Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm thankful for my neighbors in this new building.  They are all in interesting group.  It's great to actually have neighbors again, as opposed to someone who lives on the 3rd floor.  At least three of our neighbors really think that Boo is all that and a cup of tea.  He reeceived Halloween goody bags from Grace, Michelle and Frank.  It was very nice of them.
Everyone is very friendly.  Well, Mary right below us isn't the most friendly person in the world, but I'm more then willing to cut her some slack, she is 97 years old after all.  Just to get to 90, let alone almost 100 is amazing.  Our neighbor right across the hall I don't know very well either.  I've run into her a few times, and she seems pretty nice.  Her older son (18-ish) is really nice the few times I've interacted with him, and her younger son (8-ish) seems pretty cool too.  They're about the only ones we don't talk to on a regular basis.
Frank is an odd creature, but he's really friendly and nice.  Boo likes him because he's got trains in his apartment and loves to show them off to the kids.  Boo's not so sure about some of the older ladies, but mostly he's just shy and not used to them.

Today Boo helped me make Rice Krispy treats that I'm going to give to the neighbors.  I'm also planning on making a batch of oatmeal cookies.  Mostly it's to than the three people who gave Boo Halloween treats, but it's also just an excuse to bake.  Boo and I had fun.  He helped me count the tablespoons of butter that I needed and the cups of cereal.  Of course, after we were done adding the cereal, he wanted to pour more and made a bit of a mess, but it wasn't anywhere near as messy as it could have been.  I think this mostly has to do with the fact I didn't really let him help pour the cereal (he didn't want to until we were done...) and I didn't let him mix because the marshmallow/butter mixture was hot.  I hope they enjoy them.  I'm not sure it really matters though, I would do it again anyhow.

Anyhow, Sesame Street is over and my boy needs playing with.

Peace to all and may you have good people to share the neighborhood with.

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