Saturday, June 14, 2008

Week 2 Rambles

Well, I finally put up some more pictures of the little guy on Flickr. We didn't get too many this week. Not a lot was going on really I guess. I mean, sure Gramma Sue was here Monday afternoon for a bit, but we didn't take any pictures as Boo slept most of the afternoon. Wednesday we went for a walk, but silly Momma didn't remember the camera and again, he was either asleep or yowling for food. Thursday and Friday we had doctors' appointments, but other than that nothing interesting. Again, Momma left the camera at home. We did take a walk to Rita's for desert last evening, but the camera was at home. It's also a little tough to take pictures when you're the only one home and the camera always seems to be in the other room when you want it or when Boo is doing something cute. (That and trying to take a picture of a baby on your own lap is a little tough too...)
I think that was part of my problem earlier this week, other than Monday and our brief walk on Wednesday evening with friends, I really haven't talked to or seen anyone other than Gak all week. That's part of why I want to have the option of getting out of the house, just to see other people exist. I love my boy dearly, but I don't want to feel like we're living in seclusion or something.
It's getting better though. A bit of sleep on my part and some Poppa and Boy time does wonders for the general outlook. Don't get me wrong, Gak spends as much time as he can with Boo, but when he gets home in the evening and Boo's asleep or only wakes long enough to feed, it's a little tough for Gak. In a few weeks though, we'll start introducing pumped milk in a bottle. Gak gets to have all the fun with that one at first, as from what I've read, if I try and get him to take the bottle at first, no go. That's because I smell like Momma (duh) and he knows the source is right there, so why try the bottle? It may be a bit tough, seeing as though he'll only very rarely take a pacifier. (I don't have a problem with that... just so long as he figures out some way to self-soothe so he doesn't use me as a pacifier!)
I know there were some other things I wanted to write, but they're escaping my brain right now. Oh! That's right. I was going to say that Boo is one popular little baby this week as far as the mail goes. He received three, yes three packages this week. On Monday he got one from his great-aunt and uncle Sugerman in California. On Tuesday he got one from his aunt Abi in Rhode Island and on Thursday he got one from Ms. Charitee in Kentucky. (Momma and Poppa have been playing EQII with Ms. Charitee for several years now...) Everything was really cute. No, I didn't get pictures of the gifts. I should though. I'll put that on the list of things to do today while Boo naps.
Boo has been staying awake for an hour or two at a shot a couple of times a day recently. That's good, but he's back down to sleeping about 3-4 hours at a shot over night. That's not so good. 4-5 hours at a shot would be much better according to me. I'm getting used to it though. But I'm sure as soon as I do, he'll change things up on us again just to keep us on our toes.
Anyhow, I'm going to attempt to get some other things done (including some food for me) before he wakes up again. I probably have an hour or so... I hope...
Peace to all and may you have good weeks.

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