Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Preview

Well, it's Friday again.  I should have a fun weekend lined up.
Tomorrow afternoon Joan is dropping Mel and Ant off for the weekend and will come get them sometime Monday.  Everyone (except Gak) has off Monday due to Martin Luther King Day, so that just makes it a bit better.  I like 3-day weekends.
Anyhow, Saturday evening my friend Al is supposed to be having a get together at his new place which was originally supposed to be the week before Christmas, but it snowed.  We'll all go over to that, as the kids adore their Uncle Alan.  (He is a bit of a charismatic fellow... and quite a bit of a kid himself...)  Hopefully his daughter Alaina (which I never can spell right... and doubt I have this time either *sigh*) will be there.  Al, why did you have to give your daughter a name I can't spell?  Your daughter and her name are beautiful, but I can't remember how to spell it to save my life, and that makes me feel like a bad aunt.
We don't have much planned for Sunday.  We'll probably keep it pretty low key.  Mel and I might escape for a few without the boys, even if it's just to wonder around Target and "window" shop.  She's been having a rough couple of weeks and some downtime without her mom or brother would do her some good.  That and I love spending time just with my Little Bug (who is now bigger than me... so not little anymore I guess...).
Monday at some point Joan will come and collect the kids.  I hope it's a restful and enjoyable weekend for all three of them.  They all need a bit of a break from each other.  I'm just glad I'm able to help a little bit now and again.  Like I said before, their lives are all very hectic and they all keep getting the short end of the stick, which sucks.

This week has gone well enough for me.  We did great this quarter with getting our contractual reports out on time, early even.  That makes me feel good.  What makes me feel bad is the fact that once my reports were done any and all focus I had is gone.  I've been muddling my way through the week with a mountain of work on my plate.  At least Tuesday I was able to close more than was assigned to me, that made me feel good for about 24 hours.  I know a lot of this focus issue has to do with my quality and lack of sleep.  I really, really, really hope the sleep doctor can give me some kind of help.  Unfortunately, the first appointment I could get was February 4th, so I've got a few weeks yet. *sigh*

Well, it's just after 6 now and it's Friday so I really need to get my butt in gear and out the door.  Oh, and speaking of my butt we had our second weigh-in for the weight loss challenge at work.  I'm down 4 lb according to the scale.  I don't believe it's any loss in fat though, more like I'm drinking enough water again and my kidneys are catching up.  I have been good.  Becca and I have been talking a lot and we've put together a few small things to change to get this whole thing rolling.  Will I win the challenge? Probably not, I'm dead in the middle of the pack right now, and that's fine by me.  Just so long as I don't end the challenge heavier than I started, that'll be good.  Like I said, my goal is about 10-15 pounds by the middle of April.  Anything better would be bonus.

Anyhow, I'd best wrap this up.
Peace to all and may your weekends be full and your goals achievable.


Jennifer said...

It's Alayna and it's Allen...

Addey said...

*sigh* Just goes to show what kind of friend I am... can't even spell their names right.
It was fun last night though.