Thursday, June 19, 2008

This and That

I just had to post this picture I took of Poppa and Boo this morning. Boo was happily hanging out on Poppa's shoulder, but decided that slumping to the side would be much more comfortable. Don't worry, Gak had a good hold on the little guy. Boo slept this way for about 15 or 20 minutes. Then he woke up hungry and tried to nurse off Gak. Quite comic.

Ok... now that I've totally lost my train of thought... I started this post while Gak was having some Poppa snuggle time, but then Nanna called and Boo got fussy.
We spent a good 20 minutes on the floor sitting up either in Momma's lap or on the Boppy. We also had some tummy time on the Boppy. Boo really is trying very hard to pick up his head. Every time I put him over my shoulder to burp him, he's way more interested in looking around to see what's going on. I missed a great shot of Boo when I first put him on the Boppy. He had his chin resting on his hands. It was one of the cutest poses I've ever seen him in.
Boo just went to sleep and it's now 9:40. Here's hoping this means we wore him out well and he'll sleep until 3 or 4. I'm not holding my breath, but it would be nice.
And why, why won't he nurse on the left side today? He seems to go through phases, but today he just doesn't seem to want to be on the left. Not that big of a deal, except (TMI...) I leak. Ok. Just had to get that off my chest... literally!
Saturday Gak's mom (Nanna) will be arriving from OK. It should prove to be an interesting visit. She has a friend up in New York and Gak and I are trying to convince her that it is silly to come all the way out to the East Coast and not go just a few hours further and see her friend who she hasn't seen in ages. It's not like when she was here for the wedding and only out here a couple of days. She'll be here just over two weeks, I'm sure she can spare a few days to go up to visit a friend.
Anyway, I'm off to upload a couple of pictures to the Flickr (see, I'm doing better this week about pictures!) and then try and get a snooze in myself.
Peace to all and may the little miracles in your life keep happening.

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