Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well, I finally got pictures of that surprise Mom and I started making waaaay back in February. First, a picture of the old and new "zig-zag plate" for my sewing machine. The one on the left is the old one. The one on the right is brand new. Can we say "ouch!"? It's amazing what one little pin can do isn't it?
Well, here's a picture of the dragon that Mom and I made. He's 100% one of a kind. There will never be another like him. (No, I have no idea what his name is, he won't tell me!) I know I posted a picture about a while back of a big ol' bear I made for a friend's son. Well, that was only the most recent of a series of pillow critters I'd made. It all started with an elephant I made for Zoe for Christmas when she was 3. The pattern pack was on sale for $1 and I just couldn't resist. (She had a big thing for elephants when she was little...) I then made Katie a kitty. (I'm never making one of those again, unless it's with a thinner fabric then what I used for Katie's raspberry colored one.) Then Brendon got a big black lab puppy for his 1st birthday and Derrick got the bear for his 1st.
So, of course I had to make one for my own baby. There was a "monster" pattern with horns on his head and nose, a few spikes down the back (but no tail?) and teeth with a generally a "Loch Ness" look to him. Well, I decided with a few modifications he'd make a perfect dragon. Mom and I took the muzzle, horns and ears from the cow pattern. We modified the tail from the puppy. We added more spikes and nostrils and kept the spots, feet and teeth from the "monster". (The nostrils were fun, ask Mom...) In general, we took a goofy looking monster and made him into a lovable dragon. He's made of some nice, easy to work with fleece and over 64 oz. of stuffing. The cat eyes we found were perfect!

On a work related note, I'm so ready to hurt my boss it isn't even funny. I'm so tempted to just leave the mess the way it is and let him deal with it. I need real, solid answers from him, and I get nothing but vague half thoughts. It's enough to drive a sane person crazy, let alone a hormonal 9-months pregnant woman over the edge. Like I've said before, what gets done gets done and he can dig himself out of the rest of it.
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I feel like there's been some changes going on, but nothing really major. Still no contraction or crampy like feelings or extra flow or anything like that. I do seem to have dropped a bit (mostly obvious because I can sit at the computer a little longer now...). Who knows? I mean, there are women who go from nothing to full dilation and delivery in a matter of hours and then there are women walking around for weeks at 3 or 4 cm and nothing happening. Again, what will be, will be. I'm half thinking of suggestion an induction date of the 7th if he doesn't come before then. That's a week after their due date and a week before what I've been thinking. And besides, if I'm going to have an induction and "schedule" my kiddo's birthday, I can at least try and choose a cool one. (It's also a Saturday, which would give me just that much more time home with Boo before I had to go back to work...)

Well, the ribs are beginning to hurt again, so it's time for me to end this post.
Peace to all and may you have fun projects that make you smile.


Jon said...

OMG that dragon is awesome! You and mom really out did yourselves.

Chelsea said...

Holy crap, that is ADORABLE. Congratulations!

Addey said...

*blush* Thanks! We had a lot of fun making him.