Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Football and Friends

Yesterday was a good day.  Well, maybe having to go to work wasn't great, but it was a good day at work.
No, what was good was after work.  You see, over the weekend I got an email from my friend Steve who's over in Iraq.  The USO and Tostitos did something really cool.  On New Year's Day a bunch of former NFL and college football stars went over to play and coach a football game with the troops.  No, Steve didn't play (although back in the day he was an asset to the Marauders....).
Steve got to meet a bunch of the guys and got to talk for quite a bit with Brian "The Boz" Bosworth and talked about the rocket attacks the night before and that they would be honored to give a piece of the shrapnel to him if he wanted.  Well, it turned out that he did and that he and his guys got a call to go to the "hotel" where the guys were staying (an old palace of Saddam Hussein's).  So, they went and he got to chill and talk with Ty Detmer, former Eagle.  Yes, you can immagine the ego swelling and the boasting that's going on with that. *Laugh* I don't blame him.
Well, they were airing  the game (or a summary at any rate) during halftime of the Fiesta bowl (which was a good game).  So, Boo and I headed over to Kat's for the game.  We had no idea who was playing, or really cared all that much.  It turned out to be a very good, close game.  We watched the halftime show, and I was kinda dissapointed by how little of the game in Iraq they showed.  It was very late by this point, so we all headed home.  (Ed and Gak showed up after they were done at Scott's with Warhammer.)
Anyhow, I've got an awake boy needing my undivided attention and I've got to get ready for work.
Peace to all and may you get some fun times and some fan times.

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