Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Here

Well, I'm still here. I probably will be for another week or so yet is my guess.
But I could be wrong.
Today really felt like a Monday. It didn't feel like I had a three day weekend at all. If I got any more leave time than I do, I would love to have taken this week off.
But, I've got enough to do to keep me busy through this week, and into next. Even longer if I get a chance to work on any service tickets instead of just training crapola.
All I know is that there are at least a couple of customers I want to bean upside the head. They really aren't making my life any easier at all. Of course, Bert isn't helping things. Grrr. Oh well, soon enough it'll fall squarely on his plate for a bit instead of mine.
I sent out an email at work today letting people know my leave was soon and that Bert and Rick were the ones to talk to about any and all training issues and that Bert is the one who has final say of who's available when. I know he won't like it, but it's the only option we've got right now.
Oh well. He'll live and get over it. It's not like he's having to take it over forever.
Can I tell you again exactly how little I want to go to work tomorrow? I've got too much to do, but just can't get into doing it. I'm ready for this next phase, but know very well from my travel days that there is no use stressing out about things like this that just aren't in your control at all. What will be will be. Most of the time it's not an issue.
By about 2pm it is though.
My ribs hurt. I was impressed that yesterday I spent a couple of hours total sitting in front of the computer. Today, by about noon I was ready to go home. Of course, it didn't help that I was on a conference call from about 11 until 1. I didn't have much to say until the end of the call, but needed to be there anyhow. At one point, near the end, I just stood up and was resting my head on the shelf above my desk.
I really can't wait until I get my ribs back. I mean, sure, I want to wear pants with zippers again and have my belly smaller than my boobs. I'd love to be able to wear my old shirts and my overalls too. But what I really want is for my ribs to stop hurting. I think that's been my biggest complaint this whole pregnancy.
Well, that and the heartburn. The heartburn goes away pretty quickly after a Tums or two. The ribs... well... they don't stop hurting unless I've been lying down for a few hours. It's not even like Boo is moving away from them then, I guess the space is just a little different so he's not so squished in there or something. (It's still a really weird sensation to feel him moving around... makes me think of Alien from time to time, except he's not going to be born through my chest... even if I end up with a C!)
Ok. I'm totally rambling now. I think I'm going to head back to my book and my bed and see if I can't get comfortable for a bit. It's really stinking warm today and the air conditioners aren't back in yet. The window fans will only do so much good with the rain... moving air is good. Moving hot, wet air is icky. And I can't even sleep on my belly...

Peace to all and may you be comfortable and content.

oh... and no... I still don't have a picture of the surprise object... maybe tomorrow... maybe not.

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