Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catchup and Previews

This is going to be a somewhat random post. Here's hoping I get everything out that I want to say before I loose my train of thought or get side tracked onto another topic.
First off, a couple of announcememnts before I get sidetracked into a weekly wrapup. First, I want to say "Thank YOU!" to Aunt Andi and Uncle Marcus (and cousin Claudia too!) for the wonderful book and really cool sling. The book was just what I needed last night (I'll get into that in a bit...maybe...) and the sling will be quite usefull, once I get the hang of putting Boo into it. It's made out of a wonderful, lightweight mesh which will be perfect for summer walks!
Second announcement, if you're going to be in our area for the Fourth of July weekend, we're having a "Welcome Boo" party on the 6th. It'll be at Kat's house, since we just have so much room here (not) and besides, she's got a fire pit and a swingset. It'll be somewhat like an open house. People will be welcome to stop by from about lunch time until whenever. So, if you haven't had a chance to meet Boo and want to say hi and spoil him with kisses, come on over. If you need directions, let me know. I'll post more info as we work out the details.
Ok, now onto the week in review portion of this post.
This week had been a bit more of an adventure than previous weeks. If only because Boo is staying awake longer, which makes him a little fussier when he gets tired. It's almost as if by staying awake more, he gets too tired to realize he's hungry or sleepy. This has led to a couple of fussy afternoon/evenings. Last night was a good example.
We were going to do laundry after Gak got home from work and we had supper because today I'm picking up Nanna from the airport and figured that would be enough of an adventure for one day. Well, my plan was to start cooking around 6:30 so supper would be ready just about the time Gak walked in the door. Well, Boo had other plans. He decided that he didn't want to take an afternoon nap, but would semi-snooze a bit and then be cranky most of the rest of the time. He finally fell asleep about 5 minutes before Gak walked in the door. By then I'd decided that I was not cooking, that we were just going to load Boo up into his car seat, hit a drive through and go right to the laundry mat. So that's what we did.
Laundry went well, he only started to wake and get fussy about 10 minutes before the dryers were done. So, I went into the car and feed the little guy while Gak folded. Then we got home. Boo just couldn't settle. He eventually did around 10:30 or so for a bit. Then around 1 he woke up again hungry. It took almost an hour to get him fed and asleep again. Meanwhile, Gak was up arguing with his computer. (That's a whole other story, which I'm not going to post here... let's just say it involved a total system restore and a lot of internal cursing by Gak...)
Luckilly, he slept until 5, fed and fussed until 6 and then didn't wake up again until after we got back from picking up Gak.
Oops, Boo is awake again. I'll just post this as is (bad spelling and all...). I'm pickin up Nana this afternoon, so you may or may not see anything new for a couple of days.
Peace to all and may the cranky moments be few, and the smiles be many.

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Laura said...

Boo sure is a cutie!
thanks for stopping by my place today!