Monday, June 23, 2008

Nana's Here

Well, Saturday I picked up Gak's mom, Nana, from the airport. The trip to the airport went well. Boo slept almost the entire way down, except when I had to stop for gas. ($70 to not even fill up the truck! EEK!) We got there about 3 minutes before Nana made it down to baggage claim, so that was real nice. He fussed a little on the way home, but nothing major. Mind you, he'd been in the car almost non-stop for just over 2 hours at this point. We picked up Poppa at work and then went to Friendly's for an early dinner/late lunch. Well, this pushed the time frame for not eating just a little too far in my little man's opinion. We managed to eat, but not get ice cream. I'd popped out to the car once while waiting for our food to give Boo a quick snack. (If Nana hadn't been there, I just might have feed him in the restaurant since we were in a back corner... but...)
Yesterday we went to the Q-Mart. They apparently don't have anything like this near where Nana lives in OK. (I'm sure they do have Farmer's/Flea Markets in OK...) She's been talking about it non-stop since. It was a good trip, we got some good stuff. After that we dropped me and Boo at home because it was lunch/nap time for him and I could also use the alone time. Gak then took Nana over to Walmart to pick up a few things she forgot.
GrammaSue came up for dinner and it was a good evening overall.
I have no idea what all we're doing today. It's a little chaotic around here now. It'll be an adventure.
Well, I'd better wrap this post up. Maybe sometime soon I'll write the "things people do/say about my baby that drive me nuts" post that's rattling around in my brain.
Peace to all and may the Chaos be contained.

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