Thursday, May 08, 2008

So Tired

Well, we're getting there. If I could sleep, all would be even better. It's been a loosing battle the last few nights. Predictable though, just about every night from 3:30 to 4:30, give or take a half hour on either end. Just because I know it'll happen, doesn't make me a happier person in the morning when I have to drag my butt out of bed and into work. Oh well, this phase will all too soon be over.
Last night while waiting for Gak to finish up at work, I got a call from Abi. She's doing well. We've both been so busy we haven't had a chance to talk. She says she figures when there's a several day pause in blog entries, she'll know Boo's been born. (She's actually on the list of people to call that day....) I may create a generic announcement post in a word doc so that all Gak will have to do is put in the specifics, copy and paste into blogger and post. Don't hold me to it though, I'll probably forget I thought of this idea in about 10 minutes. My brain is about as sharp as a steel sieve these days. That'll hopefully get better at some point too.
Gak and I spent a good bit of time last night after dinner getting Boo's room together. I still have about half of his clothes to put away and organize and the baby vibro-chair to put together. We've also got to clean the floor again before putting down the rug. And then there's the stuff to hang on the walls. We're almost there though. I do have to make some decisions about the mesh bumper I bought. I love the idea of it and it looks good, but I had to rig it a little to fit right. I don't think it's a safety hazard, but I'm just not sure. I also have to decide about the mobile that Mom and I got from her customer. It's pretty cool and everything, but I'm a little worried about the stability. It's very firmly attached to the crib, but the pole and the mobile head itself are pretty wobbly in my view. That and it comes down pretty close to the mattress since we have it in the "all the way up" position. And it just doesn't match. I love the brightness of the colors, but they just don't go with anything else in the room. I'll have to think about it for a few. (I also really want to break down and buy some green sheets even though I have about 6 sheets already, mostly in off white... It's just a little too bland....)
Anyhow, just thought I'd drop a line while I was still thinking about it and let everyone know life is still good. My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning, which means I actually get to sleep in a few. Oh, and Gak has an appointment on the 15th about his knee. So far the answer is, yes, it's a knee. It doesn't appear to be a torn meniscus, so they're really not sure what's going on. We'll see next week.
Peace to all and may you get some sleep and be productive.

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