Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to Mellow

Well, my mellow little boy is back. He was just taking a day off I guess. Andy, my friend who's breast feeding her now 1-year-old (*gasp*) asked some questions about yesterday. I answered her in a comment, but here goes:
Well, my little man is back to his normal mellow self today after a nice, long 8-hour sleep last night. (Unfortunately, from 8-3...)His poops were "normal" for him. I just started pumping the night before and had only pumped once before the "meltdown". I pumped twice yesterday, but couldn't today because every time I went to, he'd wake up hungry. (That and I've been feeding off one, pumping the other... he only feeds off one usually and plays with the other if anything...)

I'll further explain the day here where I have lots of room to ramble and everyone will see it.
Last night Boo collapsed at about 8. He slept quite soundly until just after 3am when he woke hungry. (Luckily I heard him right when he was beginning to fuss, so avoided further meltdown.) He slept until about 6:15 or so and was an angel all day. Sure, there were about two or three 10 minute fussy times and he didn't want to be put down at all except when he was asleep. That's fine by this Momma.
The highlight of today was a trip to BabysRUs. I mostly just needed to get out of the house and figured Boo could stand a road trip as well. He was being so very good, staying awake for an hour or two at a shot with barely a complaint. That, and as much as I love the sling Andy sent us, I just can't seem to get it right with enough head support for Boo. I'm sure we'll learn in time. That and it just won't fit Gak, him being 6'7" and all. So, my main hunt was for a baby carrier that would hopefully fit Gak. Well, I found a really nice one that wasn't all that expensive. It's the Jeep one. Amazingly enough it fits Gak.
We took it for a "test walk" this evening with our friends Chris and Diane. We probably walked a good couple of miles this evening and Gak's only complaint was that he was really, really warm by the end of it. (I felt really weird though, going somewhere and not being "in control" of my son... even when Gak pushes the stroller I know I can also push...) Boo was a little too warm too by the end of it. (Right now, he's hanging in his bouncy chair in just a diaper trying to cool off.)
The second really good thing that happened today is Boo took a bottle! Yep, that's right. After our walk, Gak was able to feed Boo about 2 oz of milk from my pumping yesterday from a Playtex Drop-in Nurser. I really like the nipples on these things... they really are the most like Momma. There was a little fussing at first, because I hadn't left the bottle in the warm watter long enough and it was still a little cold. But once we got the temperature closer to "Momma warm" and Gak got the nipple all the way in his mouth, he took it like a champ! I'm so proud of my little guy. (Yes, I have a picture of this event, but it's still on the camera as I started typing this as Gak was feeding.) I'm also very proud of Gak. This was the first time he'd ever tried to feed a baby and he did just fine. See, everything will be A-OK.
So, yes, today was a much, much better day than yesterday. Everyone around here was much more mellow and laid back. I like days like this. I have no idea what's on the schedule for tomorrow. Maybe, since Boo will take the bottle, we'll take Kat up on the offer to see Wall E and leave Boo with Nana for a few hours. (We'll see how brave both Momma and Nana are feeling and which theater they want to go to...)
Well, I'm going to go snuggle my little man and see if he'll go to sleep again in a bit. (It may be a bit of a challenge since he slept quite a bit on the walk...)
Peace to all and may there be good days to offset the bad.

P.S. No picture from today with this post... they're still on the camera....

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