Monday, January 25, 2010

Week? Where?

Well, here it is and I’ve let another week go by without updating.  I’d love to day it was because we were off having the most wonderful of exciting adventures in the most interesting of locations.  But that would be a lie.
Instead, it was another week filled with work, home and general every day things.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it when things aren’t hectic and all over the place and down right calm.  But… every now and again, that can get a little, hmm, mundane? Routine?  Boring?
Oh well, I shouldn’t complain, it could be so much worse.
As usual the end of the week was the most interesting.  Friday I had a doctor’s appointment, which I’ll talk about in a minute, Saturday was just plain gorgeous and Sunday we had friends over for a Vampire game.

Saturday was a pretty fun filled day.  As usual we started off the day doing laundry.  We had a fun surprise there.  We have a new field service manager, EH, who just started.  Well, it turns out I’d met him before he started working here.  I’d run into him at the laundry mat a few months back and struck up a conversation with him because he was looking at a topographical map and planning a trip.  So, of course I couldn’t help but bring up orienteering and DVOA.  It turns out he has been a member in the past and we probably ran into each other in the woods.  Well, now he’s working with my company.  Talk about a small world.
After Boo’s nap I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and we headed over to the park for the first time in a couple of months.  As you can see from the pictures, we had a good time.  Boo was much more into exploring and walking all over the place.  He wasn’t so intimidated by the stairs.  He even climbed up and down a few places I wasn’t so sure he could.  We had fun on the swings as always.  The slides weren’t quite so fun because they had a fine coating of ick and therefore weren’t very slippery and just didn’t slide well.  I’m not sure who needed out more, Boo or me.  I think we played out there for a good 45 minutes before picking up Gak from work.  After that we went up to Whitehall to the mall so Gak could pick up some paint for his Warhammer miniatures and we could return a shirt he got from JC Pennies.  We had a decent dinner at this odd little deli in the mall.

Sunday we had Scott and Stuart over to start a Vampire game.  I like my character, she’s very different from what I normally play and I think I will enjoy her.  Unfortunately, the game didn’t go as well as we’d hoped.  Or, more like not quite as bad as I’d feared.  You see, Stu is going through all kinds of things (a lot of which are self inflicted) and is just really pulled back into a shell and just disconnected with everyone and everything.  He could have played a key role in a couple of situations, but no… “I go stand by the wall”.  It was very hard for me to try and work my character into the game and the whole thing just wasn’t moving.  It wasn’t as horrible as it could have been, and I did enjoy myself, but it wasn’t as fun as it could have been either.  I was really impressed with Boo though.  He actually let me play, for the most part, and even finally went down for a nap for about an hour of the game.  That made it more enjoyable.  I was wondering how I’d be able to play and wrangle a boy at the same time, both require a lot of attention.

Ok, so back to my doctor’s appointment on Friday.  It was with my OB.  And no, it’s not because we’re expecting number 2.  Back at the middle of December was my fun-filled annual appointment.  Well, a couple weeks back I get a call from the office saying that something was “abnormal” with my Pap.  Ok… now what?  So, last Friday I had a culposcopy.   Let me tell you, I think the only other time a doctor would spend that much time poking and looking at my private bits would be if I ever gave birth vaginally.  The procedure is very similar to a regular Pap, except it takes what seems like a million years longer.  Yeah, I’m not going to go into detail other than it’s mildly uncomfortable and doctor’s offices always seem cold.  Anyhow, my doctor took 3 biopsies off my cervix and a week from Friday I’ve got another appointment to go over the results.  He really wasn’t worried about it, so I’m not.  Apparently this is fairly common and usually results in something to maybe keep an eye on, or maybe not.  Sometimes it’s more, but… like I said.  My doctor isn’t worried, so I’m not.

I did get some unhappy news at work Friday though.  One of the guys who’s been in the department about 5 years or so now, R, got some bad news.  He’d fallen a couple of weeks back, but still wasn’t feeling better and was in a lot of pain.  So, they did an ultrasound and well… it’s liver cancer. We’re all just hoping that they found it early.  I know he’s got more appointments and more tests and things scheduled.  It just makes me mad though.  I mean, if anyone “deserves” liver cancer, it sure isn’t him.  I mean, the man has never taken a drink in his life.  He’s pretty healthy, but was earlier this year was diagnosed with Diabetes.  He’d lost a lot of weight and his sugar was under pretty good control.  And his grandson turns one in March.  (And has been the recipient of many of Boo’s hand-me-downs.)

Well, I’m typing this up in word while I wait for things to happen at the site I’m dialed into.  I guess I’d better get back to it.
Peace to all and may your weekends be fun and your health news good.

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