Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Relaxation

Well, today was a do-nothing kind of day. I think it was almost 11 by the time I put down my book and got out of bed this morning. And I took a nap this afternoon as well!
Yes, that's right... I stayed in bed until 11.
Me, the one who's up at first light and often crawling back into bed for a nap at 11. I just wanted the world to go away for a bit I guess. I was feeling lazy and just wanted to stay curled up with my book and make everything else disappear.
It's not that I was having a bad or cranky day or anything... I was just enjoying being lazy. I don't do it often and won't be able to again any time soon.
I did however get a few things done, but I guess I'd better back up to Friday for this story.
Friday after I got off work I went and picked up Gak. We had dinner at Red Robbin before the movie. It was great to be able to go out with everyone. The new Indiana Jones is worth seeing in the theater. It's a little odd for an Indy film, but still good. You can tell Harrison is getting older, but that's OK. The story line was good, if a little odd. It wasn't as strong as the first one or as full of puzzles as the third, but about 50 times better than the 2nd. (I'm still not sure if Raiders of the Lost Ark or the third one is my favorite, they're both strong for different reasons.)
Saturday was a full day as well. I got the laundry done and ran a few errands as well. I did manage to get a nap in. Then when I picked up Gak from work we decided to go down to the mall. We hadn't been there in a while. I was on a mission. I needed to try and find a nursing bra. I felt like I was on the search for the Holy Grail or something. (Yes, the Monty Python version at times...) I went to two department stores and Layne Briant and not a single nursing bra to be had. (I actually think the WalMart near us has a bigger lingerie section than the mall stores.) I end up at Motherhood Maternity or whatever it's called. They only have one style for us larger gals. It fits fairly well, but the biggest problem is the fact that it itches a bit and an underwire. I hate underwires. I've always had problems with things itching. Oh well. I'd found some all cotton ones online, but if you order only one, you all but double the price in shipping! Ugh. Oh well. I'll figure something out in a few weeks. I have one for now.
We also went to Best Buy. We were looking for a small portable docking station for my ipod. But, we don't want to spend a lot of money and we don't want it to run only on batteries. We're half hoping to take it to the hospital. All I know, is that I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to be able to listen to the second disc of Pink Floyd's The Wall. I've been using that disc for years to cure my insomnia. We ended up picking up the second season of Babalon 5. For some reason all five seasons have been marked down to $20 from the standard $50. We already have the first season. I wish we'd been able to spend the $80 to get the other 4. Oh well. Two seasons is better than one.
One of the errands I ran yesterday was to stop by JoAnn's. The plate for my sewing machine finally came in. You remember, back in February I hit a pin just right and nicked the plate something fierce. Well, I finally ordered a new one about a month ago and it finally came in this week. The only really productive thing I did today was finish that project from February. No, I don't have a picture yet. It's very cute and I hope to get a good picture tomorrow when the light is better.
So, for a holiday weekend, it's been a good one. I'm really glad I have off again tomorrow. I'll probably sleep in a bit (but not as late as today), hopefully get a little bit worked on for work and maybe try and get the living room back in some kind of order.
(I didn't tell you about that... we had the opportunity to acquire a 3-piece sectional from upstairs. I was really really hoping it would work out. Unfortunately, it's just a bit too big and a bit too ugly. So, the living room is in a bit of chaos and well... I'm not sure how to fix it just yet...)

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Peace to all and may you have good days and relaxing days in whichever combination you want.


Flauta Mom said...

Underwire can cause plugged ducts and/or mastitis :(

Try a nursing tank, check out Glamourmom.

Once my milk supply regulated and I stopped leaking I stopped wearing bras in the house (I know, too much info), but Monkeybaby HATES to wait for me to undo the bra --and she is 11 months now *haha*

Good luck with finding a nursing bra you like, but remember that you will get bigger as you nurse, at least I did.



Addey said...

Mom actually found one of the Playtex ones I'd been looking at online at JC Penny's today. I think between those two, I'll get through the first week or two and then see what's what. I really should look into tanks, especially since this little guy is going to be a summer baby...