Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week 1 Wrapup

Well, we've survived over an entire week as a family. No tragedies. Not even too many rough spots. Sure, there were a couple of nights that were a little long. There is usually at least one two-hour span in a day where Boo is just fussy and grutsy and not sure what he really wants. That's OK.
He's been sleeping very well for such a little guy. Most of the last 4 or 5 nights he's let me get two "naps" of about 3-4 hours each over night. This is just about as much sleep as I ever get. I actually had to wake him the other night around 3am for a feeding because the last he'd fed was 9:30 pm and I knew if I let him go much longer, he'd be too hungry to eat. Last night was a little rough at parts, but that's because he'd been sooo good through the rest of the day, that it caught up with him. The problems Sunday night were purely our fault, not his.
Sunday, at one week of age, Gak and I took him on his first shopping expeditions. Our first stop was to WalMart to use part of the gift card from work on diapers. I'd picked up one package of "newborn" size and had two of size 1. I'd done this because I really wasn't sure how big he was going to be or how long, if at all, he'd really be in the newborn size. Well, at 8 lb at birth, and loosing a little the first two days, he'll be in newborn for another few weeks. He did really well, looking all around at everything and just hanging out. He'll scream when you put him into his seat, until it gets buckled. Once the buckle snaps, he calms right down and is quite content.
The second place we went was to the Q Mart. It's a local "Farmer's Market" and a bit of a flea market as well. Great place. We went to the comic book shop so Gak could pick up a couple of books, and then to the barber that's there.
This had to be the slowest haircut ever. All Gak wanted was a flat top and a simple shave. I swear, the old man doing the cutting went over each square inch and each individual hair at least a half-dozen times. This is where the problem came in. At this point, it had been way too long since Boo, Gak or I had eaten. Boo let his displeasure known loudly. I was able to calm him for a bit, but since we'd thrown his whole internal schedule off by delaying food for so long, it made for a long evening. Once he slept though, he slept like a rock (and so did I).
Stewart also came over on Sunday for a little bit. It was good to see him. He and Gak talked D&D for a bit. (Don't buy the new book, they've totally killed it now...) Unfortunately, this was during one of Boo's grutsy periods, so I spent most of the time with Boo in the nursery trying to get Boo to nurse instead of eat his hands. His hands have become much more interesting than feeding lately. This is problematic and doesn't really help with the whole feeding thing in general.
Other than him wanting to eat his hands, feeding is going well. He nurses well and supply is good. It is a bit annoying when he's feeling a bit off and it takes over an hour for him to feed for 10 minutes. Hopefully that'll get better with time.
Yesterday Gradma Sue came up and we had a good afternoon together. Boo slept well a good part of the afternoon, which made for a cranky evening, but that's OK. Like I said, when he's only cranky a few hours out of any day, I can live with that.
Well, I'd better get some lunch into me before Boo wakes up for his next feeding.
Peace to all and may life be good to you.

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Treats said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Give hugs to Gak for me, and kisses to yourself!!