Sunday, August 20, 2006

more random

While traveling Wednesday I thought 'well, at least I'll have something to write about tonight.' It didn't happen. I got to the hotel tired and out of sorts and the last thing I felt like doing was actually booting up the computer and 'dealing' with writing.
I figured Thursday evening I'd write. Nope. Went over to the Falls and didn't feel like writing when I got back.
Friday while sitting in the airport I wrote a nice long post about everything and what's been on my mind. It's still sitting in my bag.
Yesterday I spent most of the day in Norrath or taking a nap. A good Saturday, but not very informative.
The main thing I wanted to say this week is that I still don't like airports and this new ban thing isn't making life any easier, but not much harder. Just more stupid.
My biggest adventure really was the fact that I left my schedule at the office. *Sigh*
The other big thing I wanted to say is that I'm bored with work. I like the teaching part of my job. I enjoy it and working with people. Everything else has become very unchallenging and downright boring. This is a problem. This is why I'm not getting anything done at the office. This is why I'm out of sorts and cranky at night when I realize I wasted the day at work. Hopefully I'll be able to talk about this with my boss this week, since I'm here and we'll be able to do something. The more bored with whatever task I'm set, the less likely it is that it will get done. Just look at my college career. I did fairly well on my exams. Papers that just felt like busy work, forget it. I've got several that I still haven't even looked at and I've been done with those classes for at least 8 years. (*gasp* Has it really been that long??? I guess it has...)
Oh well... I've got to hop in the shower and stuff. Gak and I have friends coming over in a bit to continue the Werewolf game we started 2 weeks ago. Catch ya later and peace to all!

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