Friday, June 13, 2008

Two-week Checkup

Well, today was Boo's 2-week checkup. Well, 12 days actually. (It still feels weird to type or say "my son"... cool, but weird...)
Everything went really well. Of course, I've got to stop scheduling these things for about 9 or 9:30 am, since that seems to be when he wants a second breakfast. Our boy put on a full 8 oz in the last week! He's now well above his birth weight at a healthy 8 lb 5 oz. This means he's right on target for where they like to see weight gain. They like to see about 1 oz a day at this stage and he put on 8 in 7 days, so he's eating just fine. (I will always worry about this, especially if he continues to have some feedings that only last 5 or 7 minutes....)
We also gave him his first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine. They like to give this to the babies before they leave the hospital, but I said no. I also said no last week at the doctor's. It was mostly because I didn't have enough information as to why and since I couldn't figure out where he might get it from, I balked. It does seem like it is a good idea, I just think we tend to medicate too much these days. Of course, that may also come from the fact that I've been on some kind of allergy or asthma medicine for most of my life. (And I don't always see a difference between being on or off them....) At any rate, he did quite well with the shot. I didn't even flinch. He settled right down in a few moments after the shot and life was good again. Of course, he fell asleep in the dozen or so blocks between the doctor's and the house.
He actually has spent a bit more time awake the last few days. He's pretty mellow most of the time he's awake. The problem is when he can't decide if he's hungry or tired or both. There are times that nothing is right until he figures it all out. Luckily it doesn't take him too long most days. He's either asleep or happily nursing within a few minutes, but is likely to try the other in just a few more minutes. This may go on for an hour or so and does try my patience at times, but it is nowhere near as bad as some parents have it. Like I said, he can usually settle, at least for a little while, pretty quickly.
Gak's been such a great dad. He is really good about trying to comfort the little guy and make sure it's not something else before just handing him to me for feeding. Last night they sat together for a good bit snuggling and watching an old movie. I got to sleep. This is a wonderful thing in my book.
There are other things going on in my life, but not much. Last week when I talked with my boss he admitted they'd been slackers about the whole training thing. I just let it slide and didn't say "I told you so" like I could have and wanted to. Like I've said, it's not like I didn't give them about 6 months notice.
Anyhow, I'm going to go wash up the lunch dishes and maybe lie down for a few minutes with my book before Boo wakes up again. Hopefully in my next post or two I'll have something other than baby stuff to post about. You'll just have to deal with it because right now, he's the center of my universe, with Gak a close second.
Peace to all and may everything go well.

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