Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Quandries

Well, this has been an interesting weekend.  Somewhat frustrating, somewhat fun and too short in general.

First, let me get my whining out of the way.  I want my bed back and my bedroom back!! *waaaaaa*
Ok, I'm better for the moment.  Maybe.

So, Saturday was a day that was just slightly off most of the day.  We had substitute teachers at swimming in the morning.  Very nice girls, but you couldn't hear a word they said and they raced through the "normal" stuff and just mostly gave us play time for just about half of our half-hour long class. *sigh*  Boo and I had fun and he's really enjoying the pool time (as am I), but I really enjoy the activities.  Then I gave him the option of going home or going to visit Zoe at bowling, and he chose Zoe.  So, off we go and watch Zoe bowl about a game and a half and Kat bowl a couple of games as a coach for the one team.  Boo made a friend and wandered off to color with a little girl Zoe had been coloring with a bit.  She didn't mind and Boo was on his best behavior.  It made me happy to watch.  He really does get along with the older kids well.  He spends most of his time at day care with the preschoolers these days anyhow.  He eats lunch with them, naps with them and then plays with them until about 4 or 4:30 and then heads down to the baby room until I get there.  He does just fine playing with the bigger kids.
After bowling we went to lunch and, as usual, Boo didn't quite follow his routine.  He downed his apple sauce, but wouldn't touch his grilled cheese but did eat a few of my fries, which isn't normal.  After lunch we went home and he napped for most of the next 3 hours (he played in his crib for about 20-30 minutes before falling asleep). This gave me the opportunity to try and clean the back bedroom.  I rounded up two more trash bags of laundry and got rid of about 2 bags of trash.  I gave up at that point as it was getting cold in that room (I had the windows open) and frustrated and tired.  I then put together the new spring wreath for the door and even managed to play some EQII before picking Gak up.  The rest of the day was groceries, dinner and general hanging around the house.

Sunday, I managed to go run in the woods again.  The park isn't too far from work, so I figured it was "close enough" that I wouldn't miss the whole day.
You see, I have such a quandry when it comes to orienteering.  The biggest issue is the fact that it's on Sundays.  Sundays are the only day that all three of us have off at the same time.  Sunday is also one of only two days a week that I get to spend more than an hour or two of awake time with my son.  I feel so terribly guilty for going out and spending a few hours in the woods instead of spending every waking moment that I can with my son and my husband on these days.  The orienteering is good for me.  I always feel so much better after doing it and I get over an hour's worth of good exercise (especially with all the hills around here!) and don't even realize I'm getting it.
But... Gak is so totally not an outdoors kind of guy.  He'll put up with it for my sake, but yesterday was so cold that I couldn't imagine asking him and Boo to hang around while I spent an hour or so on the trails (1:11:13 for 3.1 km and 75 m climb).  I don't have a backpack to carry Boo in, and I'm not sure how well that would work anyhow.  I'm sure I'd be able to continue to do the shorter courses, but I really want to get back into the Oranges and maybe even try my hand at a Brown or a Green if I get daring enough.  I know I couldn't take Boo with me on an Orange, there's too much off trail and  I have a hard enough time not knocking off my own head or getting myself too scratched up with prickers and the like.  I wouldn't have to outfit Boo with a helmet and safety glasses, and I'd still probably get questions from the day care ladies.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll come to some balance, I always do.

**Note, I started this Monday afternoon at the end of work**

Well, on another tangent, the deal didn't close Friday, so we're still in limbo.  The deal is supposed to close on Thursday.  But, we had people in from New Corporate yesterday as well as a few from Big Corporate and we ended up in a 3+ hour meeting.  I was about ready to strangle the sales team (who were dialed in remotely) about 20 minutes into the deal, but that's our sales team for you (and probably the most expendable group we've got.... and they should have probably kept that in mind...).  Anyhow, I still feel pretty good about this whole thing.  They're not looking to move us and it sounds like they've put a lot of thought into the transition and are looking for our input in what we need and direction as well.  So, maybe Monday I'll be part of New Corporate, but like it was said several times yesterday, it's business as usual, and should be for quite some time.  The best part was the fact that we finally got our steak dinner as promised by the segment leader a year ago for getting the work order count down.  It's slipped up quite a bit, but we're on our way back down again.  Of course, our business leader last night promised us another dinner when we break the 50 barrier.  We should be able to do that.  It'll take some hard work and as few problems as possible moving systems, but we'll get there.

Peace to all and may your quandaries be small, your lives in order and your futures look bright.

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