Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today I was thankful for naps.  I'm always thankful for boy naps, if only because it means I can get something done without a cute, adorable toddler who's trying to be "helpful" or get something done for myself.  That and they prevent cranky, unhappy, super stubborn boy.  (Then we only have stubborn boy, which I can totally understand... he is my son after all....)
No, today I was thankful for the ability to take a nap myself.  My boy-o went down for a nap around 1, and I was about 15 minutes behind him after talking to Mom to confirm what we're doing and when tomorrow.  I was thankful for naps because we didn't get in until about 2am after the concert last night.  I'm also especially thankful for boy naps because as usual he didn't really go to sleep over at Aunt Kat's, but still decided that 7am was the time to get up.
I'm totally not upset about getting in so late last night though.  It was an awesome concert with wonderful friends.  We all gathered at Kat's house because the younger kids were all staying there with Uncle Andy and Erica (Andy's niece).  There were 9 of us who were going to the show, Gak and I of course, along with Kat and Scott, Steph and Rachel and Steve and Shelby and her daughter Joci.  The girls really enjoyed the show, and it was great to be able to take them.  After Andy got off work and got to the house we went to the Spinners Town Hotel for dinner.  It took a bit longer than we liked, but we still managed to make it down to the show in plenty of time.  Actually, it was kinda nice because we didn't have to sit in a huge line getting into the show and missed most of the traffic and didn't have to fight the crowds getting to our seats.  Sure, we had nose-bleed seats,but there really weren't any bad seats.  TSO played a slightly changed up version of their Christmas set and then for the second half did some of the songs off the Night Castle album (which I love) edas well as some stuff that'll be coming out on their next album.  As always, it was a great show.  The show wrapped up around 11, we hung around for a bit to let the crowds thin.  We then headed back and stopped at the dinner for "dessert" and coffee.  Then we picked up the kids and came home.
I really enjoyed my nap today and both the boy and I are much happier for them.

Peace to all and may you be able to nap as needed.

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