Friday, June 06, 2008

Well Baby

Ya know... for having a shutterbug for a mom... there just haven't been that many new photos of the boy taken in the last few days...
Anyhow, Here's Boo snuggled up with his Dragon, who is being called Pupper Dog, because that's what he acts like, a giant puppy. (Yes, we'll have a messed up child with an odd view of the world, but at least it'll match ours.) His eyes are open in this picture, but we really still can't tell exactly what color blue they are. We can tell they're blue, but not if they're gray like mine or bright like his Poppa's. Only time will tell, and they'll change a bit over the next few months any how.
Today was his first well baby checkup with his pediatrician. Well, one of the two in the office. I like her and her staff. They're nice people. (My friend Bill highly recommended them, as that's who his son has been seeing for the last 12 years.) My biggest, well only real, concern was if he's been getting enough to eat. I mean, when we were in the hospital, before my milk came in, he'd feed about 20 minutes each feeding every few hours. Now he's feeding 5-10 minutes maybe each feeding every 2-3 hours in the day and a 3-4 hour period of every hour in the late evening/early night and then two good feeds over night. Well, when we were discharged from the hospital Wednesday, his weight was down to 7 lb. 6 oz. (stable for 2 days) and today it's back up to 7 lb. 13 oz. This means that, yes, he's really getting enough to eat.
He's been such a mellow little guy for the most part. And very aware when he's awake, looking at everything. I think we truly lucked out. I know there will be days when I look back at that last statement and laugh that crazed parent laugh of the sleep deprived and stressed, but so far, so good.
Well, it's just about time for him to wake/me to wake him for a feeding. The feedings have been going very well the last day or so. No real pain on my part, no further cracking or anything. I think we're finally getting the hang of this and getting it "right". (I say it that way because, like everything with babies, there is no one right way...)

Peace to all and may the days be good.

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