Thursday, August 24, 2006

I can see clearly now that the clouds are gone....

It's been a week now and I think the clouds have finally lifted on my mood. Last week was just mildly grumpy. It culminated on Monday when I could barely drag my butt into work. Things have been getting better since then. Slowly but surely, they're getting there.

I'm not sure why or what all contributed to this latest funk. I think it was a combination of a lot of things all working together to compound the issue. Wednesday's travel issues started the grumpy mood. I'm worried about my sister and her daughter. I was feeling very unsatisfied with work and my job. Due to stress I wasn't sleeping, hence more worrying about the job, my sister and life in general. This meant less sleep and more stress (vicious circle, huh?).

Yesterday I had a meeting with my boss. He realized that we needed to find me a new project or two that would challenge me and help the business. (Not to mention keep me from going even further insane.) Well, I've got two new projects that will take all of my skill, knowledge and various other talents. I get to start organizing and compiling and even writing processes for doing things on both the hardware and software side. In some ways, even though I know less, the hardware one just might be easier. Because I know less I have more 'stupid' questions to ask which is usually a good way of doing this. It's to prevent or answer the 'stupid' questions that we're doing this after all. I'm a little overwhelmed by it, but excited about work again. I'm actually getting things done.

The picture with this post is a fairly old one. Again, going through the old pics on my work computer. The date on the file is May, 2001. But I just felt it was right. The little flowers are so full of life and happy. Hopefully I'll have a new picture to post after we go to the Faire on Sunday. As of now, none of us are planning on going in garb. Maybe I'll get a good shot with Gak's camera at the joust or something.

Well, peace to all and have fun. I probably won't post again until Monday. I'm taking tomorrow off and Sunday Gak and I will have been married for a whole year! I love him soooo much and am so very glad he's in my life. (Yes, we're celebrating by taking a group of people to the Faire... not very couple oriented or even all that romantic with lots of people, but this should be a celebration and the more people sharing the good times the better!)

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Chelsea said...

Happy-Anniversary-in-Advance! ((hugs)) ~~Chelsea