Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Belated Letter

Well, I'm sure many of my readers know that usually every January I send out letters.  I don't do Christmas cards, but New Year's cards/letters.  This year it's just not going to happen.  I got the letter written a week or so ago, but I normally try and get it in the mail by the 15th, and here it is the 27th.  So, not gonna happen this year.  But, it would seem a shame to waste such an exercise in summing up the year in one page, so I figure I might as well just post it here.  There are a few people I owe letters to, as well as updated Boo pictures, so some fortunate few may still be getting mail from this family sooner or later.  (That and I figured my loyal reader could use something new to look at and I should try and improve over my once a week posting of the past few weeks...)

We hope this letter finds everyone in good health and good spirits as we begin not only a new year, but also a new decade.
This past year has been a mixed bag for the Brady family.  Overall it was a good year, but, as with most people, there were some big grey clouds looming on the horizon.
The best parts of this past year all involve watching Boo grow and learn so many new things.  In April he learned how to sit up on his own and by the end of May he was cruising around on whatever furniture he could get his hands on.  His Nana came out to visit in time for his first birthday, on June 1st, and the wonderful party we had for family and friends at Quakertown Memorial Park.
At the end of September the three Bradys and Amma, Boo's name for Addey’s mom, headed down to Bobbie’s beach house for a short week.  The newly walking Boo thought that sand is just fine for playing, but not so much for walking, and the waves could be fun too.  Addey and Gak made a little time to celebrate Gak’s birthday with a nice dinner and a moonlit walk on the beach.  It was very nice to get down to Delaware again and catch up with Bobbie and Jay, not to mention Addey got her fill of Grotto’s pizza.
The end of the year wrapped up with the normal holiday celebrations including a small gathering at for Addey’s birthday the week after Thanksgiving.  Christmas and Hanukkah were very small celebrations this year, as Jon and Becca stayed in California due to Jon’s recent layoff, and the Bradys couldn’t afford to go to Oklahoma.  It was hard to get into the spirit of things with the family so spread apart.  Our family may be small, but we love them.
Addey has changed jobs a bit.  She’s still with the same company, but no longer training manager, but back in customer support.  This means little to no travel any more.  Gak is still working at the UPS store, which is good in the fact that it allows him to spend the mornings with Boo, who is learning new things every day and continues to amaze his parents regularly.
Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2010.

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