Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health and Stuff

Well, this week continues on.  I'm trying not to drip all over the place.  My nose decided first to clog up to no end and then today decided to run constantly.  I look like Rudolph.  Oh well.
In other sundry health news, I'm now officially 3 pounds below my pre-Boo weight.  Which had been my highest weight prior to pregnancy.  This time I am pretty sure I'm going to stay below that mark.  I'm happy about that.  I'm pretty happy with my body and everything, but I know from a health stand point, I should loose at least a little more weight.  It will happen.  (Although, some days I really wonder... my blood sugar has tested fine, even when pregnant, my cholesterol is nice and low and so is my blood pressure.  Sure, I can't breathe right, but I couldn't as a skini-mini pre puberty either...)
Boo is happily sleeping in his crib next to the big boy bed.  He loves to play on the big boy bed and got mad at me tonight because I dared to lay down on his pillow.  (But, it's my pillow case from ages ago now...)  I'm really not going to push this transition.  It'll happen when it happens.  There's no real reason to push it.
As for my sleeping.  I canceled the sleep study that was supposed to happen Sunday.  I'm kinda glad I did, as that's when my sinus issues were really beginning to be problematic.  I've also been sleeping a bit better recently. I've stopped the meletonin.  Not because it wasn't working, but because of a few things I read.  Like the fact that the pills are substantially more (like 10x) more than your body normally produces.  And that in a blind study, the plecibo  worked just as well.  I wouldn't say it was making things perfect, but I did sleep sounder and wake up less often.  So, overall I'm feeling better.  I got the number of two places from my old doctor last week, but I have yet to call.  I really must do that this week.  This isn't "cured" by any stretch of the imagination, it's just in a better phase than average for me.
That is if we don't get snowed in up to our eyeballs again.  I really don't think they have any clue at all about this storm.  We shall see.  I don't want another 10 or more inches of snow.  I really don't want any more snow.  I mean, it's almost March for crying out loud!  I want it to warm up to where it should be and for the sun to come out so I can take Boo to the playground after work some days.
Oh well, each season will turn in it's own time.
Well, I'm off to go adventuring for a bit.
Peace to all and may your sleep and health be good and the weather cooperative.

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