Friday, January 08, 2010

Low Key Week

Well, another week has gone by.  I must admit, reporting month has gotten off to a fairly good start, one of the best in a while.  Now if only I can actually close some of the tickets that are waiting for the customers to say "yep, that worked!".
Anyhow, not much is happening in this little corner of the world.  Other than the fun of getting together for football Monday, not much has been going on.  It really has been a week of work, home, sleep (or try) and repeat.
Boo continues to amaze me though.  His vocabulary is growing at an exponential rate it seems.  We're up to well over 50 words that he can say (not that he does all the time..) and that's not counting the random letter or number he'll throw out there.  No, he can't say his ABC or count  to 10 yet, but then again, I really haven't tried to "teach" him these things, at least not directly.  I mean, I count things all the time and do the ABC song some days and expose him to letters and numbers all the time with his new magnets and foam bath toys.  He'll get there, I'm so not worried.  (Can you tell I'm not one of those flash-card wielding, my kid must read by age 2, teach them 3 languages I don't even know kind of moms?  I've ran into a few of them and they scare me.)
I really need to get the video I shot Christmas morning off the camera and edited into something presentable.  I mean, I've just got one of those little digital video recorders and my brother has all the skills when it comes to editing video, but I've got a few minutes of cuteness to share.  I hate shooting video though, it totally removes you from the event.  I mean, taking pictures is bad enough some days, but when you're shooting video I feel like I miss out on being involved with the whole thing.  That's probably the biggest reason I don't use the video camera as much as I thought I would.  Thankfully I didn't pay a whole lot for it, and I do enjoy using it from time to time.

On another note, my work is doing another "Biggest Looser" contest, and yes, I signed up.  More for accountability than the hopes of actually winning the thing.  It goes by % of starting weight lost.  My goal for April is 10-15 lb.  If others perform like they did last time, I'll be in the running, but won't win.  Which is a shame, the pot is at $140 to start and will probably get a bit bigger by the end.  I know Gak says I don't need to loose the weight, but I say I do.  I had made it down to my pre-Boo weight by last December, but by the time he weaned back in August, I was back up about 15 pounds or so.  Sure, I'd love to get back to my high school senior year weight.  That'll never happen.  I really want to drop a couple of pants sizes and get in better shape over all.  Not sure how that's going to happen with no money and no easy way to get the time without Boo before he goes to bed... and I'm way to tired to even think about doing something physical at 8pm.  It can be done, it must be done.

Well, I'm beginning to totally ramble, so I think I'll wrap it up.  Oh, I have an appointment with the sleep doctor February 4th, that was the earliest I could get in.  (Which is somewhat fine by me, as January is reporting month and taking time off isn't a good idea...)  We'll see what the appointment brings.  With my new health insurance, I really don't relish the idea of seeing a specialist and having it not work, or spend lots of money (about $1800!) on a sleep study with no results....  I mean, I've got to pay "out of pocket" for everything up to about $3500 I think... although the company actually covers about $1000 of that.  (It's weird, I know... it hurt my head while I was trying to make decisions back in November...)

Anyway, I'm off on this slightly snowy morning for one last day of work.  No big plans this weekend.

Peace to all and may your weeks be good and your weekends relaxing.

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