in this business.  We've gotten quite stagnant across the board around here (not just me and my lack of focus... that's both a symptom and a cause...).  And when our GM, a guy who's had 2 employers since high school, (the Air Force and then Big Corporate) is "cautiously optimistic" about the whole deal, well, that says a lot right there.  And no, he's not the kind to blow smoke up your butt to make you feel better.  He's known that something was in the works since the fall some time (or so I've been told) so he's had plenty of time to bail if he wanted to.  He's definitely in this business to win, and I am hopeful we will get there from here.  There is a lot of positive energy in the building with regards to this.  I'm about 80% sure that not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's not a train.

Anyhow, I've got to wrap up and get going.  I've got swimming tonight and I've got a lot to get done before then.  I'll try and update with all the other fun things going on tomorrow.

Peace to all and may the news be good.

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