Thursday, May 29, 2008

False Alarm

Well, today was an interesting (?) day.
I slept in a little. That was nice.
We walked to my doctor's appointment at 10:00. My blood pressure was a bit higher than usual (150/90 as opposed to 120/80) and the doctor didn't like how much my feet and ankles were swollen. That and the scale was 4lb heavier. I was, however, dilated to about 2cm and 50% thinned. So, I guess things had been happening. (I'd thought they had been, but really couldn't be sure because I haven't felt any contractions...)
So, we got sent up to the hospital for monitoring.
Of course, this means that we made a couple of phone calls (including to our works...) We find out that Mom and Dad's business number isn't working and worry about that.
We get up there and I feel just fine. They're asking me about feeling dizzy or vision issues and things like that and I'm fine. I have to give them another urine sample. They hook up some monitors including a blood pressure cuff. They stick me with an IV (apparently, I'm a good bleeder...) and draw some blood for some tests.
One of the questions they ask me, yet again, is if I'm having contractions. I say no, and they look at each other funny because the monitor just showed one. Huh... I never woulda known.
I try and relax a bit or even nap. That's kinda hard with the blood pressure cuff going off every 10 minutes. Within about 10 or 20 minutes my blood pressure is reading just about normal for me, or a little lower than it has been. Boo's heart rate is doing just fine. The biggest problem is that I keep sliding slightly further down the bed and it's not all that comfortable on my back.
Apparently I keep having contractions. I can see them on the monitor tape, but really can't feel them. Or sometimes I think back and realize that maybe I could, but I just thought it was Boo. At one point they looked like they were about 10 minutes apart for a bit, but then slowed down again.
They checked me again at about 1:30 or 1:45. I still hadn't dilated any further and the contractions were looking pretty random. That and my blood pressure was down and all the blood work came back just fine. At 2:00 they removed my IV and told me I could go home, but to keep an eye on things. (Mind you, I'm half thinking to myself "but I haven't been feeling the contractions... how can I keep an eye on them?")
Of course, we had reached my mom and she was about 3/4 of the way to the hospital when we were released. We call her and tell her we were going home and she was going to meet us at the apartment.
I check my email and let everyone know I'm home and that unless things change over night, I'll be in in the morning. Everyone is glad to hear that things are fine. I finally get a meeting request from my one boss about "future training" for tomorrow. I respond with "If I'm not there, I'll be at the hospital."
Mom came over for about an hour or so and then decided she might as well go back to work. (They're open late tonight...)
Like I said, it's been a somewhat interesting day. It could have been worse I guess. Anyhow, we're still at "wait and see". My next appointment if Boo isn't born yet is Monday morning. We'll have a non-stress test (more monitoring) and be checked out again. Who knows? I don't. I'm just taking it bit by bit.
Peace to all and may your day not be quite as interesting.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Glad to hear you're OK...

BTW, the dragon stuffie is to die for!!!


Addey said...

I'm glad you like the dragon. I really do think he's a cutie and had so much fun with him.
So far so good here.... just waiting...