Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandparents and stuff

I don't know how many of you read the comic strip "For Better or For Worse" but it's really touched me this past week or so. You see, the grandfather is fading, and fading fast and Liz has decided to bump up her wedding so that she can make sure he'll be there.
This makes me think of my own grandmother. It makes me miss her even more. She was so looking forward to being a great-grandmother some day when Gak and I got married. She'll never get to see her great-grandson's face, let alone touch his head, hold him or sing him silly little songs she made up to soothe him. I cry just thinking about the lost opportunities on both Boo's and Gram's part. Then I remember that Boo won't know his Grampa Jim either. This just seems more cruel. I guess it's because I only ever had one grandparent that it makes me feel so bad about Boo missing out on having four. It'll be tough enough on his Nanna (Gak's mom) because she lives in OK. But at least she's still here and there are wonderful things like email and long distance phone calls. Not to mention airplanes. I do want her to have a good relationship with Boo, but we're not uprooting the family and leaving everything we have here, just to move closer to her. We have our life and right now, it's here.
This really doesn't quite sum up how I feel, it only just scratches the surface. I just can't seem to get the thoughts to stay on one tangent long enough to be some kind of organized post.

Anyhow, I had my doctor's appointment this morning. All looks really good. Unfortunately, I'm still banned from driving for a few more days. I'm beginning to go crazy without the possibility of going anywhere on my own. I'm also still not allowed to lift more than Boo. (I won't tell the doctor this, but I carried him around the apartment a bit in the carrier this morning getting ready for the appointment and no pain or anything...) I guess I wouldn't feel the restrictions so much if I was still in lots of pain and feeling really bad and tired. I'm only feeling tired if I can't get an afternoon nap because Boo wakes up right as I fall asleep. I'm only in pain if Boo kicks me right near the incision. I'm also not telling the doctor how long of a walk I took last night with Gak and some friends. Well, the guys walked a bit longer than I did, the main reason I went home when I did was because Boo was getting hungry and fussy and there wasn't really a place I could stop and feed him. The last thing we needed was a repeat of Sunday. Boo did seem to like his stroller about as much as his car seat, meaning once he was buckled in, all was right in the world. He snoozed a little bit and then woke up hungry.

Well, Boo should be waking for his lunch time feeding in a bit. (Even if I have to wake him for it... I'm trying to keep him awake during the day.) Actually, speak of the devil, there he goes now. Gak's gone to soothe him a bit and then I'll give Boo lunch.
Peace to all and may you have wonderful people in your life.

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