Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cranky Day

Ok. Who stole my mellow child and gave me the cranky one? I'm not sure Boo's ever been as cranky for as long as he has been today. It started this morning around 6:30 and he's settled down for the moment now. Like I've said, normally Boo's a very mellow little guy, getting a little fussy, but not bad in a all out howling mad kind of way, in the early evenings. Today, well... today I think I have someone elses child. If you could get him to sleep, he was fine and content. (He even slept for about 3 hours this afternoon!) When he was awake, which was most of the time today it seems, he was one very unhappy camper.

He wasn't hungry. I'd go to nurse him and he'd take a few gulps, or feed for a bit, and then howl, arch his back and fuss until I held him up and bounced him on my lap quite a bit. Then he'd take a little more and repeat.

He wasn't wet, or not wet much. (Yes, he did have an almost normal number of wet/dirty diapers... so I'm not worried there...)

Swaddling didn't help one bit. Even with then bouncing him or other soothing things like he normally likes it wasn't helping. And yes, I did get it tight enough. (I picked up one of those really neat swaddle blanket things that have Velcro to help it stay tight. Yes... it looks like a baby straight jacket, but he really does seem to sleep better swaddled... so I do it...)

Nana and I walked over to the pizza place (about a block and a half) for lunch. He was fine on the stroller ride over. He was fine at lunch if I held him on my lap and bounced him up and down a bit. He was not very happy to be still.

I don't think it was gas or constipation. Like I said, he'd had some dirty diapers and one was spectacularly so. He'd burp well after feeding, so I'm pretty sure there weren't any "stuck" burps. I also don't think it is anything I've eaten because I haven't had anything weird the last several days or anything I haven't had before.

I really have no clue. I am just about frazzled with this one.

Like I said, who stole my mellow little guy and gave me Mr. Crankypants? I want my mellow baby back. Oh well, at least he's sleeping at the moment. Maybe he'll sleep for a good bit longer. I've started pumping and was going to have Gak try and introduce the bottle tonight, but I'm not even going to think about trying that with Boo's current mood. (That and Gak's day at work was just about as trying as my day here...) And no, I don't have any cranky pictures from today. I was too busy using both my arms to try and soothe the poor little guy to get out the camera. (That and my brain hurt too much to even think about it...)

Well, I'm going to go do something else for a bit and then crash.

Peace to you all and my your friends and family not be kidnapped and replaced by Mr. Crankypants.


Flauta Mom said...

When did you start pumping, how often? You could have given yourself over supply, and thus a cranky pants :(

Also, are his poops yellow or more greenish?


Addey said...

Well, my little man is back to his normal mellow self today after a nice, long 8-hour sleep last night. (Unfortunately, from 8-3...)
His poops were "normal" for him. I just started pumping the night before and had only pumped once before the "meltdown". I pumped twice yesterday, but couldn't today because every time I went to, he'd wake up hungry. (That and I've been feeding off one, pumping the other... he only feeds off one usually and plays with the other if anything...)