Monday, May 12, 2008

Movin' Right Along

Well, this was a good weekend.
Saturday I had a very lazy day. And I enjoyed it. I ended up sleeping a good portion of the day. I read a lot too. Mind you, I had several things that I wanted to get done, but they can wait. I just didn't have the energy. I use up so much of my reserves these days just getting through the work day, that by Saturday, I'm exhausted. We did pick up a few things Saturday, including a nifty diaper pail for Boo's room. Hopefully it'll help keep the smell down and keep everything neat... or at least neater.
We also picked up a new USB memory drive for me and a copy of Never Ending Story. I'd made a comment about it a few weeks back about not having seen it in ages and it's been sitting there in the back of my head for a while. We found a cheep copy while we were out, so of course we had to pick it up.
Yesterday was a very good day. Mom came up around 1:00 and we got a lot done.
Mom and I got all the clothes put away. I still say Boo has way more clothes than I do. I think I have more onsies than days in the month. (I'm sure at some point I'll be glad that I have that many....) Most of them are in the 0-3 or 3-6 month sizes. I've noticed that what the tag says doesn't mean a thing when it comes to infant wear. The only thing that's ever the same is possibly within the same brand, but that's pushing it some days too.
We also ended up going to BabiesRUs and picking up a hamper, a few other odds and ends and ordering a glider. Yes, we had to order it. That was an adventure and a half. Actually, I should say I hope we ordered the glider. We had to order it from another store and that was a major exercise in patience and waiting on hold. Unfortunately, it'll be about two weeks until we know if it came in or not. Here's hoping Boo actually waits until his due date. (I'm also hoping that because next week I've got some customers coming up for custom training and I really don't want to see what happens if I'm out... that and Indiana Jones comes out that weekend and that's truly a see in the theater movie...)
We managed to get everything hung and set up, except for the glider of course. No, I don't have pictures, but that's because we got done around 9pm and I just didn't get moving this morning. I hope to take some tonight. The room looks great. The only things missing are the glider and Boo!

This should prove to be an interesting week at work. And by interesting, I mean rough. We've got two people out on vacation. This is the week of EPRI, so our boss is out at least through tomorrow or Wednesday. (I haven't checked the calendar.) Bill's got a ton of work for both of his jobs and is so busy trying to keep everything from hitting him in the head, I'm surprised he has time to breathe. I have to get a lot of training stuff finished off from last week to prepare for next week, which means I just don't have the time to focus on service work.
I just hope I can keep my head down and out of the firing range.

Well, speaking of work, I'd better get some of this training stuff wrapped up so maybe I can get some service work done this afternoon.

Peace to all and I hope every one remembered their mother yesterday...

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